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Warning the following story contains strong sexual content, anyone under the age of 18 should turn away right now!

Tai and Sora had been dating for years now and were now in their final year of college together. They had had a nice and loving relationship. At this point in time, they still hadn't had sex yet. They had talked about it a lot though and today they had finally decided that they were going to do it and become one. Tai also wanted to ask Sora to marry him, he had planned to ask her the moment they were done making love. However, that day he realized that he had forgotten to buy an engagement ring. Tai didn't know wither or not it would be right for him to purpose to Sora without an engagement ring. He had started to lose his nerve and he was afraid that he wouldn't be able to ask her today. Still he really wanted to ask her to marry him as for Sora she had something else in mind.

Since she and Tai were almost done with college and had secure futures. Sora wanted them to have a baby or at least start trying for one. She hadn't told Tai this though, she wanted to tell him now since they were about to have sex. However, she decided that she wouldn't ask him until they were both naked and comfortable enough to have sex together. The last time they had tried to have sex, they had ended up chickening out once they had gotten down to their underwear. Still they a had ended up dry humping each other to the point of Cumming and that had still been very fun. Sora and Tai had been dry humping each other for years, even though they had yet to see each other's bare flesh. Anyway today was the day they were going to make love and become one. They were in Tai's dorm room, which he shared with Matt. Thankful Matt was staying at home for the weekend, so they had the whole place to themselves. It was a warm spring day today; in fact it was less than a month away from summer. So all that Tai was wearing was brown shorts and a blue shirt sleeve shirt; as for Sora she was wearing a pink shirt sleeve shirt with heart drown on it and black sweat pants. The two of them were sitting on Tie's bed holding hands. Even though they hadn't even started doing anything yet, they were both blushing madly. Tai and Sora shared a loving kiss and while they were kissing, they wrapped their arms around each other and shared a loving hug.

They then laid down on the bed and continued making out. The two of them kissed lovingly and passionately for awhile longer and then Tai put his hand under Sora's shirt and felt her warm tummy. Sora then put her hands on Tai's shirt and helped him take it off and his strong arms and chest then became bare. Tai took Sora's shirt off and her smooth tummy and strong shoulders were now free. Her breasts were covered by her pink bra perfectly, but Tai could still tell that they were very big; he had grouped her breasts a few times before, but never before had he touched them directly.

Sora then helped Tai take his shorts off and he then did the same for her. Then their legs were bare and they saw each other's underwear. Sora saw that Tai was wearing blue underwear and Tai saw that Sora was wearing pink panties. They took each other's soaks off and then cuddled for awhile and Tai then kissed Sora's forehead and said, "I love you Sora."

Sora smiled and kissed Tai's forehead and said, "I love you to Tai."

Tai blush a bit and held Sora's hand and said, "So do you want to do this, or should we just dry hump again."

"Let's take are underwear off and see what happens."


Tai and Sora then got up off the bed and Tai blushed as he felt his member harden. Sora looked at the tent in his boxers and then she blushed and Tai took his boxers off, but quickly covered his penis and balls with his hands. So Sora didn't see anything, he blushed and turned around and Sora saw his back and butt. Sora put her hands on Tai's back and Tai turned around. His hands were now at his sides and Sora saw all of him.

Sora saw that Tai had brown pubic hair two nice round balls and an eight inch long penis. Sora blushed and felt her nipples harden at the sight of her boyfriend's nakedness. Sora then tried to unbuckle her bra, but found herself unable to. Tai unbuckled it for her and Sora's bra then fell to the ground and her breasts were then bare. The sight of Sora's breasts made Tai's member hard and he felt a pleasure start to grow in his balls. Sora's breasts were simply wonderful, they were a great size and they were perfectly round and plumb. Sora had dark pink nipples that were hardening and they were large. Sora laid down on her belly and her breasts pressed against the bed. Sora blushed and asked Tai to take her panties off. Tai pulled Sora's panties off and tossed them aside and looked at her amazing rump. Sora butt was round and plump. Like her breasts it was just perfect. Sora turned around and covered her vagina with her hands. Tai laid down next to her and they kissed each other's foreheads. Sora looked at Tai's penis and said, "Can I touch it?"

Tai blushed and nodded yes in reply. Sora smiled and took one of her hands off her vagina and pressed a finger against Tai's penis. Tai closed his eyes in pleasure and Sora watched as Tai's penis twitched and then grew another inch. They both blushed some more and then Sora took her hand off her vagina and let Tai see it. The sight of Sora's vagina made Tai flex his penis and made it as hard as steel. Sora's vagina had a slit running down its middle separating her folds and it also had light orange pubic hair. Sora and Tai smiled and each other and shared a brief kiss. Both of them were very happy that they were now naked together, because it gave them a chance to be closer than they ever had been before. Wither they had sex or not, at that moment they knew that they would be spending the rest of the day naked together. Tai and Sora gave each other another nice loving nude kiss. This one was longer though and while they were kissing, Tai's penis head touched to top of Sora's vagina.

The two of them moaned and blushed in pleasure. Then Tai put his left hand on Sora's left hip and his right hand underneath her right breast. Sora moaned in pleasure and Tai then flicked Sora's nipple with his thumb and felt it harden. Sora blushed in pleasure and Tai flicked her nipple again. Tai then rubbed Sora's hips and gave her butt a quick rub, before putting his hands on Sora's breasts. He gave them a loving squeeze and Sora closed her eyes and blushed in pleasure.

She wrapped her hand around Tai's penis and felt it throbbing in her hand. Sora then gave it a long mighty stroke and Tai's eyes slammed shut hissed in pleasure. Sora smiled and gave Tai's member a few more rubs and Tai couldn't believe what was happening. The pleasure he was now feeling in his groin, was just unbelievable. As for Sora she could feel Tai's member becoming even harder in her hand and it felt great! Sora storked Tai's member five more times and then felt it shake a bit, a drop of pre cum then left Tai's member and got on Sora's hand. Realizing that Tai would cum if she storked him again, Sora took her hand off his member. Then she laid on him and her breasts pressed against Tai's chest, and her vagina pressed against his penis and balls. Tai and Sora moaned in pleasure as their flesh touched and then they kissed each other once more. While they were kissing, Sora slipped her tongue into Tai's mouth and they had a tongue battle. Tai then flexed his penis against Sora's vagina and Sora moaned in pleasure and started rubbing her vagina against Tai's penis and balls. A pleasure started to develop between their legs and just when the pleasure seemed that it would reach its height. Tai shouted, "Wait Sora I'm about to cum!"

After Tai said this Sora stopped storking his penis and then kissed his forehead and opened her legs for him. The sight of Sora's round pink vagina opening almost made Tai cum right then and there. Tai blushed and turned his head away, Sora giggled and put her hands on his face and had him look at her most private part. Tai then storked her pubic hair for a bit and then suddenly groaned and slammed his fist against his head and said, "Damn it if I forgot to buy condoms."

"I don't want you to wear a condom Tai."


"I want your baby."

"But Sora were still in college."

"So will be done in a month and moving into together."

"But were not married yet."

Sora then gave Tai a puppy dog look that made his heart melt. Tai and Sora talked a bit more about it and then Tai said, "Alright we can try, but I don't know if you'll get pregnant."

Sora wrapped her arms around Tai's neck and said, "Well will just have to keep on trying until it happens, now are you ready.


Sora then started rubbing her vagina against Tai's groin; suddenly his penis head touched her opening and her nub. Sora felt a pleasure shoot through her and she started rubbing her vagina against Tai's penis head. Then the pleasure got greater and Tai felt his penis twitch and Sora felt a heat build within her. Then they both cummed! Tai and Sora screamed in pleasure as Tai's cum shot out of his penis and covered Sora's vagina. As for Sora her cum poured out of her hole and onto Tai's penis and balls. They felt nothing, but pure pleasure and bliss as they cummed together. When they were done Cumming, they laid down next to each other and kissed each other lovingly.

They were both to tried to try to have sex again, so they both agreed that they would have sex again next week and try for a baby then. A week later Tai met Sora at the beach at night. They kissed each other for awhile and then Tai ended the kiss and said, "What if someone comes here Sora."

Sora giggled and kissed Tai's forehead and said, "I don't think anyone's going to come to the beach at night Tai, now come on let's take our shirts off."

Tai and Sora took their shirts off and their chests became bare, Tai saw that Sora hadn't worn a bra and the sight of her bare breasts made his member hard. Tai and Sora held hands and ran along the beach shore together. They let the waves wash over their toes for a while and then they took all of their bottom clothing off and became naked. While still holding hands, they ran into the ocean together and then they kissed once more and while they were kissing, they had a tongue battle. Tai and Sora's tongues raged while and while they were kissing, Tai flicked Sora's nipples with this thumbs. He then gave her bum a nice squeeze and Sora moaned in pleasure.

Tai ended his kiss with Sora and wrapped his lips around her left nipple and started sucking on it like a newborn baby. Sora moaned in pleasure and ran her hands through Tai's hair and urged him on. Pre cum started pouring out of her vagina and Sora grabbed Tai's member and storked it a few times. Tai started licking Sora's nipple while sucking it and he started rubbing her nub. Tai and Sora moaned in pleasure and they continued doing this for a few minutes longer. Tai felt his cum start to rise and Sora felt her vagina walls start to tighten. Sora moaned in pleasure and both she and Tai were very close to Cumming. Sora opened her legs and grabbed Tai's member and guided it to her entrance. It took a little poking around, but soon Tai was all the way inside of his beloved Sora and her soft vagina walls were hugging his member.

With one gently thrust, Tai broke Sora's maiden head and they became one. Sora felt a quick flash of pain, but it instantly faded. Tai and Sora began making love and Tai made sure to thrust into Sora slowly and gently. Her warm vagina walls squeezed his member and with every thrust Tai took, the pleasure he and Sora felt grew greater and greater. Sora and Tai kissed each other lovingly as he continued thrusting into her. They made love for 23 minutes and when they reached their climax, they screamed each other's names. Tai's sperm shot into Sora's womb, while her vagina walls slammed around his member. Bliss and pure pleasure was all they felt as they came together. When they were done Cumming, Tai made sure to keep his penis inside of Sora. So that every drop of his sperm got inside of her womb; they remind joined for over an hour and when that hour was over. They swam back to shore, kissing each other lovingly and went home.

Ten months later

It had been almost a year since Tai and Sora had made love for the first time. Tai and Sora were now engaged to be married, although they didn't have a wedding date set. The two of them had graduated from college and moved into a nice house together. Despite all their love making though Sora hadn't gotten pregnant yet. She was currently sitting on her bed, with a pregnancy tester in her hand. She was currently wearing pants, but no upper clothing on her chest. Tai walked into the room and like Sora he was completely shirtless. The two of them sat down next to each other and Tai put his hand on Sora's belly and the two of them looked at the pregnancy tester for awhile. They both prayed that it would come up positive and their prayers were answer. Sora cried tears of joy and kissed Tai lovingly, then she said, "I love you Tai."

Tai smiled and said, "I love to Sora and I love are son as well."

"Son….wait I want a girl."

"But I wanted….never mind ….who knows maybe will get twins and one will be a boy and one will be a girl."

"We'll just have to wait and see what happens."


Sora and Tai gave each other another loving kiss and then feel asleep together in each other's arms. Dreaming of having many children and living a nice happy life together.

The End