I know it's been a while since I updated, but I've been traveling through space and time, from Illea to Panem to New Beijing, then Ile de Sein and Arquitaine, before making it back to Tortall. Still, when I did come back, this character was all excited to tell me his story, and now I'm giving it to you.

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She doesn't think it was truly planned. It was one of those things that just happens, spontaneously. Still, with him you could never be truly sure… and she sometimes wonders…

She had watched with nervous anticipation as the door to the Chamber had opened, a very shaken Owen of Jesslaw emerging, exhausted but unharmed. Though he had grinned tiredly in her direction, they'd not gotten a chance to speak before he'd been whisked away to prepare for his knighting ceremony. A wave of pride had arisen in her at the sight of her friend, and she had smiled as she and Neal continued back to their rooms.

Later, she had stood with her friends as they watched Owen take the Oath of Knighthood and receive his shield. He had then come straight over to their group, smiling wide and overflowing with joy.

Guess the Chamber's going soft if it has started letting pipsqueaks like you out, Neal had said, the smile and arm thrown around him showing the joke of his words.

It was already going mad, Owen had replied, since it let you come out. The group had laughed then, especially at Neal's good natured surprise at Owen's retort.

So, you've joined the lovely ranks of border patrols, grand tours and outlaw raids. Such is the life of a knight in peace times, Merric had remarked.

Yeah, Seaver had added. Not many thrilling stories to woo the ladies with nowadays.

That's alright, Owen had said jovially. I know just what kind of knight I want to be.

And what type is that? Faleron had asked.

One like Kel. A hero.

A hero, Kel had blurted out, surprised. But Owen, I'm not… But before she could say anymore, he'd bounced up to her and smashed his mouth against hers. It hadn't been a long kiss, although no one could have exactly called it short, either. And had that been a swipe of tongue at the end? She had stood stock still, her Yamani mask firmly in place to hide the shock that was reflected on the faces of the rest of the group. Owen had bounced back as she stared, happiness and enthusiasm rolling off of him in waves.

Thank you, Kel, he'd said. Thank you for showing me how even everyday knights can be heroes.

Later, after Neal had finished splitting his sides in laughter, he'd drawled to the rest of the group that he had to admire the pipsqueak's style.