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Remus froze and Moony suddenly raged at the fact that a mere child had found him out. "How did Harry figure out that I'm a werewolf?" Remus thought anxiously, while trying to calm the wolf. He gulped softly and tried his best to calm his nerves as he looked down and at Harry. The boy was still smiling up at him with his head tilted to the side, awaiting an answer. Clearly there was no arguing or lying to the boy so Remus decided to take the direct approach.

"How did you figure it out, Pup?" Remus whispered in a horribly angry growl. Harry's mood changed yet again, his eyes filling with tears and flinching, as if he were waiting to be hit. "I'm sorry! I didn't mean to tell you! I figured it out while I was telling you my story! Everytime I said the name Fenrir, you got a weird look on your face and your eyes changed color like they're doing now! I've heard stories at school about a man named Fenrir that was real and that he was an Alpha wolf to a small werewolf Pack! Please don't hurt me!"

Remus was horribly confused until he realized that Moony had taken over his thoughts. "I'm in control right now, let him know that everything will be alright. I won't hurt him. I just wanted to show him how you look when I take over while you're still in your human state." Moony growled out softly. Remus sighed then smiled. He was really going to have to hide Moony better around Harry, especially when the time came to talking about the abuse. "We'll ask him about the abuse later. For now, calm him."

Remus silently moved from his chair around to Harry's and smiled, hugging the boy tightly, even though he felt Hary tense. "I'm not going to hurt you Harry. I promise." Moony spoke softly. A deep, growly version of Remus's voice.

Harry looked up and gasped softly. "You're not Remus anymore, are you?" he asked quietly. Moony laughed softly and picked the boy up, then carried him off to the guest room. Once inside, Moony sat Harry down on the bed and pulled out a new pair of jeans and a long sleeved shirt for Harry to put on.

"No, Harry, Remus is still in here, but you know me by the name Moony. I am Remus's wolf side." Harry was in complete awe as he slowly pulled on his new clothes. "You are silent, Pup. Are you fearful of me?" Moony asked gently. Harry quickly smiled and shook his head, making his already messy hair, look worse.

"Of course i'm not! I just think it's so cool! I want to be a wolf too! Oh, and you never answered my question!" Harry said excitedly. Moony smiled and chuckled at the excitement in the boy. "Well, i'm glad that you're not afraid of me, Pup. Now as to the answer to your question. I truly do not know. I will get Remus to research it as much as possible though so that he may answer this question at a later time. Is that okay?"

Harry nodded and smiled. "It's your turn for a question now, Moony."Harry said as he grabbed the comb that Remus had gotten him and pulled it gently through his hair, barely trying to get all of the knots out. Moony growled softly and grabbed the comb out of the boys hand, making the boy flinch. "I am not going to hit you, Pup. I just want you to look decent. Now come here and let me do it. I have someone I would like for you to meet before you go back to your Aunt and Uncle's this morning."

Harry's face brightened then he crawled over the bed. Once he got close enough to Moony, he put his back to him so that the wolf could do his hair. "Now when we meet three of my friends in a few minutes, I want you to be on your best behavior. Do you understand? No jumping around and no raising your voice. Before we leave, I will go and Remus will be with you, again. I want you to be on your best behavior for Remus as well. This is an important day for him. Understand? " Harry nodded and grinned as Moony handed him a new pair of tennis shoes to put on. Before Harry even had time to finish putting the first shoe on, Remus was back in control of his mind.

"Do you need help with that, Harry?" Remus asked in his normal voice. Harry whipped around and grinned at Remus. "Remus! You're back!" he said happily.

Remus smiled down at the boy and helped him get his shoes on and tie them. "Yes, Harry. Did you like Moony? Did he scare you at all?" Harry gave Remus an 'I'm too brave to be scared' look and Remus chuckled. "I didn't think so. He's just as fond of you as I am and, from what he's just told me, I have some homework to do." Harry giggled softly and looked up at Remus quietly inching off the bed. "It's still your turn for a question."

Remus gently pushed Harry to the bathroom where a brand new toothbrush and a tube of kids toothpaste was waiting for him. "Okay,Pup. You brush your teeth while I think of a question, okay?"

Harry nodded and brushed his teeth slowly, making sure they were as clean as possible before rinsing out his mouth, once he was done, Remus combed his hair and brushed his own teeth before finally asking Harry a question. "Alright Harry, question time. How do you know what your mommy smells like?" He asked as the pair made their way down the hall and over to the door to grab their coats off the coat rack.

Harry smiled and thought about it for a second. "Well, I have this blankey at my Aunt and Uncle's house. It's a light blue color and it doesn't cover me much anymore, but I can't get rid of it, because in one of the corners, there's a really sweet smell mixed with an earthy type smell. Everytime I smell it, I can hear her voice singing to me and I know that it's her because I remember."

Remus was stunned, but carefully played it off with a grin. "What all do you remember about her Harry? You were very, very young the last time you saw her."

Harry smiled happily as he buttoned up his coat. "She had red hair, and a nice voice. She would sing to me every night, but even more when I was sick. Her eyes were the same color as mine and i'm skinny like she was. I got Daddy's hair though. I know that because it's dark and mommy used to tell him to get it out of his face before he kissed her again." Harry's face changed to a disgruntled look at the last sentence as he pushed his hair out of his face. Remus laughed loudly at the look on the boys face and grinned.

"That is true, Harry. So very true. You have a wonderful memory for one so young. You will do well in school, I know that for a fact. Now Harry, I want you to hold my hand tightly alright? You're going to feel a very odd sensation, but do not let go for any reason, understand?" Harry nodded and gripped Remus's hand very tightly with a confused look on his face. That face quickly faded though as Remus thought of Minerva's office and pulled Harry close for side-along apparition.

Once his feet hit the floor, Harry stumbled forward. Remus gently caught him and smiled. "Now that wasn't so bad was it?" Harry was shaking a little and in a state of shock. "What just happened?" Harry asked in a whisper.

Remus smiled and pushed Harry forward gently out of Minerva's empty back room. "That was called side- along apparition, Harry. You won't learn that for a long time yet, so don't worry about it." Harry nodded, remembering Moony's words to be on his best behaviour and kept his questions to himself. Stepping out into the main office, Harry gasped. The room was brightly lit with a large desk that had quills writing on papers by themselves, the walls were lined with shelves that held various animals in their respective cages and next to them were beautiful crystal statues, there were letters flying about on one side of the room, multiple owls sitting on the windowsil, three empty chairs sat on the far wall where Halloween decorations were hanging themselves, and in the middle of it all, stood a tall woman in a long dark green dress with glasses and pointy black hat, controlling all of the organized chaos with a pointy, slightly arched stick. Harry had to bite his tongue to keep his mouth shut.

Remus saw the look on Harry's face and smiled then cleared his throat loudly. The chaos stopped abruptly and the woman smiled brightly. "Remus! Well this is a pleasant surprise on a weekday! Who is this?" she said happily and bent down to be face to face with Harry. Harry smiled at her to be polite, but kept his silence.

"Minerva, meet Harry Potter." Remus told her quietly. Minerva's eyes flickered to his scar that was barely hidden by his hair and her face fell for a second at the realization. She quickly covered it with a smile when she saw that Remus was giving her a pointed look. She straightened up and took a small step backwards then held out her hand.

"Well, hello there Harry. My name is Minerva. It is very nice to meet you." Harry took her hand and shook it lightly. "It is nice to meet you too." Harry said shyly, still mentally biting his tongue to keep from asking questions. Minerva and Remus shared a smile at that, then Minerva flicked her wand and the three empty chairs gently floated over from across the room. Once they landed, each of them took a seat and the adults glanced at Harry who was now sitting on his hands.

"Harry, are you okay, Pup?" Remus asked, knowing full well that the boy was trying his best to stay well behaved. Harry nodded and smiled up at the adults who, in turn, smiled back. They were silent for a minute or two and Remus decided that it would be up to him to break the small amount of tension that had risen in the room.

"Minerva, has my other friend gotten here yet?" he asked softly. Just before Minerva shook her head two rushes of green flames shot up in the fire place, one right after the other, and Remus watched as a two tall, scruffy looking men, stepped over the small grate. The first dressed in nothing but a pair of jeans and a slightly torn up, skin tight shirt, his thick, long, black hair reaching down to his his waist. The other, dressed in baggy jeans, a tight shirt, an old leather trench coat and sneakers with his long brown hair pulled back in a loose ponytail. Both Remus and Minerva glanced down at Harry, who was now wide eyed and smiling, even though Remus could see a slight fear in the boys eyes.

The first man waved hello after brushing the soot from his shoulders and knees. "Hello everyone. I'm sorry i'm late. Had a run in with an Omega this morning who seemed to forget his place. The weakling. I tried to clean up as best as I could." Remus and Minerva nodded and the second man waved to the adults then stared at Harry.

Remus smiled at that, but Minerva was clinching her fingers and kept glancing down at Harry who was still staring at the first man. "Good morning, Alpha. Good morning, Sirius. You both look well rested." Remus said happily. Harry gasped at looked Remus then back at the strange man, then back at Remus. Harry couldn't stand it any longer, he had to say something! A glare from Remus made Harry quickly shut his mouth though. The strangers then looked at Remus and Harry and Harry put his eyes to the ground, for fear that he was being rude for staring at them.

"Who is this pup, Moony?" The first stranger growled as he walked toward Harry and sniffed the air. Remus gently tilted his head to the side ever so slightly as a sign of submission to the Alpha before answering. "Alpha, this is Harry Potter. I wanted you to meet him. Sirius, I trust you remember this little one."

Sirius smiled in shock and nodded as the first stranger growled softly. "Me? Meet a small pup? Why Remus?" Remus sighed softly and looked up at the first stranger then to Sirius then back down to Harry. "Because i'm going to adopt him after the next full moon is over and you know what that means." Harry looked up at Remus and then to the first stranger. Harry felt a slight shiver run down his spine at the smile on the strangers face.

"A new recruit then. Well then, Harry Potter," the stranger said, now standing in front of Harry and shaking his hand. "my name is Fenrir. You may call me Alpha and nothing else. Understand?" Harry nodded and smiled brightly, finding he couldn't hold his tongue any longer once Fenrir let go.

"I knew it! You're the Alpha wolf to the werewolf pack that Moony is in, aren't you? You're Moony's Alpha! That's so cool! Can I be a wolf too once Moony adopts me? Please Alpha? I wanna be a wolf like you and Moony! I wanna join the pack and run through the woods like I do in my dreams! Can I Remus, please?" Harry was now bouncing gently in his seat and grinning like a lunatic. Fenrir gave Harry a pointed look which calmed the boy down instantly, but even Fenrir's authority couldn't stop Harry, Remus, Sirius and Minerva from grinning at the boys enthusiasm.

"We'll talk about that later, pup. For now, Sirius, Minerva and I need to speak with Remus." Fenrir said, the soft smile on his face not matching, the tone of his voice saying that that particular discussion was over for now. Remus smiled as Harry bit his lip and sat on his hands, trying his best to be good for the intimidating Alpha. Remus glanced over at Minerva who was gazing down at Harry.

"Minerva, do you think Harry can draw for a bit while we talk about what has to be done next?" Remus asked quietly while locking eyes with Harry. Minerva smiled and nodded then magically cleared off a part of her desk and conjured up another chair. Once Harry moved over to the desk and sat in the chair, a stack of clean paper, pencils and crayons appeared. Harry dove into them happily and began drawing.

The small group of adults moved to another part of the room so they wouldn't be completely overheard and Minerva was the first to speak. "Sirius? Are you alright?" Sirius was clearly still in shock, Remus thought it a wonder that the mans mouth wasn't hanging open. Sirius seemed to snap out of his stupor for a moment as it finally clicked in his mind that he was being spoken to.

"Yes, Minerva. I just...I...I thought he was...he looks so much like his parents..." Sirius stammered out. Remus smiled and lightly patted his friend on the back. "I know how you feel old boy. I went to Figgs house to take care of her, look outside the window and I see a little James playing out in the backyard next door. I was more than shocked." Sirius looked over at Remus and smiled. That smile quickly faded however as Sirius spoke again. "Why are you adopting him then, Remus? What has happened?" Remus glanced sadly at Minerva who nodded. Remus sighed and ran his fingers through his hair and retold the story of what happened after he healed Harry and the various information about the living quarters that Harry had given up. By the end, Fenrir and Sirius were seething.

"What kind of people hurt a pup for no good reason?" Fenrir said angrily while shaking his head. Sirius was no better off and remained silent, but kept clenching his jaw in anger. Remus and Minerva both nodded in a silent agreement as the word "Muggles" came flashing into each of their minds.

"Harry must go back to the Dursley's in half an hour. That's the time they gave him to be home. I don't want him there ever again, but for now, at least he has a shelter until I can get the paperwork filed with the Ministry and who knows how long that will take considering my being a werewolf. Sirius... how do you feel about me adopting Harry? You are his other Godfather, you know." Remus asked, looking over at his old friend.

Sirius turned to Remus and smiled. "I'm fine with it, Remmy. I wouldn't know what to do with a five year old anyways and besides, I have too many issues to deal with after my little stay in Azkaban."

Remus grinned, mentally thanking Merlin that Sirius hadn't put up a fight on the matter. Minerva was the next to speak. "The Ministry will not treat you kindly for wanting to do this, Remus, but I can soften their blows on you. Owl me once your paperwork has gone through and I will pay a visit to the Minister, telling him that the boy shall be in my care during the time of the full moon. That is, until he is of age, or you turn him, of course."

Remus smiled and whispered his thanks. He knew that if he had spoken the words aloud, that he would have probably burst into tears of joy. Once Remus calmed himself, they all looked over at Fenrir who was still seething over the fact that a mere child had been brutally wounded at the hands of his own kin. "Remus, I shall turn the boy myself once he is of Wizarding Age. Before that happens though, I will be making sure that no one in the Ministry keeps you from adopting him. After that, for two weeks out of the month, until he is old enough to be here in Hogwarts, he will be with the pack. I am only giving him two weeks because the week before and the week of the Turn, is a very...stressful time for us werewolves, as you know. Minerva, during the time of the Turn, you shall take care of him. If you are in a class, please allow him to at least, stay here in your office. Sirius, Remus will be making visiting times for you and that includes when the pup is with the pack. Follow my rules when you're around my pack, Dog and everything will be fine. Are we all clear on what needs to be done here? Everyone nodded their agreement and smiled over at Harry who quickly smiled and held up a picture of a surprisngly, well drawn pack of wolves. Remus and Fenrir smirked while Sirius rolled his eyes and Minerva went back to putting up her decorations. Ten minutes later, Harry and Remus were back in Mrs. Figgs house.

Harry shook off the feeling that the side-along apparition gave him and stared at the clock in the living room. "I have to leave now, don't I Remus?" he asked quietly. Remus bit back his emotions and instead, smiled. "Yes, Harry. I will be with you very soon though. I promise. Remember to be a good boy, and next time you see me, you can ask me all of the questions that you want. For now, go on." Remus gently pushed Harry towards the door and felt his heart break a little as he did so. "I'll see you later, Moony. I love you." Harry said softly before he ran out the door to go back to the Dursleys. The second the door shut, Remus felt a tear run down his cheek.

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