I walked out of the bathroom and sighed.

"I wish I hadn't eaten all of those cupcakes." I said. I sat on my couch and turned on the TV with my remote. Right at that moment, there was a large bang on the door. I quickly dashed to it and opened it. "Oh, hey."

"G'day, mate!" Said a rabbit with the Australian accent. "Happy birthday to you!" He gave me a box.

"Thanks." I said as I unwrapped it with one hand. When I opened the flap, I saw a cheese cake. "You guys know me so well." I threw the cheese cake at a corner that has about 50 cheese cakes. "Come on in."

We sat on the couch. "Mate, Griz and I have to go to the arctic part of ToonTown to defend the North Pole. Take care of Kit, will ya?" Karot explained.

"Sure, she's not as crazy as my friend's dad's relative's cousin's daughter's neighbor's neighbor." I said in one breath.

"Then you haven't lived with her." Karot said. This can't be good. The door opened and Kit showed up with her luggage.

"Hiya, Tas." She said as she shut the door. "Happy birthday."

"Good luck, mate." Karot said quietly as he patted my arm and got up. "Goodbye, Kit." Karot opened the door and left. The wind from the open window blew into the house and blew the door shut. I grabbed a piece of paper, rolled it up into a ball, then threw it at the wood that was holding the window up. The window slammed onto the sill and it smashed the wood into pieces.

"Karot said you will be taking care of me, right?" Kit asked.

"Yup, make yourself at home." I said.

"If I were to do that, it would take an iguana, a pet mouse, and a cute pet dog, who I brought by the way." Kit said as she unlocked three cages I haven't noticed. An iguana, a tiny mouse, and a small dog walked out of the cages.

"This should be interesting." I said.