Jason Wyngarde freely admitted that between his daughters, he preferred Martinique over Regan.

He truly didn't see why so many people worked themselves into an uproar at the idea of a parent favoring one child over the other. The process of a parent identifying to a certain extent with one of their offspring and openly displaying that bond was perfectly natural. Everyone who had multiple children contributed to the pattern, and anyone who claimed that they didn't was simply a liar and a hypocrite.

Honestly, the utter ignorance of these humans greatly amused him.

He didn't care about Regan any less than Martinique, of course, but he respected Martinique more in comparison. She was so devious, so manipulative. Now she was a freshman in a top college, but he remembered the days when she was in high school: if she didn't score well on a test, she could trick her teacher into raising her grade; if a report was due, she could obtain an extension exclusive to her; if she didn't like her partner for a class project, she could switch. She endlessly utilized her skills of verbal eloquence and persuasion to convince others to do her bidding, if it was to win the position of team captain of the field hockey, or if it was acquire the best prom dress that had been placed on layaway for someone else.

She wasn't showy and carefully hid her deceit from others, consistently managing to keep her almost supernatural abilities of cajolery under the radar.

No doubt she would be greatly successful in the future, perhaps as a lawyer or public negotiations liaison.

Jason couldn't be prouder of her. Martinique reminded him strongly of himself. What was more of an honor than his child showing how much she cared by attempting to emulate his every action, no matter how nefarious of a deed it actually was? Jason was flattered. Furthermore, Martinique might make a good partner for his schemes in the near future.

Regan was certainly skilled, by she lacked Martinique's charm and subtle. A junior in high school now, she was the stereotypical teenage cheerleader: obnoxious, self-absorbed to the point of neglecting other, more important matters, and at times, outwardly cruel. She was ostentatious and showed too great enjoyment in throwing her power and influence around. She would never make much of a covert agent; she wore her emotions on her sleeve, and frequently told others, including Martinique, the exact extent of her antipathy for them. Jason was deeply attached to Regan, but he often wished that she would learn to be more like her older sister.

Neither of his daughters were mutants, but how could anyone think that mattered? These were his only two children; really, it wasn't as if he had any more offspring he didn't know about who would pop out of the woodwork someday like some especially vapid plot from a soap opera.

Jason loved them both; it was just that Martinique held such greater skill and potential than Regan.

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The characters of Regan and Martinique are from the X-Men comics, where they are mutants and Jason's children. And speaking of Jason's children . . . kudos to anyone who gets the jokes about the "vapid soap opera plot." Hint: it has to do with a comic character retconned to be Jason's child.

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