Sam and Tucker were seated at a picnic table under a large oak tree outside. It was warm outside and a cool breeze was blowing. As it was lunch time, students mingled around the grounds. "Where's Danny?" Asked Sam.

Tucker briefly glanced up at her from his PDA. "He said he'd be here in a minute," he replied nonchalantly. Sam tapped her foot impatiently, and Tucker lifted his eyebrow, but his eyes remained locked on his PDA.

Finally Danny strolled up, arms tucked behind his back, a wide grin on his face. He had a mischievous glint in his eyes and Sam was immediately suspicious. A quick glance at Tucker showed that his eyes were mirthful, his mouth quirked up into a smile. He had paused from his PDA and now was looking expectantly past Sam, at Danny.

Suddenly Danny said softly, "Sam." Her amethyst gaze locked on his own Caribbean blues.

"Yes?" Her voice shook nervously and she wrung her small hands. Danny's grin had dropped from his face, his face earnest.

Abruptly it returned, like the sun exiting a cloud bank. He whipped a bouquet of purple roses from behind his back. "Sam, will you be my valentine?" he asked.

She was taken aback. For years she had pined away for Danny, waiting, biding her time, spending her evenings alone, sad. Now he was standing in front of her, asking her to be his valentine. Wait- its Valentine's Day?! she thought, slightly panicked.

"Are you... Are you asking me out?" She inquired shakily. He gave a soft smile.

"Yes I am," he replied somewhat cockily. Sam smiled.

"Yes Danny, I'll be your valentine," she responded. Tears welled up in her eyes and she willed them not to spill. She reached for Danny to embrace him. He enveloped her in his arms, lifting her from the bench.

"Told you so," Tucker muttered. Danny ignored him. He pulled back from Sam slightly and lowered his face to meet hers, sweeping his fingers gently across her jawline and into her ebony hair, sweeping it back from her face. "I've always wanted to do this," he whispered.

He leaned forward and their lips met, a sweet joining of the two. They kissed softly for a few moments until Sam pulled away; looking deep into his eyes, searching but for what he did not know.

Finally she murmured, "This is actually happening..." Danny's face burst into a wide grin, he threw his head back and peals of laughter escaped his mouth.

"Yes, it's actually happening!" He exclaimed, kissing her once again. She grinned and giggled.

"Finally Fenton and Manson got together!" Onlookers loudly shouted behind the two. Sam hid her face in Danny's shoulder in embarrassment.

It was definitely a happy Valentine's Day.


What if you're single by choice? Does it still count? Cause I am... Haha XD

Love y'all.