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Title: Never Seen Green

Prompt: 28. Green

The sounds of wood hitting flesh are not pleasant, because it's usually me who's getting hit with the training sword. As it happens now. The trainer shows no mercy though.

"Again." He says, his voice deep and threatening. I hate the trainer. He always beats me and always looks smug about it. Because it's so hard to beat a seven year old. I think, but don't say. I don't have a death wish.

I thrust forward, parry, and shift backward. The wooden practice sword he's wielding smacks into my ribs with a painful thunk. "Pathetic. You'll never be a peace keeper let alone win in the Games." His voice joins the throb of the pain.

I grit my teeth and shift my weight and stance. I can hear the other boys snicker behind me, which only serves to fuel my anger. I've never been particularly good at controlling my temper. It's always been my downfall.

But it only fuels my desire to do better. I take a deep breath, trying to push the rage down. I grit my teeth and push forward again. He dodges out of the way at the last moment, and I stumble past him. I turn quickly, and there's a sound of wood hitting flesh again, but it's not mine that's being hit, and then I'm hitting the trainer with my sword.

My world is still for a moment. I did it. I, Cato, have finally hit the trainer.

And then I notice that his glare is not on me, but at an object at his feet. There's a small cut above his brow, the blood sluggish as it creeps downward. He wipes it away with the back of his hand as he stoops and picks up the object.

It's a training knife. Everyone's eyes shift toward the direction the weapon came from.

There's a girl, her eyes on the sword trainer even as her own trainer scolds her. Her gaze flickers to the older woman and straining my ears I can hear her voice. It's clear and high pitched in the way that little girl's voices are, although I don't think she's much younger than me.

"It slipped!" There is a look of bashfulness on her face that doesn't fit the look in her eyes when she trains them on me. And it's her eyes that capture me. They are laughing and triumphant all at once, as if we shared a secret. And they are a color I have no words to describe.

They are green, but a green so deep that it's a shade I've not learned in school yet. I've never seen green like that. Green eyes that widen, and I see that the sword trainer has raised his arm to throw it back. And the power behind it, unlike the girl's, would be enough to kill or seriously injure.

Almost without thinking I swing the practice sword again, and it leaves a welt along the man's ribs. He grunts and turns his dark eyes to me, angry, until I sneer and say, "Rule number four! Never let your guard down."

He drops his arm, and considers me for a moment before he states, "We may make a tribute of you yet, Cato. Back in line." The other boys aren't laughing now, as I join them, watching with some relief as the knife is thrown carelessly to the side. I watch as the girl retrieves it at her trainer's behest, and as she does so, she gives me one last look.

Clover. Her eyes are the color of clover.

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Too cheesy at the end? I thought it was fun :p Clover, clove, meh.