The castle scheme had failed, but he supposed one couldn't change the weather (at least not until he was done with his current designs). The sudden torrential downpour had put a very serious kink in his ploy to entrap all the world's leaders in the largest bouncy castle ever created. They'd be entirely too busy playing around while he and Pinky took over the world! But the rain had turned the funhouse into a slippery, catastrophic mess. It was a good thing he and Pinky didn't have insurance, being mice, or their rates would've gone through the roof when they'd been sued.

Luckily, being mice, they'd also been able to disappear before the finger-pointing could even begin, and Pinky had certainly made him feel better afterwards. He was a very... fast learner when it came to things of a physical nature. And in the week Brain had waited after arriving home before implementing the plan, there had been quite a bit of time for Pinky to learn.

The week had been a welcome reprieve, though, for both of them. It had settled them, giving them both time to take in the tragedy they'd survived, the tragedy so many hadn't. Pinky was almost entirely back to normal, though he sometimes asked about Miss Tulip (they hadn't seen her and it had taken a while for Brain to convince him that it was for the best) and sometimes Brain would be awakened by his frightened shivering...

Then again, sometimes Pinky was awakened by Brain's shivering. Nightmares couldn't be escaped and he imagined he'd be seeing men lifting lifeless, frozen bodies out of the water for a long, long time. He would just have to take over the world quickly so such a thing couldn't occur again. He'd take it over so he and Pinky could live in their castle and be safe and warm together forever.

Which brought him back to the current, frustrating plan. Brain sat back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully while Pinky kept himself entertained in the small-scale bouncy castle Brain had granted him. He really hadn't even needed to build a small-scale model of the larger one, but... he'd promised Pinky a castle and that had been the best he'd been able to do. He huffed, tapping the lead of his pencil against the unfinished blueprints. His machine was nearly completed, but he'd been struggling for the past fifteen minutes on just how they were going to be able to speed up the properties of precipitation once they had control of the clouds.

He gave a frustrated groan, rubbing his free hand against his brow, and glared at the unfinished plans. They only had a little bit of time before nightfall!

"Brain! Narf! Oh, Brain, come bounce with me!" Pinky called out as he managed a fairly impressive air somersault, well until he bounced on his face in the landing. He giggled for quite some time though, clearly amused by his folly.

He'd probably bounce wrong on the rainbow-colored monstrosity and get his head stuck in the wall, he thought nastily, his frustration reaching its peak. "Not right now, Pinky! I'm trying to figure this out!" he snapped.

Although he kept bouncing, his ears drooped a little. "Oh, but Brain, you've been over there an awfully long time! Getting all grumpy-growly!" Pinky pulled his own impression of his friend's face, but it didn't last long, for soon he was laughing as he imagined it must've looked quite silly. "Just like that!"

Brain scowled, turning away from him to glare at the blueprints. He didn't have time to play around like a hooligan. The plan. Always the plan, he thought and paused before just scribbling out the equations entirely. It's what he'd said to Pinky before dragging him into the depths of a sinking ship.

He set the pencil down carefully, deciding he could think about the plans while bouncing with Pinky as easily as he could sitting here getting frustrated over them. "Stop leaping about, then, so I can get in there," he ordered, striding across the counter.

"Hooray!" Pinky cheered, giving one last super bounce before landing in a sitting position and letting the bouncy castle settle. He crawled over to the opening on all fours and held a hand out to help Brain up.

"You'd better not let me get bounced right out of here," Brain muttered, not willing to let go of all of his irritation just yet. But he did grasp the other mouse's hand and let himself be pulled within.

Quite familiar with his brand of irritation, Pinky didn't let it dampen his excitement at having Brain bounce with him. Willingly. "Of course not, Brain!" Pinky declared, hugging him close once he was all the way inside the bounce house. "I won't let you fall! Narf!"

Some of the irritation melted just from the hug, but he stubbornly kept his scowl in place even when his fingers curled into his companion's warm fur. "Fine. Then... jump already," he muttered, heart flying into his throat when Pinky did just that. He hadn't realized he'd made this castle quite as bouncy as he actually had. How was he supposed to think when he was being ricocheted about?

Pinky whooped as he bounced them about, though they were much tamer than the backflips and spins he'd been trying earlier. Holding onto Brain tightly, with one hand behind his head to keep it tucked close, he jumped against one side of the bouncy castle so they'd be propelled to the other. "Don't worry, Brain, I've got you!" He laughed, hopping up and down in the middle once they lost their momentum. "Isn't this fun-fun silly-willy?"

He couldn't breathe, air clogged by the heart beating rapidly in his throat, and gave a jerky motion of his head in response to the question that Pinky could take as whatever he liked. Why the world's leaders had been enjoying this before the downpour was beyond him. Humans who were clearly as insane as Pinky had no business ruling unchecked.

He held Pinky a little tighter when the excited mouse jumped high enough to bump his head on the ceiling and fell back down, laughing all the way. Brain wondered in a desperate moment when his head would fly off from all the pressure caused by his lack of oxygen.

Wait. Pressure, oxygen... air pressure. Air pressure! "Yes! Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?" he asked excitedly. He had it!

"I think so, Brain! But won't we knock our noggins together if we try to kiss while bouncing?" Pinky wondered, glancing up for a moment before shrugging.

"Yes! Wait - no!" Brain grasped his shoulders, a familiar gleam in his pink eyes. "Stop bouncing, Pinky!"

Pinky blinked at him in confusion, but stopped his bouncing by landing on his back, letting Brain rest on his stomach. "So we won't knock our noggins? I don't know, Brain. Your head's terribly big, it might hurt a whole lot!"

Brain bopped him hard, bouncing the taller mouse's head against the rubbery floor before sitting up. "No, Pinky, air pressure! If I adjust one of the positioned valves, it'll be able to increase and decrease the air pressure as needed. It'll open up hurricane control!" And then he hauled Pinky up for a hard, deep kiss, scrambling out of the castle immediately afterwards, muttering calculations under his breath.

With little time to recover between the bop and the kiss, Pinky's head spun as he tried to wrap his mind around what just happened. "Naaaarf." Seemed to convey his feelings perfectly. Shaking his head, Pinky got to his feet and hopped out of the castle to follow The Brain. "Egad, Brain! Brilliant!"


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