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"You've been acting weird. What's going on with you, Caroline?"

Caroline had been methodically swirling her straw in her diet coke for several minutes, and Elena, ever intuitive, had noticed.

"What?" she piped up. "Nothing, why?"

Elena's eyes squinted. "Oh I don't know, maybe since almost dying on your eighteenth birthday and being saved by the vampire who signed your death warrant in the first place isn't exactly normal."

"Neither is an eighteenth birthday that doesn't actually count," Caroline said, pursing her lips into a pout.

"I just don't understand why he saved you," Elena said.

Caroline shrugged. "So what? It is what it is, Elena, or I'd be dead right now."

Elena was treading on dangerous grounds and Caroline was growing irritable.

"I know. And thank God he did, but now Klaus can come into your house whenever he wants," Elena said.

"Can we stop talking about this please?" Caroline said with an annoyed edge and pushed her drink away from her to plop her elbows on the table in an unceremonious symbolic white flag.

"I just wonder what his angle is," Elena continued to muse.

"Well, Elena, you're the blood bank not me," she said and promptly stood up to gather her purse. Elena watched her walk out, her mouth slightly open in offense.

Caroline entered her room in a huff. She was agitated, moody and she wasn't particularly sure why. Lunch with Elena certainly didn't help, and shopping after didn't either. She knew school wasn't pointless, she still needed to learn things, but as far as she was concerned she had a good long while to get through school. And the cheer team bake sale was coming up, and organizing the bake party and subsequent event almost nauseated her. Nothing sounded more disgusting to Caroline than fudge brownies.

She dropped her bags unceremoniously on her bedroom floor and fell backwards onto her bed with a heavy sigh. After a few seconds of staring at the ceiling and strumming her fingers on her stomach, she got up. It was stuffy. She threw open the window and a fresh breeze invaded the room. Better.

Once back on her bed she turned on her side. She just wanted to be still. How did people meditate anyway? It wasn't working.

After a few moments she lurched forward and grasped the black velvet box on her bedside table. She opened it slowly, letting the springs creak until they finally snapped open with a jolt like jewelry boxes always do. Thumbing the bracelet carefully, as if she weren't allowed to touch it, the diamonds caught the sunlight from the window. Her breath hitched in her throat and she looked around her before carefully lifting the bracelet from its box and slipping it on her wrist. Once clasped, she jostled her wrist before her, watching the thing shake and shimmer.

She took to jogging through the woods during classes she didn't quite like and compelled her teachers to turn a blind eye. When Elena, Alaric and Bonnie staged an intervention, she blocked their numbers and took to running in the woods at night.

She couldn't really sleep.

It was 12:15 on a crisp, chilly night and the Black Eyes Peas blared in her ear buds as she weaved in and out of the trees with precision and superhuman speed. On her fourth mile she caught a rustle in the brush out the corner of her eye and heightened her senses, but for the next half mile she could only just catch glimpses; too fleeting to warrant actual concern or it might hurt her vampire pride in her own courage. But by the fifth time she'd had enough. Her rhythm was messed up anyway.

She slowed and finally stopped, pulling the headphone from her ears and circling around in a cautious 360. Nothing.

"Hello?" she called out nervously.


She sighed and lifted an ear bud to nestle back in when—

"Hello, sweetheart."

She heard him behind her before she saw him, and whirled around to find him leaning against a tree trunk, playing with a piece of grass.

"Klaus," she choked out and looked over each of her shoulders. As if that would do anything. "Are you…" she began and narrowed her eyes. "Are you following me?"

He chuckled faintly. "Come now, I was just out for a little jog like you," he said.

"Yeah right," she scoffed and crossed her arms.

"Perhaps you'd like to run with me?" he said with a raise of his eyebrow and promptly curled his knuckles under his white t-shirt and began to pull up.

"W-what are you doing?" Caroline cried, partially confused, partially wishing she hadn't seen the outline of his hipbone that was so angular and pronounced and trailed lower and lower until it disappeared beneath his waistband of his jeans.

Klaus tuned in to the heightened strain in her voice and smiled to himself.

"I told you," he drawled and walked slowly towards her. She stiffened more. He loved it. "I like to run in my natural form, love." His eyes glowed a faint yellow.

"Ew," Caroline said flippantly, but her gaze was caught by his and couldn't turn away. Her heart rate spiked when she thought he could be compelling her then and she dropped her eyes, eyelashes sweeping elegantly downward.

Klaus' smile grew tight as she retreated. "Suit yourself. I'll be seeing you at the Founders' gala on Saturday then?"

She didn't answer. He was about to turn away and break from the inches of space their bodies were sharing together in the woods before something gleaming caught the corner of his eye. He turned back towards her.

"Interesting accessory to wear out for a jog," he said and angled his eyes to the bracelet he had given her, elegantly draped around her wrist. It was a rather funny sight.

Embarrassed, Caroline covered it with her opposite palm.

"Do be sure to wear in on Saturday though," he said with a smile and swiftly changed into a wolf. She jumped a bit at the speed with which he shifted and at the yellow eyes looking up at her before running off into the woods.

Caroline wanted to go home, as she was shaken and her mind was whirling, but she knew she'd never be able to. She kicked the soft earth with the toe of her sneaker and let out a frustrated groan.

She ran five more miles in the opposite direction before heading home that night.

She was a nervous wreck at the gala on Saturday. Caroline was the kind of girl that got ready with friends, who never showed up anywhere alone, and thrived on giggles and gossip at all times. So when she entered the Forwood's alone, having driven herself in a gown, which was demeaning in and of itself, she felt like crying. She wasn't currently speaking to Elena, Bonnie or Tyler.

A shiver ran through her and she rubbed her arms with each palm up and down before braving the interior and grabbing the first champagne flute that whizzed by.

Four more champagne flutes came and went as the party dragged on. She had noticed Klaus during champagne flute number two and couldn't help trace him around the room as he schmoozed with this and that guest, eating up the attention. But every once and awhile he'd dart his eyes directly to her and they'd meet hers for a split second before she pulled hers away. It was an infuriating cat and mouse game, but it was the only thing keeping her from dying of boredom.

"Hey," a deep voice softly called from behind her.

She turned around, the bubbles of the champagne fizzing slightly in her head.

"Matt, hey," she said and took another swig. She was not looking forward to this conversation, but she decided she really couldn't be picky when the only people to talk to were a choice among Matt, Stefan, Damon and Klaus of all people.

"Look I know you've been going through some stuff since your birthday. I get it, that would mess me up to," he said.

"I'm really fine," she parried immediately. Her mechanical answer.

"No, Car, you're not," Matt cut her off. "But it's okay. Elena and Bonnie might not understand, but I'm here for you, okay?"

Caroline was staring intently down at her feet as she listened, and when she raised her head her eyes were stormy.

"An what is it exactly that you understand about my situation, Matt? Huh? You think it's as simple as I almost died on the one day that I'm supposed to have a thousand more of?"

"Isn't it?" he asked.

Caroline opened her mouth to continue the argument but stopped short when she felt a light touch along her waist from behind and suddenly—

"Terribly sorry, but would you mind if I asked dear Caroline for a dance?"

-Klaus stepped in.

"I would mind, actually," Matt said, face stone cold.

"It's fine, Matt," Caroline stepped in. "Really. Everyone's here. I'll be fine."

She felt calm as he led her to the dance floor side by side, but when his hand, which had been resting on, the small of her back, snapped at the wrist and spun her around so that she was facing him, her resolve was lost. He took up her limp arm in his and began to twirl expertly.

She put on a good show though and held her chin high. Thank God she didn't have to regulate her breathing.

"You look lovely," he finally said, the very example of chivalry.

"What do you want?" she said under her breath.

"Nothing more than to dance in the arms of a beautiful woman. I'm a simple minded kind of man," he said.

"No you're not," she said instantly.

This caught Klaus by surprise. His grip on her hand tightened, but not enough to alarm her quite yet.

"No? And what makes you say that love? Haven't you learned? All I care about is my family, my hybrids and making sure I get what I want from this town and all of your little friends in it."

His face darkened, and his eyes looked as if hidden in shadow. His grip continued to tighten.

Caroline would have been afraid if the thought that had been plaguing her for weeks hadn't been right there in her head, whirling around and around with no answer. It had been her burden to ponder over, but now she faced the possibility of getting an answer, and perhaps some peace.

"No?" she said, feigning braveness and fighting off a waver in her voice. "Then why did you save me, Klaus?"

His eyes seemed to be burning into her flesh as his step quickened to the tempo of the waltz playing. She kept up expertly and his lips spread thin into a tight smile. He pulled her closer and leaned in so she could feel his breath against her ear.

"I could dance with you all night, darling. I'm impressed," he whispered.

She tensed and he twirled her around a few more times, her chin just at his shoulder. After a beat she pulled back to make eye contact once more. "Tell me," she pleaded, earnestly, and in her eyes was the outpouring of genuine distress and desperation.

The smile Klaus so often wore vanished from his visage, and where a scowl usually replaced it there was only a sober expression. Deep and earnest. He nodded curtly.

"Meet me on the upper verandah in forty-five minutes," he whispered very low.

And he was gone. Caroline suddenly found herself in the middle of the dance floor and a bit unbalanced as if on a rocking ship.

Having snuck upstairs as discreetly as possible, Caroline found Klaus with his back to her, elbows on the stone railing and swilling a tumbler or scotch. She knew he sensed her but he didn't turn around.

She stood for a moment, wanting to retreat, but she finally resolved to see this through and settled herself next to him, looking out to the horizon, lit softly by the moon.

"Didn't think you'd come," he said as he continued to look straight ahead.

"Well I'm here," she said, mimicking his pose.

He shifted his body to the side to face her, perhaps to appear more menacing. "You aren't afraid to be alone with me?" he glowered, challenging her.

Caroline turned to him, resolved to match his every move. "I've already been alone with you, Klaus. Twice," she said and the corners of his lips twitched upward slightly. As did hers. "And I'm not dead yet," she said lightly, almost as a singsong.

He wagged his pointer finger at her approvingly. "That you're not," he said and stopped. Caroline gave him her 'are you kidding me' look as he took a generous swig of his drink.

Off of Caroline's look he must have assumed that he'd better stop stalling. "You're the only vampire in this town with potential, Caroline," he began, setting his glass down on the platform stone railing. He took a step towards her and raised his hands to gently cup her face, his fingers just behind her ears and slightly tangled in her hair, while his thumbs settled along the baseline of her jaw.

She felt something like fear culminating in her stomach and confusion, but mostly she felt his proximity and the endless depths of his eyes just inches from her own.

"In a hundred years everything will be different. That is a guarantee," he said slowly, and stressed each word as if scripture. "And in another hundred perhaps we'd meet on a street in Prague or Moscow or Sydney and be reacquainted and you'd forgive me for terrorizing your little town that now would only live as a distant memory in the vast expanse of your immortal existence."

Caroline sucked in an unnecessary breath. All at once his words were terrifying and seductive to her. They were fluid and caressing but underneath held a dark underbelly of a sad truth she'd rather not think about. But then when she thought about the ocean of time before her, and where that time might take her, her heart swelled at the possibilities. And then ached at the potential loneliness of it all.

Her eyes stung with tears that she didn't want her to see, but he was so close and his hands still cupped her face so that she couldn't turn away.

"But you ordered Tyler to do it," she said quietly and her brow furrowed as she processed his explanation. Nothing made sense to her. None of it.

"A bloke can have second thoughts, can't he?" he said quietly, seriously.

Caroline had had enough. She resolved to transform her mushy, weak emotions into stone. In a flurry of movement she managed to push against his chest with both of her palms and send him reeling backwards. He caught himself as he stumbled back a few steps and regained balance.

"Ugh, you make no sense," she said in frustration.

"I'd watch it if I were you," he snarled.

She didn't know why, but the way his emotions so easily and so blatantly overtook him amused her. She'd always had a knack for getting under people's skin, but not with these immediate and rather satisfying results.

Caroline cocked her head to the side: instant mean girl. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do? Almost kill me again?" She crossed her arms. "Please."

"I meant what I said," he bit out.

"Here's the thing, Klaus," she said matter of factly and sauntered over to the railing where she picked up his drink, her gown swaying her hips elegantly as she walked. She exuded power but didn't know it.

"You may have hundreds of years of evil plans and cunning manipulations under your belt." She swirled the scotch in her glass as she then made her way closer to him. "But I'm the captain of the cheerleading squad and I know a thing or two about reading people and knowing exactly where to stick the knife." She downed the scotch in one gulp and threw the glass over the ledge of the balcony. "Metaphorically speaking, of course."

His eyes followed her intently until she stopped pacing and stood right before him.

"Want to know what your weakness is, Klaus?" She said saccharinely with a bright, but devious smile.

"Do tell."

"You're a pathetic, lonely little boy. But...we already knew that," she began and then poked her pointer finger right at his heart and leaned in close. "But the tin man wishes there was a heart in that empty metal armor of his," she said.

"Don't mock me, Caroline," he warned and his hand shot up and grabbed her wrist as her fingers were dancing upon his suit jacket teasingly. "And don't ever underestimate how dangerous I am," he squeezed her wrist harder and she tried not to wince. "And how temperamental I can be…as you experienced previously."

His thumb glided over the diamond bracelet that dangled on her captured arm and he smiled.

Caroline began to pull and try to wrestle free fro his grasp. "Let go of me," she said.

He paused before a shift in his features brightened up his visage and he laughed lightly. "I like you," he said with a gleam in his eye and released his grasp.

She rubbed her wrist and backed away towards the door to make her exit.

"And Caroline," he called after her jauntily. She paused but didn't turn around to look at him. "You look exquisite." She balked to herself as her back was turned before walking away.

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