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Jinx closed the door with her bodyweight as she examined her familiar and much missed surroundings. The meta human had wanted to see Raven return to her full strength, but staying in titans tower had made her more anxious than she had let on. Not only had Jinx been waiting for Robin to attempt to restrain her and ship her off to some prison, she had to deal with the constant feeling of not belonging. Her own team mates weren't the brightest crayons in the pack, but they were her friends. People she could let her guard down around.

Her face lit up with a smile as the sounds of arguing reached her, coming from the common room.

"That's my controller!"

"I don't see your name on it."

"Fine. Pass me a sharpie."

"Okay- wait… what kind of idiot do you take me for?"

"A pretty big one. One of you boys left the front door unlocked." Jinx smirked as she entered the room, watching Gizmo and Mammoth.

"Jinx!" Gizmo's voice held relief, but a frown adorned his face.

"The one and only." She moved over to the kitchen. "I'm surprised this place isn't more of a mess."

"I thought you had left us for that titan."

She smiled at Mammoth. "You wouldn't last two months without me. Of course I didn't."

"So you finally dumped that witch?" Gizmo asked.

"Nope." She turned to the fridge and rooted through it, grimacing as she came across a box of left over pizza that had started growing fur.

"She dumped you?"

"Hah! As if."

"She's okay with dating a villain?" Gizmo asked in disbelief.

"No idea." She shrugged, giving up on the fridge. "Probably not. Spending time in Titans Tower let me realise that isn't where I belong though, no matter what she has to say."

"That's comforting to hear." Gizmo muttered. "If you changed sides we'd have to find a new base."

"See, how could I ever think of changing sides if it meant I'd have to fight against you guys?"

"So, we back to normal?"


"Good, because I've been keeping track of some possible targets. We're running low on cash."

"And edible food, apparently. Haven't you guys heard of grocery shopping?"

Jinx frowned at the computer screen, trying to think of a way around the bank's security, and failing. Avoiding the titans had always been the best option, and despite what she'd told Gizmo, not everything was back to normal. There was still the inevitable issue of facing Raven on the battle field. Both knew they couldn't afford to go easy on the other, despite any emotions they might share for each other.

"Hey Gizmo, you got a moment?"

"What?" He moved over to stand behind Jinx, a half finished gadget clutched in one of his small hands.

"Think we can find a way past this security?" She tapped the screen and he moved forward to get a better look.

"Sure. It's not going to be easy though. When we planning on robbing this place?"

"Soon. Soon as in when you can figure out how to disable all the alarms and security cameras."

"Give me two… no, three days. Oh yeah-" He turned his attention to the pink-eyed meta human. "A letter arrived for you while you were with the snot munchers. Got no idea how anyone knew where our base is." Gizmo frowned and moved to grab a white envelope off a low standing coffee table, throwing it vaguely in Jinx's direction. "Does anyone other than Raven know where we are?"

She shook her head as she caught the envelope. "Not that I know of." Her brows creased together as she ripped through the paper and pulled out a face down playing card. "What the..?" Jinx's face dropped as she flipped it over.


"What?" Gizmo asked, and she showed him the card silently. "A joker card? So? What's the big deal?"

"Idiot. It's pretty obvious. Remember that small scale job we did up in Gotham a while ago?"

"What about it?"

"We bumped into that Harley freak."

Gizmo started cackling. "You set her straight! I remember that."

"Somehow she's managed to get her boyfriend involved. Who else would send a Joker card?" She muttered, and Gizmo's laugher died out.

"Crap. Well… we'll get the witch involved."

Jinx frowned at him. "No. We'll be fine. He's just human after all."

"Hello! What about his army of Blackgate prisoners? And no doubt that blond idiot is going to be with him. We can't fight all of them!"

"We're just going to have to." She snapped, studying the card. "When did it get here?"

Gizmo shrugged. "I don't know. Two days ago?"

She sighed, standing up. "Start working on the security for the bank. I'll go tell Mammoth."

"As much as I hate her, I still think we'd be so much better off with her watching our backs. The other titans too."

"Raven has enough problems without having to deal with mine too."

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