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"Robin?" Jinx asked, glancing down the corridor. "You might want to make up your mind sooner rather than later."

He looked at Raven. "You all know the risks. Take us in there Raven. It's a trap – as simple as that, but I won't have him running free around our city. We can still complete our original goal. Distraction."

On Robin's word, they all stepped up to the empath. She pulled that cold, black energy around them, and focused on the cluster of emotions coming from the end of the hallway. The dark energy sank through the floor, appearing seconds later in a large, square room. As the energy receded, the first thing Raven saw was the Joker's evil grin. She didn't have to look to know the thugs were lining the two walls either side of the door, ten on each side. They were holding the same model of gun as what the six thugs downstairs had been using.

"I didn't think you'd do it!" The Joker burst out laughing. "Oh, Robbie boy! And I didn't even have any hostages! Jump City's changed you!"

Raven tried not to show her discomfort as she looked from the mad man to the blond at his side. She was grinning at Jinx, clearly pleased with how things were turning out.

"Just ignore the boys. I'm not ready to get down to the un-pleasantries just yet. Needless to say, they'll cut you down to size if you make any suspicious moves. They'll cut you way down." He chuckled, and the empath brought her attention back to him. "Tell me then, Robin. Why send your team into such an obvious trap? What's going through your crazy little mind?"

"I don't need to tell you anything."

"I think he's finally lost it, puddin'." Harley grinned.

"He can't lose what he never had!" The Joker declared, before bursting out into laughter. Raven felt that manic joy leave him so quickly she began to doubt that it had ever been there. His gaze settled on the empath, cold till the point it was almost clinical. "But we can't let our other guests go ignored." His tone let her understand all his unspoken threats. "My girl has some unfinished business with your little cotton candy. What do you think? Want to watch them fight it out?"

"I wasn't bluffing last time we met. If anyone touches her, I'll gut all of you, even if I have to hunt you down to the other side of the earth." Raven growled.

"You're not too smart, are you kid? My boys could butcher you all before you could even blink."

"What, like the gas that was supposed to have killed me?" She asked with a slight grin.

He frowned at her a moment. "Okay. You've got me. Your girlfriend's life for information. You answer my questions, and your piece of tail get to live."

Her eyes narrowed into a glare. She looked at each of the gunmen and their smiling clown masks, before her eyes traced over the ceiling's many vents. She had to buy them time… "No questions on Titan business."

"You're asking for a lot." He growled.

"Humour me."

"Fine. No titan questions. But you have to answer all my questions otherwise."

"Ten. You're allowed no more than ten questions."

"You're in no position to ask for such… advantages."

"And you are?" The empath's smile darkened. "I could kill you before your hired help fired a single bullet. You can get a lot from ten questions if you know what to ask. Come on, take the risk."

"Raven." The leader of the teen titans whispered harshly.

She pretended to ignore him, but got the warning. The Gotham criminal was insane, not stupid. He'd figure out what questions to ask. But Raven had years of experience at answering questions without giving away more than enough information. She wouldn't give the Joker anything he could use against her or the team.

"But Puddin', you said…"

"Shut up Harley. The adults are talking." He snapped, his anger fading as quickly as it had appeared. "I'm tempted to say no, just to see if you really can kill that quickly. You're on the wrong side, kid."

"Ten questions. Then you let us send you to Arkham."

"You sure do know how to work a tough deal." He pouted for a moment, before laughing. "Oh hell, why not? It won't take me long to slip past old Sharpe again. But you have to answer every question. With more than five words. Or pink eyes won't be pretty for much longer."

Her lips tilted into a slight smile, before a low chuckle broke through her lips. "Deal. Just answer this for me first. You said you were planning something for me. Obviously this isn't it. What is it?"

"Oh, you're just going to have to wait and see." His amusement was back, a sudden rush that left the empath dazed. "You may have won this round, but I'll be back. I'm saving your surprise for my next visit, don't worry. But it's my turn to ask the questions now." He ran his hand across his chin, his lips moving silently as he ran through his thoughts. "Okay… question number one. Why exactly are you immune to my gas?"

"Because I was born with natural immunity to all poisons." She could feel Robin's tense panic, and Cyborg's amusement, the robotic teen obviously thinking Raven had the upper hand. However her mind was focused elsewhere. She wanted to know why her leader's old mentor hadn't shown up. Wanted to know why their plan had come to a standstill.

"Need to be more specific." He muttered to himself.

"Don't feel like you have to rush." Raven muttered. "We have all the time in the world."

He glared at her, before clearing his throat. "Fine. Questions two. You keeping note of this Harley?"


"I know you're not human. No meta would survive any of what you did. So what are you?"

"I'm a hybrid." She shrugged. "A halfling."

"Half what?"

"Question three." Raven muttered. "Half human. My human family was from Gotham, in fact."

"You're starting to annoy me."

"What, did you think I was going to make it easy?" Her amethyst eyes flickered back to the gun men. Sooner rather than later, Batman. She wanted to look back at Robin, but resisted the urge.

"Well, this one shouldn't be too hard for you. You've told me you're half human. So, what's the other half?"

She cringed and tried to find a loop hole in what he'd said. "Not human, and not a creature regularly found in this dimension."

"Oh, you are pushing your luck."

"I'm playing by the rules."

The Joker pointed at one of the men stood against the wall. "Mind if I borrow your gun for a second, Bob?"

Raven wasn't sure if the masked thug's name was actually Bob, but he moved forward, and passed the mad man his weapon. The Joker skipped forward before pressing the barrel of the gun against the side of Jinx's head. Raven froze, trying to stifle the growl that rose from her throat. Even she wouldn't be able to stop the bullet if he fired.

"Question four. How much does Jinx mean to you? Take your time. After all, you'll want to be careful about how you answer this one."

Her eyes narrowed as she glared at the clown with one of her better stares, only just managing to keep Rage at bay. "She means enough to me."

"Enough? What's that supposed to mean?"

"Question five. And it means whatever you want it to mean."

"Is that a threat?" He asked, voice rising, making it sound like he'd sung the words.

"Question six. Trust me, you'd know if I'd threatened you."

He swore when he realised he was down to only four questions. "You'd make a good scammer, just saying." The frown seemed carved into his face. It looked odd against the permanent smile etched onto his cheeks. "Question seven… hmm…" He tapped the barrel of the gun against the meta human's head, like someone might tap their pencil against a desk. Raven could feel Jinx growing impatient and irritated, and was unsure if she would stay still for much longer, even with the threat of the gun. "What is the name of the type of creature that makes up the half of you that isn't human?"

She sensed all the titans freeze up; saw Jinx turn her head to look at her, shaking her head slightly in a 'no' gesture. Time up. "I can do better than tell you. I can show you, if you want."

"Raven, no! The boy wonder yelled. He rushed towards her, stopping when the Joker pointed the gun in his direction.

"Take one more step and I'll clip your wing."

With a small laugh, Raven too the opening and quickly threw up a shield to protect everyone. The Joker fired, but the bullet ricocheted back, barely missing him. Rage filled the mad man, and he turned with a roar, firing at one of the thugs in general. The man dropped, crimson spraying up the wall behind him, too bright against the white paint. He watched the body twitch, before looking back at Raven.

"You're dead." He shook his head, raising a hand to point at her with a shaking finger. He started to laugh. "I'm going to carve you up oh, so slowly. You and your pretty little girlfriend."

Raven opened her mouth to retort, but a loud crash grabbed everyone's attention. One of the vent covers had dropped down off the ceiling, landing on one of the hired muscle, knocking him unconscious.

"Your arrival might have been nice ten minutes ago." Robin spoke to the black blur that dropped down from the vent.

"Bats, old pal!" It was like a switch had been flicked on. All that cold, violent energy turning into loud, chaotic noise. The killing intent was still there, but everything was a game once more; something that could be enjoyed. "We were worried you would miss the party."

Batman ignored him as he threw a bat-a-rang at one of the men. It cut into his hand, and he dropped the carbine, yelling in pain as he tried to dislodge the metal disk.

"Titans, GO!" Robin yelled without warning. Raven dropped the shield and everyone split, heading towards their nearest thug in their pairs.

"Time to practice those tactics." Raven grinned at Jinx, taking to the air before throwing a blast of energy at one of the masked thugs, knocking him to the floor.

Jinx sprinted over to him before he could get back up, and brought her boot down on his right wrist, hard. He let go of the gun, and grabbed Jinx's boot with his left hand in a blinded attempt to move it. She danced back, swinging her right foot round in an arc as he started to sit up, connecting with his head, knocking him back to the ground. She kicked the gun out of his reach, before turning to nod at Raven. The empath quickly put up a shield to protect Cyborg from the stray bullet she'd seen heading his way, before motioning towards the thug opposite them.

"I'll watch your back." Jinx smiled, frowning when Raven shook her head.

"I don't have enough control at the moment to trust myself in a fight. He's all yours."

Jinx nodded, before throwing a hex towards the man, the pink wave hitting his gun. Unaware that the walking bad luck charm had jinxed his gun, he pressed the trigger, aiming at Robin, only for his side to explode in a flash of blood, bone, and pain. He collapsed into a heap, and Jinx turned her focus off him. "This is too easy."

Raven watch Batman move to tackle the Joker, only just spotting Harley Quinn's fist before it smashed into the back of Jinx's head, making the meta human stumble forward a few steps. Raven landed on the ground and punched the blonde in the side of her face hard enough to make her stumble. The woman wiped her hand across her cheek, before smiling at Raven.

She whipped a blade out of a sheaf hidden in her boot, and threw it at the meta human. Raven quickly built a shield, before throwing a blast of obsidian energy at the woman. She cart wheeled around it. "That the best you got?"

Muttering her mantra, several of the guns from the unconscious thugs rose into the air and flew towards Harley. She dodged most of them, blocking the last with her arm. Frowning, Raven motioned at the body of the man the Joker had killed, before throwing it at the blonde with surprising speed. Harley's blue eyes widened as she caught site of the body, but was too slow moving. The dead weight barrelled into her, knocking her to the floor, the momentum causing her to skid into the wall.

Harley shoved the body off her as Raven moved forward, an unsettling smile on her face. Quickly pushing herself to her feet, the woman danced to the side, past Raven, and poked Jinx's arm with one shoulder, laughing uncontrollable. "Oops! Touched your girlfriend. You gonna gut us a-ugh!"

Jinx had turned around, smashing a hex coated fist into the woman's stomach, winding her and effectively shutting her up. Jinx brought her leg up at Harley doubled over, and brought it down on the back of the blonde's head. She dropped, smashing face first onto the floor, to Jinx's amusement.

"I'd get her in cuffs before she wakes up." Jinx offered, before scanning the room. Most of the titans had finished their fights, easily taking out the gun men despite being out numbered, and were watching Batman and the Joker fight it out.

Raven walked over to Robin. "Think we should call the police? Something tells me that it's going to be over in a minute."

Robin nodded slowly without taking his eyes off the pair. The Joker managed to block one of Batman's punches, only for another to hit his jaw solidly. He stumbled back, his gloved had moving to grab something out of his jacket pocket.

Robin quickly drew and threw a bird-a-rang, knocking the Joker's hand away, and gaining his attention. Batman surged forward, grabbing the mad man's wrist and twisting it behind his back into an arm lock. He forced pressure on the hold as the Joker tried to wriggle free, and strapped one of the cuffs of a pair of standard police hand cuffs around his wrist, before forcefully pulling the man's other arm behind him and handcuffing him.

"But Bats! I almost had them!" He exclaimed, laughing. He turned to glare at Raven, though didn't say anything. He didn't need to, as she stared back. She knew he'd be back at some point.

"Call the police."Batman told Robin. "I'll personally make sure Harley and the Joker get to Arkham." He looked at Jinx, and she raised her hands in surrender.

"I'm not going to even both trying to escape. I know the only way I'm leaving this room is through Rae."

Batman nodded, and looked back at Robin. "Send the Joker's hired help to Jump Penitentiary along with Jinx. Raven, if you wouldn't mind getting us all out of the building…"

Robin looked up as Raven entered the common room at her customary time of six in the morning.

"There was a jail break last night."

"Oh? And we didn't receive a call because?"

"They didn't trip any of the alarms. The prison guards just found three empty cells this morning."

"A week, huh?" Raven mused, as she turned into the kitchen area. "Not bad, Jinx." She muttered to herself with a small smile.

"You really need to do something about this… situation" Robin frowned. "As soon as the media find out, which they're bound to sooner or later…"

"I know. We've gone through this before." Raven cut him short.

"Then do something about it."

"I don't see any problem with our 'situation' so far." She glanced at him. "What do you want me to do?"

"Have you talked to her about getting her to leave the Hive?"

"It has come up."


Raven moved to lean against the counter. "She's happy where she is. She sees Gizmo and Mammoth like family, just as you guys are my family. Why should I try and pull her away from that? You talk to her if you have an issue. Now, on a more important note, the June 6th is coming up, and Beast Boy doesn't listen to me. You can tell him that if he plans another party, I will – and this time I do mean it - make sure he's stuck in animal form all day. Some unpleasant animal. Like a rat."

"Raven, I thought that spell was…"

"Dark magic? Yes. I know. However I'll make an exception just for that day. You let him know that."

"He's just trying to be nice." Robin offered.

"I know. However he also knows how much I hate that date. It doesn't matter how many years it's been."

"I'll let him know." The boy wonder grinned. "Don't shoot the messenger if he doesn't listen, though."


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