A step-by-step look at how Gregory Lestrade fell in love with the elder Holmes. Rated M for later content like sex and swearing and everything else that comes up when I write about these two.

Author's Note:

Pairing(s): Mycroft/Lestrade, Sherlock/John

About: Greg Lestrade falls in love with Mycroft Holmes. We take a look at how that happened with first meetings, first kisses, everything.

Ownership: Original characters are owned by Arthur Conan Doyle, these versions are owned by Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss. I just get to play.

Step One: Meeting the Mysterious Mr Holmes

It wasn't bad enough that Greg Lestrade had one weird individual in his custody, now he had another weirdo sitting across from him.

Greg groaned and leaned back in his seat to regard the man before him.

He was tall and handsome, late thirties, with wavy ginger-brown hair and pale skin. He had a long nose, full lips, and was wearing an expensive looking three-piece suit with a blue silk shirt, red tie with a pin, and a pocket watch.

The most startling thing, though, were his eyes. Big and blue, they looked cold and threatening, mysterious, like the man behind them held more secrets then you could ever know. He was tapping an umbrella against the floor, long legs crossed and one delicate hand drumming against his knee.

'So...' Greg said. The man raised a perfectly groomed eyebrow. 'What do you want again?'

The man sighed, like Greg's question had really put him out. 'I want you to release my brother.'

'Right, and who would that be?' Greg asked.

'Sherlock Holmes.'

Greg refrained from commenting, 'Weird name', and instead regarded the man again. He seemed older then he looked, like he was under a lot of stress or didn't sleep much.

The man raised another eyebrow, regarding Greg with a cool look that made the DI feel about ten inches tall.

'Right, erm... I don't know who that is.'

The man sighed again. 'The young addict you brought in three hours ago; brown hair, blue eyes, perhaps shouted out that you are cheating on your wife with a man.'

Greg jumped, jolting his desk and making his pens roll across the surface. The other man made no move to help or apologise as Greg scrambled to stop his writing utensils falling to the floor. 'Oh,' Greg managed after clearing up some of the mess, 'him.'

'Yes, him.'

'We can't just let him go.'

'And why not?'

Greg scowled and looked up at the other man, who simply tilted his head as though he were reading something interesting in the paper. 'I... he's an addict for one, we found a heap of coke in his pocket. And he was at a crime scene; he might be the killer!'

'Sherlock is not a killer.'

'I don't care what you think,' Greg growled, feeling smug when the other man leaned back in his seat. From the looks of things, this rich, posh arsehole didn't get a lot of people disregarding his thoughts. 'Your brother is staying here until I can prove that he's not the killer.'

The man was silent for a minute before saying, 'I could have you fired with one phone call.'

Greg shrugged. 'So? Do your worst, Mr Holmes. I'm not letting your brother go until I know he's innocent.'

Holmes regarded him with another cold look, head tilted, fingers paused over his knee. 'You will not let my brother go?' he finally asked.

'Nope,' Greg said and leaned back.

'Even if I threaten to have you fired?'


'Or tell everyone, your wife included, that you actually prefer men and are sleeping with another officer?'

'No,' Greg scowled. 'Threaten me all you fucking want, my job comes before everything else, got it? Tell everyone I'm taking bribes, tell my wife about Mark, tell people whatever the fuck you want.' He leaned forward and poked a finger at the other man. 'Say whatever the fuck you want, Holmes, I am not letting your brother go, got it?'

The office was silent and filled with tension as Greg glared at the man and the man stared back. Finally Holmes stood and made to leave.

'Erm...' Greg said, stopping when Holmes turned.


'That... that's it?'



'Until next time, Detective Inspector,' Holmes said and walked away, leaving a confused and irritated DI behind.

'Okay,' Greg muttered.


24 hours later, Greg got pulled into his boss' office and shouted at for ten minutes. Apparently someone high up in the government didn't care for Greg's tone or attitude and demanded that Sherlock Holmes be let free.

And try as he might, Greg couldn't get a word in edgewise, leaving him scowling and in need of a cigarette as he turned to go.



His boss smiled, shuffling papers. 'Good job.'

Greg blinked. 'Uh... sir?'

'I love hearing that we've pissed off politicians and this one sounded like he deserved it,' Mills said. 'Good job.'

Greg managed a smile before he was heading out.


Sherlock Holmes smirked as Greg held the door open. 'So I'm not your killer?' Greg scowled. 'What's the matter, officer? Lover break it off?'

Greg closed his eyes to avoid smacking that arrogant fucking look off the arsehole's face. Finally he managed to push his anger down and looked Sherlock Holmes right in the eye.

'Tell your brother he's a fucking prick,' Greg said and turned and walked away.