I know this is kind of last-minute, but I've decided to include an epilogue to take place after this story but before the sequel. I've also included the link to the sequel at the bottom of this page. Here's the epilogue:

As the girls drove away from the gas station, Beth opened her phone. She already had a text from Josh:

Hey. How's the drive so far? Did u c Jake?

She smiled. She had really missed him.

Hi! It's ok I guess.. ya he came. : )

"Texting your booooyyyyyyyyyfrrriiiiiiieee eeeeennnnnnnddddddd?" Eddie sung teasingly. Beth playfully shoved her in the seat. "What about you and Jaaaaaaaaaaake?" Caroline made kissy noises at both of them, making all three of them crack up. They'd had a great time at the Hatfords.

So that was the epilogue! Thanks to everyone who read, reviewed, favorited, or subscribed to this story. Here's the link to the sequel: