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Summary: Mary and Joey lived completely different lives, so they broke up. Years later Joey is back at her door step, rehashing the love they still have for each other. How can they reunite, when life has only gotten more complicated? Will they fall back into their old patterns or will someone give a little bit more, sacrificing the one true thing they love more than the other?

Such Impossibilities

Chapter One

So many times I had wanted to come back home again, to the life and love I had been craving for such a long time, but also so many times I had shut the idea right down. I had earned my way to the top all by myself; I had shown everyone that had ever brought me down that I was better than they had ever thought I could be. I was stronger, more confident, and I had the world at my fingertips. Nothing was going to stop me right, or so I thought.

Mary Santiago POV

He had come looking for me, knocking at my door at two o'clock in the morning, the smell of Budweiser clearly wafting from his breath. He looked dishevelled, and not at all like the boy I had fallen in love with all those years ago as a tiny scrawny teenager.

He was now a little taller, his chest and broad shoulders had filled out, and his body was much musclier and toned. She had to admit that he looked delicious as ever.

'Cut the thoughts Mary!' I berated myself. 'You are NOT going down this path ever again. It's done over and finished. Okay now I am sounding crazy!' I scowled myself.

"Hey Mary…" he smiled at me as best as he could, without looking like a drowned out puppy, looking for a home.

"What do you want Joey?" I walked away from the door, obviously giving him the okay to come right back into my life again… for the night.

"I… I've missed you Mary Santiago, like I never thought I would have. It was a mistake to think that I could go on living my life without you right beside me cruising down our rainbow, like we had dreamed of all those years ago. I should have been stronger, not let the distance disconnect our love the way we did" he said with such honesty, droplets of water running down his chin, as I threw him a towel.

It had taken me a better part of three years to get over the fact that he was never going to come back again, I was having my final year teaching with my old college, manhattan academy of performing arts school, before I finally finished my trail run at teaching with them.

I realised that I love teaching and performing as well. I love both with a passion that cannot compare to anything else in my life, even more than I had loved performing in all of Joey Parker's music video.

Being his muse had been a great experience, feeling the love he had for me, was just the most amazing feeling I had ever felt, and knew I never wanted to feel like that again in my life. It was just way too painful to have my heart broken all over again by anyone.

"And what are you expecting me to say Joey?" I asked him, as I turned on the kettle, making the obviously needed coffee, I knew he would need after a night like the one he had just had.

"I performed back at Gardens… and it didn't seem the same without you" he admitted to me pathetically, taking a seat at the table after he had dried himself a little, taking his shoes and socks off at door, where he knew I would want it to be.

"You have performed their countless of times without me Joey" I said to him impatiently, waiting for his real answer to his question.

"I fucking love you Mary" he confessed, laying his head on his arms, obviously starting to drift off to sleep.

I sighed softly as the kettle finally boiled and I pour myself a cup of green tea and walked towards him, shaking him softly, "Joe, get up and sleep in the guest bedroom" I whispered into his ear, and he slowly looked up at me, disbelief in his eyes.

"Okay Mary, I'll do as you say" he slurred at me, and tried to stand, rocking a little bit, but managing the way to the room I had instructed. I pulled the cover backs and eased his wet jacket and pants off him before he lay down with a thud, already fast asleep.

He would be regretting this in the morning, and with that I closed the door and padded back to the lounge room to finish watching my video and drinking my freshly brewed green tea.


It took me a minute to fully realise where I was, had I really walked half an hour in the rain to find the woman who had haunted my dream since I was seventeen years of age?

Dustin and Tammie had reluctantly given me her address, after giving them my sob story about missing her so much sometimes that I couldn't breathe, and that I owed her for my new found fresh breathe all those years ago. One that had slowly deflate the moment she had blown out of his life for good.

It was true; I had felt so lost without her, after the impact of us breaking up had finally hit me. The world just didn't seem right when she wasn't by my side, and we had both thought that it was unfair, that we were holding each other back from becoming greater than we could be.

And I guess it was kind of true. We followed each other like puppy dogs, and we were constantly flying back and forth to each other, not wanting to be apart. Our schedules had been so hectic, that we began to slowly see less and less of each other, that we were not seeing each other for months on end.

A light knock sounded at my door, "Come in" I said in a weak voice that sounded like someone else.

The door slowly opened and a hand that held a cup of steaming coffee wafted into the room that followed the beautiful perfection of the love of my life.

"Thought that you might need this" she said to me kindly, pangs of guilt strewn through her voice probably because of what she had said to me last night.

"Hey Mary" I smiled weakly at her, and she smiled back at me, and I tried to sit up, which just brought a huge migraine going through my head like lighting.

"Hey Joey" she greeted back and sat next to me, while I took the cup from her, breathing in the inviting smell.

"Sorry for barging in on you after a no-go after all these years" I said to her sadly, and she nodded her head in understanding.

"Don't worry; I won't kill Tam or Dus for giving me up" she tried to joke with me and I laughed a little with her.

It felt like old times, but so much time had already passed since we spoke to each other last. Too much heart breaks to not have to speak about it.

Silence fell over us, as we sat there comfortably, drinking our respective cups, thoughts going through our minds.

Mary Santiago POV

"I can't pretend that you being heart is not breaking my heart Joey" I said just above a whisper. He had to strain to hear what I had just said to him, and having that blaring headache hadn't help much on his part.

"Neither can I Mary. It's killing me to know that all we had had is… is…" he stumbled for words, both of us again falling into silence as we contemplated what he was trying to say out loud.

"gone" I finished for him, and I heard him sigh out loud, something I would have done too, but I didn't want to sound as sync as we always had seem to be, mirroring one another's movements, feelings and thoughts, like we were one in the same.

He sighed again before he spoke, "No I don't think it's gone. DO you?" he turned to me now, and place a hand on my cheek to bring me to look at him.

"It's just too hard Joey. You know that" I said to him softly, taking his hand that was on my cheek and kissing it before pulling it off me.

"We were magic Mary" he said with a smile, and I nodded with him in agreement. There was no doubting the chemistry between us.

"We both can't have a life from one another and be in each other lives too. It's just so complicated, impossible and hard…" she said in an exasperated voice.

"One has to give up a little more than the other" he finished off for me, like we had some kind of mind like, it was freaky sometimes, how much we had thought alike.

"Exactly" I agreed firmly, and I knew that things were too impossible to be able to move forward in the same direction.