Number 12 Grimmauld Place, dark, dank and dreary and no matter how often cleaned, the house always seemed to contain a layer of dust among every surface. Ginny despised her summers spent there yet here they are again before her 6th year at Hogwarts.

At least I have the floor to myself, Ginny mused to herself. With Harry, Ron and Hermione gone on some "mission" there were plenty of open bedrooms so Ginny chose the lone third floor while the others occupied the entire second. Ginny sprawled out on her bed above the sheets drumming her fingers against her stomach. Now what to do?

While she did enjoy the vastness of her own floor she couldn't help but feel bored and pressed for someone to talk to. These Grimmauld Place summers could be quite uneventful for her as she was the only one not in the Order of the Phoenix. Deciding that 8 pm was way too early for her to be calling it a night, she grabbed her bath robe and headed towards the washroom to have a relaxing bath.

This was also why Ginny chose the room on the third floor, the bathroom. It was marvelous, while every other room in the house were quite small and cramped this one was colossal, with a great large tub which could also be used as a shower if so desired. The tub was only about a foot or so above the ground with two glass doors that had a pattern of grooves all over that looked like marbles and was the size of small swimming pool. The room had to be magicked to this size, she thought since the house itself didn't appear to be able to have the appropriate width to contain such an arena.

Relaxed just at the thought of her upcoming bath, Ginny opened the door and stepped through and whispered, "Colloportus" to lock the door. In entering the room there was a bit of a short narrow hallway that opened up to reveal the toilets and bathtub, as she made her way down it she started to hear the faint sound of running water. Confused, Ginny continued to the room to see who had snuck up to the third floor. A tall figure stood in the bath showering, his profile blurred by the design of the glass, all Ginny could make out was dark hair. Harry? Ginny thought, are they back already? Growing ever more curious she inched closer till she was in arms length of the shower doors. What am I doing? The person is naked, get out. But she didn't listen to herself; she just had to know if Harry was back, finished hunting whatever he needed to defeat Voldemort. She clasped the handles and pulled the door open and to her surprise it wasn't Harry that was beyond the blurry glass doors.

"MISS WEASLEY! GET OUT!" Her potions professor bellowed at her. She quickly mumbled some incoherent apology as she slammed the door shut, but not before she caught a glimpse of his slender build. She was shocked at what she had uncovered. Hogwart's potion master was a stud! Lean and cut in all the right places without bulging muscles, just slender and defined.

Blushing extensively she tried to yank the door open forgetting that she had locked it and muttered, "Alohamora" and ran downstairs. Catching her breath she entered the kitchen where her mother was still doing dishes from the night's dinner. Honestly Ginny had no idea why her mother insisted on washing the dishes the muggle way, it took ages.

"Oh good, Ginny, Professor Snape will be staying here till term starts and he'll be the room at the end of the hall from you. Now I know you were happy about having the floor to yourself but please be kind and try not to get in his hair, dear." Her mother gave her a soft smile. All Ginny could do was blush and give a small nod of understanding even if it was a little too late to 'not get in his hair' as her mother put it.

"Need help finishing those dishes Mum?" She offered hoping to stay downstairs and avoid Snape.

"How sweet of you, yes you can dry these I've already washed to my left."

Ginny started her drying and did all she could to focus on cleaning instead of what her mind kept drifting towards; His broad bare pale back, his surprisingly firm looking behind, how small and yet how plump it was. I wonder if it feels as tight as it looks, ew shut up! She pondered then berated herself for even going there in her mind. And those arms, so strong and burley, okay Ginevra knock it off.

Too soon she was done and her mother kissed her goodnight, leaving her alone in the kitchen. Not being able to think of an excuse to stay downstairs, Ginny trudged her way up to her room hoping Snape had already retired to his room.

No such luck.

At the top of the stairs Snape opened his door, "Miss Weasley, can I have a word please?"