Ginny just couldn't handle anymore. Her mind whirling in ways that left her with no clear pattern or ultimate outcome her actions should take. Action. Yes, she and her mind had agreed upon that at the very least. It had been a week since she had assisted Snape in his potions making yet he hadn't sought her aid as he said he would.

No he said "IF" he needed me, Ginny reminded herself.

No matter, she still couldn't suppress the drastic amount of disappointment she felt. Helping Snape with those potions was the only thing she had been allowed to help the Order with, ever. Ron, Harry and Hermione were only a year older than she and they were carrying the brunt of the war! It just never balanced out. Feeling for the first time that she could even possibly be capable of anything that would be useful to the side of The Light, was a rush and a confidence boost on a scale she had never even dreamed.

And knowing that Snape is absolutely fit under his robes isn't too shabby either.

She just could no longer control her thoughts about him. His long lean stature, his broad shoulders, his oh so squeezable looking arse was constantly playing out in her mind. Action was all there was. If only she knew which ones to take.

It was official. Ginny's brain was fried, scrambled, sunny side up, whatever you wanted to call it, her mind had had enough and decided it was done for the day though it was only about 4 PM.

A nice shower should be relaxing…Oooh a bubble bath, that's more like it.

Coming to that conclusion Ginny shrugged off her Muggle jeans and t-shirt she was wearing, incidentally stolen from Hermione before the trio departed that summer, and slouched a thin soft green cotton robe over her matching black bra and knickers. New matching bra and knickers. She thought to herself proudly. Her mother had been transfiguring some of Ron's old tighty whities to fit her shape and letting her use her old training bras from second and third year thinking that was sufficient undergarments for the last two years. Thankfully towards the end of fifth year Ginny really came into her own, growing curves, losing baby fat and most noticeably increasing two cup sizes. Her mother could no longer deny that she was in desperate need of... well, how do you put it… 'support'.

When entering the store and seeing all of the "grown up" items, Molly Weasley couldn't stand it, her baby, the youngest of seven, her only daughter for Merlin's sake was practically a woman and upon that notion instantly burst into tears and then proceeded to shove a bag of galleons at Ginny instructing her to be finished and meet her in the Leaky Cauldron in an hour before rushing out the shop. Though it pained Ginny to see her mother get so emotional over her aging she couldn't help but feel relief that she wouldn't have to put up with the older woman's taste and opinions. Not to mention she could most likely get away with a few lingerie pieces.

In the end Ginny felt the trip a success now being equipped with an under wardrobe fit for a young witch. Smiling at the thought, Ginny poked her head out of her door to make sure the coast was clear. When it was, she quietly crept along to the heaven of a bathroom making sure that Snape couldn't hear her as to not disturb his most likely busy schedule of potion making. Reaching the door she silently made her way through, down the small hall to where the gloriously large tub reside. Sighing at the mere sight knowing her relaxation was going to be other worldly she reached over turning the appropriate knobs to reach her desired temperature; once it was warm enough Ginny added her favorite bubble bath scent. It smelt of a variety of delicious fruits with just a hint of vanilla. So unique, that was why Ginny loved it.

Once the bath was full, filled to the brim with frothy bubbles Ginny untied her robe letting it slide off her shoulders slowly feeling the tension in her upper body dissipate as if the robe was the blanket of her stress and by releasing it she was releasing all the thoughts that had been plaguing her for the last couple of weeks. This is nice, she thought slipping one arm out of a sleeve then the next -

"Ughdsdfhg" an unintelligible outburst came from behind her as she quickly made to catch her robe before it hit the floor while turning to be face to face with Severus Snape.

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