A Tale of Three Druids

Chapter 1: A Strange Discovery

"Well. I heard you learned a new technique of feral combat." A towering female Tauren muttered to her companion, an even taller male.

"Indeed." He intoned solemnly, carefully picking his way through the craggy terrain of the Barrens.

"What form?" she inquired, even though she already knew.

"Bear. Naturally." He answered. Suddenly, he cocked his head. "Reaperclaw is abroad." He said dispassionately. The female shrugged.

"And what of it, Fliflax?" she queried. He closed his eyes, focusing.

"He is very excited. More so than I have ever seen." He replied, and then began calling his faithful kodo. His sister, Yeow, did the same. "It is a mystery that I intend to solve." Fliflax stated, then leapt on the massively built beast he had just summoned. Yeow followed suit, as she always did, and began pounding across the desert. As they traveled further and further, they began to hear the howls and baying of raptors closing in on prey.

"Strange. I almost thought I heard Troll Drums." Fliflax observed. A deep boom sounded over the Barrens, carrying clearly to the duo. "That is a Troll Drum!" Fliflax gasped in amazement.

"The call for assistance and companionship, only used in the direst of times. Surely a proper Horde soldier would not use one frivolously, but…" Yeow trailed off as the tempo became more frantic. "Let us hurry! One of our allies is on danger!" The tall Tauren cried, and together they raced across the rocks.

She slowed to a stop as they caught sight of a troll- Was he really dancing? They looked for the source of the noise, but it was nowhere to be seen. The troll they had found was fluently moving to the beat the drums laid down. He was perched on a boulder, surrounded by blood-crazed Lashtails, baying for his blood.

Suddenly, he tossed a glitzy cane in the air, twirling end over end. He snatched it deftly out of the air and smashed it into a raptor's skull, all in one fluid motion.

Yeow quickly sent a tiny tendril of power his way, assessing him. To her surprise, he was only a level twenty, by her approximation. She wouldn't know unless a council evaluator actually examined him, but he appeared to have only attained the twentieth level in the Waterskipper Power Scale.

Suddenly, he cried "Do da voodoo shuffle!" Three raptors leapt onto the rock, spreading into a flanking formation. Instantly, the troll shifted, and gained something hard and ugly about his demeanor.

He raised a gloved hand, and a beam of energy struck the leftmost Lashtail from above. The middle one bore down on him, only to be struck, hard, with the cane the Druid carried.

However, he was not defended from the raptor stealthily approaching his right side.

He slammed his cane into the ground, and a suit of thorns encased him, with the only gaps in front of his eyes and mouth.

The raptor he had not noticed crashed into him, talons flashing. Blood spattered the hardened rock, but it wasn't the troll's. The thorns had pierced the tender pads on the raptor's feet, and it howled with pain.

The druid showed no mercy, though, and began gathering a nimbus of energy between his hands, ignoring the blows of the other Lashtails. A burst of energy flew from his clenched fists, ending the life of the target raptor, he spun around to face the other raptors, only to see them backing away.

He took the opportunity to run his hands over his wounds, the rippling disturbances that characterized healing magic racing over his body. Suddenly, every raptor that could sprang towards him, and he collapsed under a wriggling know of bodies. Immediately, Yeow closed her eyes and began muttering inarticulately.

Fliflax charged the beasts, knowing that Yeow was a mighty healer, but would have a rough time in combat against these beasts.

As he ran, Fliflax's muscles contracted, his horns shifted, and his tendons popped, until he morphed into a mighty lion, resplendent in his fury. He roared and sprang into the air, slamming into Reaperclaw, lord of the raptors, claws outstretched. Reaperclaw fell to the ground, his carcass a bloody mess.

His teeth flashed, and the raptors fell like ripe wheat before a finely honed scythe. The few survivors scattered, leaving the mighty Taurens alone with a bloodied, unconscious, mad, and unknown troll druid.

Oh Ho! A fine little fic about my friends and me having some adventures. This is set in Wrath of the Lich King, previous to Cataclysm. It is co-written by my good friend, Groose Almighty. All who review are recognized in the Author's Notes, including anonymous people. So review!