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Lily bit her lip and looked around nervously. "Are you sure he won't mind?" she asked.

"He'll be ecstatic. Are you sure, though?" Allie didn't look up from her magazine as she reassured her friend.

"I guess… but we weren't prepared. I haven't tested yet, but I'm certain."

"Are you, now?"

"I've never been a day late in my life, Allie. What should I do?"

"Maybe you should actually test," her friend sighed. "Merlin, Lils, calm down. James loves you, no matter what, and he'll always love you. Don't worry about it."

"I don't know," Lily continued to fret.

"Lily Potter, listen to me. James risked his parent's wrath who, although they liked you, weren't sure about ending the family line. He risked the pureblood society's wrath, and he's even risking that Voldemort guy. I'm certain he loves you more than anything."

Lily knew that what her friend said was true, but she always worried anyway. James had been a jerk, and she had spent the first sixteen years of her life hating him. As much as she loved him, there were times when she worried about the silliest of things.

Many purebloods were jerks. Her former friend Narcissa Black's fiancé Lucius Malfoy, was much like that. The two girls couldn't keep in touch because of him, and Lily knew that he was the one who had killed that first year, Hope Kingston. It just wasn't right.

"I suppose…"

"Just go test, Lily!"

"But it's so awkward!"

"Go in the bathroom then. I won't watch."

"You had better not! Peeing on a little stick is awkward enough!"

"Lily, that's the Muggle way. There is a spell, you know."

"Oh," Lily said, feeling more than a bit foolish. "Well, what is it, then?"

Ally tossed a magazine at her. "Page three. Now scat."

Lily walked into the bathroom she shared with James with some trepidation. She just wasn't ready to be a mother, especially with the war that was looming on the horizon.

She said the spell, her reluctance evident in her voice. A small + sign showed in the air in front of her. "ALLY!" She screamed.

Her blond friend came running in. "What is it, Lily?"

"I'M POSITIVE!" the red head was distraught.

"I thought you already knew that," Ally rolled her eyes.

"But I wasn't certain!"

"How are you going to tell James?" Ally had never been the best at cheering people up or giving advice and it showed. Her motto was, 'I don't do advice. May I interest you in a sarcastic comment instead?'.

"Tell James? Bloody hell, Ally, I haven't even processed it myself yet!"

"Well, you are married to him, aren't you?"

"Well, yes," Lily said, somewhat awkwardly.

"Then he'll stick with you through it."

"You can't be certain!"

"Lily, of course I can. It's James bloody Potter. He stuck with you for seven years!"


That gave her pause. "Oh. I hadn't considered that."

"Of course you hadn't. No one ever thinks about the fact that either one of us could die any day now and we would be just another casualty."

"Lily, don't be like that. You wouldn't just be another casualty, you're the Potters. James is a Pureblood, and there will be uproar if he died."

Lily sniffed. "He's also a blood traitor."

Ally didn't know how to respond to that. "Let's stop being so morbid. How about those Cannons?"

"Please, Ally. They're terrible. The Harpies or Puddlemere, I think."

"You're just copying James."

"Well, yes, but what do you expect me to say when you start talking about Quidditch? I don't get it. It's just another silly game."

"Lee! Quidditch is my favorite sport!"

"I just don't get it! James has tried explaining… but it makes no sense."

"Wow, Lily. Just wow."

"Honey, I'm home!" James called.

"In here!" Lily shouted back.

James walked in smiling, and was surprised to see Ally sitting there reading a copy of Quidditch Is Us that she had kept in her bag.

"Er, hello," he said.

"Hi James," the women chorused.

"It's nice to see you again, Alice. How's Frank?"

"He's okay." She patted her stomach. "And so is this one. If Lily were to be pregnant, would you be happy?"

Lily blushed, knowing that her friend had just given everything away. "Ally," she whined, "we don't need to worry about that!"

James' frown deepened. "I thought we discussed this—we'd both like to have a child at some point."

"Well, yes, but not now. Not until after the war."

James' frown cleared. "As always, Lily Potter attempting to single handedly save the entire world."

Lily jumped, as she always did, at the title she was still getting used to. "I don't think I can single handedly save the world… !" she protested.

"Sure you don't," Ally rolled her eyes. "I must be going, but stop by sometime. James, by the way—"

"Don't you dare!" Lily exclaimed.

"Puddlemere won't win." Alice Apparated away with that final line.

"Of course they will," James said. "Unless the Harpies win. Who is she rooting for?"

"The Cannons," Lily laughed. "I'll go make dinner."

"They won't win either," James said, and that was the end of that.

James awoke to something breaking. "Lily?" he called. "Are you alright?"

"Fine, James!" He heard her voice yell back. He wasn't entirely sure, though, so he ran to the kitchen.

"Lily," he said, "what on earth did you do to the kitchen?"