When Kaos destroyed the Core of Light, he destroyed the only source of power that kept the darkness from covering Skylands. But before he struck, Portal Master Eon cast a spell that sent his Skylanders and eight amulets known as the Skygems to a safer planet than Skylands. As the Skylanders traveled to Earth, they started shrinking and then froze like statues. Each of these Skygems pulled four Skylanders towards it according to their elements. Now, each of these Skygems has landed in the hands of a different future portal master on Earth. Each one of them has the dormant power of a Skylands element. Can they awaken their powers in time to rebuild the Core of Light, stop Kaos, and save Skylands?

Here's the cast and prologue of my version of the new Spyro game, Skylanders. I love the game, but the storyline kinda sucked. The designers probably tried too hard to make the players feel like part of the story. Anyway, this story is actually part 2 of a Skylanders trilogy. Part 1 will be an attempt to bridge the gap between Skylanders and Dawn of the Dragon. I may have to wait until I get more Skylanders figures and the other adventure packs before I finish or possibly even start it. Part three will be either a rewrite of the 3DS version, a crossover with Jackie Chan Adventures, or both.

For now, I'll post a description of my portal master OCs. I'm still trying to decide on theme songs for them. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know. I'm very open to suggestions. They have their own weapons because I plan on putting them in the fights when their Skylanders need rest. Oh. And if you've read my story, "Power Rangers Gormiti," you'll probably recognize my portal masters for fire, water, air, earth, and life.


Element; Magic

Weapon; Staff

Skygem; Amethyst Star

Skylanders; Spyro, Double Trouble, Voodood, Wrecking Ball

Description; After growing up in Las Vegas and being raised by one of the world's greatest magicians, Jackie King, Max has been eating, breathing, and sleeping magic all his life. One problem. He completely sucks at it. But when he meets a small, frozen dragon named Spyro, he discovers the reason he couldn't do magic tricks was because his skill wasn't in fake magic, but in the real thing. Just as magic is the united force of all eight elements, Max tries to learn from the others as well as lead them in their battles against Kaos.


Element; Tech

Weapon; Twin machine guns

Skygem; Topaz Cog

Skylanders; Boomer, Drill Sergeant, Drobot, Trigger Happy

Description; Tess isn't like most girls from California. She's really into computers, cars, video games, and anything else to do with technology. With her technical skills, she could be the smartest member of the team. With her powers over technology, the Skylanders and Portal Masters always have a ride.


Element; Water

Weapon; Trident

Skygem; Sapphire Drop

Skylanders; Gill Grunt, Slam Bam, Wham-Shell, Zap

Description; Marissa has pretty much lived her life in the water. She loves to surf and swim more than anything. She loves the sea so much, some of the less rational people around Florida actually thought she might be a mermaid. And just like water gets everywhere, Marissa isn't exactly known for staying out of other people's business, especially their love lives.


Element; Fire

Weapon; Sword

Skygem; Ruby Flame

Skylanders; Eruptor, Flameslinger, Ignitor, Sunburn;

Description; Ry's a bit of a hot-head. Despite people's attempts to calm him down, he never walks away from a fight. Instead, he charges right into it. He's fast to get into a fight, but even faster on the road. He's the best street racer both because he's the first to cross the finish line and the first to escape the cops. But now, since he's the portal master of fire, instead of burning rubber, he's burning Kaos's minions. Not only can he turn up the heat, but he can take as much heat as the sun.


Element; Earth

Weapon; Rock fists with crystal spikes

Skygem; Garnet Mountain

Skylanders; Bash, Dino-Rang, Prism Break, Terrafin

Description; Rocky's not the most serious member of the Skylanders. Some of his decisions seem crazy, not thought through, or straight up insane, but no matter how many people call him crazy, he stands as firm in his decisions as a mountain is firm in the ground. He may be the joker in this deck of cards, but he's as strong as they come.


Element; Life

Weapon; Vine whip with silver thorns

Skygem; Emerald Leaf

Skylanders; Camo, Stealth Elf, Stump Smash, Zook

Description; Woody's definitely a country boy version of Tarzan. While growing up in the south, he learned about hunting, fishing, camping, basically wilderness survival in general. At the farm he grew up on, the fruits and vegetables he tried to grow actually grew faster than anyone else's, even his parents'. He has had the power of the forest his whole life, whether he knew about it or not.


Element; Undead

Weapon; Scythe

Skygem; Onyx Skull

Skylanders; Chop Chop, Cynder, Ghost Roaster, Hex

Description; Dana is not really a load of sunshine. She's kind of a goth chick who usually hangs out in the graveyard. Luckily, she's not gothic enough to wear black make-up or dye her hair. But still, her powers over the undead make her the darkest member of the Portal Masters. So far, Max is the only member of the Portal Masters that is sure she can be trusted, probably because his Skylander, Spyro, is really close friends, or closer, with Dana's Skylander, Cynder, and Max trusts Spyro's judgment.


Element; Air

Weapon; Bow and Arrow that can be split into two short swords

Skygem; Diamond Cloud

Skylanders; Lightning Rod, Sonic Boom, Warnado, Whirlwind

Description; Skyler grew up on the road, never staying in the same place for too long. Her mom used to be a pop star, so she met stars all the time as a kid. She can even get into the biggest Hollywood parties because of her connections. She's always been reaching for the stars, following her dreams. But now, since she's the portal master of air, the sky's no longer the limit. It's her stage.

I may give Kaos an apprentice. What do you think? Should I? If yes, I have a bad guy OC. Again, I need suggestions for the portal masters' theme songs. I've asked DJ Scales if he has any suggestions, but he keeps suggesting theme songs from Sonic the Hedgehog games. I know nothing about those games.

I'm using the Spyro and Cynder from the Legend of Spyro series. They're way cooler than their Skylanders versions.

Now, here's the prologue for my new Skylanders story.

"Something's wrong." said Eon. He was a very old man with a beard like Santa Claus. He was wearing a crystal Viking helmet, a wizard's robe, and a sash with eight symbols across it. He was also holding a golden staff with a crystal ball at the top. Though it was a peaceful day with perfect weather, Eon could not shake the feeling something was amiss. He was standing on the balcony of his temple overlooking a green dome that was shooting a beam of light into the sky. But that was not the most amazing part. The entire temple grounds were floating on an island above the clouds.

"I don't see anything wrong Master Eon." said a voice behind him. Eon turned around. It was Spyro, one of his most trusted Skylanders. He was a purple dragon with orange wings, horns, and a spike at the end of his tail. He was a rare breed of dragons that harnessed the power of several elemental forces.

"Don't be fooled by tranquil scenery Spyro. I am growing weaker with age and I am also the last of the portal masters. I know where the next eight portal masters are, but if I send them the Skygems now, I will lose all my strength. I can't safely send the Skygems until I have gathered enough power."

"I see your point, but we can't wait too long to send them the Skygems. We should find a suitable source of energy soon."

"If we can't, I fear the darkness will grow stronger." Just then, there was a clap of thunder.

"What was that? There isn't a cloud in the sky?" said Spyro.

"Guys, there's some kind of dark power coming." said a female voice from inside Eon's temple. It was Cynder, a black dragon with a strange beetle-like mark on her head. She had six horns that pointed behind her head, a spiked collar around her neck and spiked bracelets on her wrists. Her wings and tail were tipped with metal-looking claws.

"How can you tell?" said Spyro.

"I've felt the darkness before. I can sense it pretty easily."

Just then, another clap of thunder roared through the sky, but this time, dark clouds started forming just above Eon's temple.

"The Darkness!" said Spyro.

"Don't worry. This close to the Core of Light, the Darkness is weakened." said Eon.

"I wouldn't be so sure Eon!" said a menacing voice from the Darkness. Eon, Spyro, and Cynder all looked towards it and saw an evil-looking floating castle and an eerie blue light forming in the cloud. It started as a wavy glow, but then it formed the sinister image of a bald sorcerer with strange tattoos, including a strange symbol on his forehead.

"Kaos!" said Eon.

"Yes. It is I, KAOS, Portal Master of The Darkness!" said the evil sorcerer.

"What happened to you? You look ridiculous." said Eon. His other Skylanders heard the commotion and came outside to see it.

"What?! Do you not see my floating big head?" inside, Kaos was just a midget standing on the side of a huge stone well with a portal in it. "Fear my big floating head! FEAR IT!"

Back outside, Eon and his Skylanders were still not looking afraid. "How did you come back here? I banished you to the Outlands years ago."

"That was your greatest mistake old man. You forget that the Outlands are not only where evil portal masters were banished, but it's also where weapons of dark magic were once hidden. Have you forgotten that I was once a portal master of the light, just like you? I once came across a weapon of unspeakable dark magic, but I stupidly buried it in the Outlands. I was foolish and blind to what I was truly capable of. But soon, I became touched by the Darkness and my eyes were opened. When you banished me here, I remembered where I hid that weapon, so I unearthed it, but it took me years to truly master it. I've been studying the secrets of that weapon all these years, waiting for the day when I would finally take my REVENGE!"

"You began to study forbidden dark magic and went mad with power. You broke the laws of our order."

"You portal masters are pathetic. You are afraid of your true power. If you wish to stay a blind man, allow me to open your eyes. MINIONS!" as he said that, a huge army of Cyclops and green elf-like creatures teleported around the Core of Light.

"Skylanders. Attack!" said Eon. Spyro and Cynder flew off the balcony with three other dragons. One seemed to be wearing a robot suit around his head, wings, and tail. Another strongly resembled a phoenix. The last one had strange unicorn features, including a horn and feathery wings.

Three wingless dragons leapt off the balcony and charge at Kaos's minions. One slightly resembled a blue gecko with a large fin on his head and back. He also had a large pair of horns and seemed to be wearing the chest plate and oxygen tank of a diver suit. Another had rock-like skin with a mace tail and spikes all over him. The last one looked like his skin was taken from plants. He had bright red eyes and legs and small leaves where his wings should've been and large yellow thorns around his head and on his eyebrows.

More Skylanders attacked Kaos's minions and there were all kinds of them, such as a lava golem with flaming fists, a large crab-like warrior with a mace, a wizard with a tiki mask, even a shark with arms and legs that could swim through the ground. They were outnumbered, but not outmatched. Kaos's minions were not very powerful and were easily defeated by Eon's Skylanders.

"Incompetence!" said Kaos. He was getting frustrated with his minions. "Glumshanks!" A troll came in at his command.

"Yes master Kaos?" he said. He didn't look very happy about it.

"How are those Skylanders winning?"

"Well," Glumshanks started looking at a clipboard. "Let's see, carry the one, find the average, According to my calculations," He turned the clipboard toward Kaos to reveal a badly drawn picture of the Skylanders kicking Kaos's butt. "We're losing."

"Grrr. That's it! It is time to show you the true power of my ultimate weapon. Release the KRAKEN!" screamed Kaos's big head. The Skylanders started laughing their heads off for a second.

Glumshanks just slapped his face and said "Note to self. Return Clash of the Titans tomorrow."

"Gah! I mean, Release the HYDRAGON!" said Kaos, as his hands started to burn with black fire.

Outside, a huge shadow was cast over the Skylanders and the Core of Light. Eon suddenly became filled with fear. "Skylanders, return!"

Spyro and the Skylanders were about to attack when they were instantly teleported inside Eon's temple.

"YES! They are retreating! Hydragon! Destroy the Core of Light!" said Kaos.

"Master Eon! Why are we retreating?!" said Spyro as Eon shut the doors of the temple.

"We cannot fight that creature. It is the same monster that destroyed the other portal masters. According to the prophecy, only the eight portal masters of the elements can defeat that monster. We only have a few minutes before Kaos destroys the Core of Light. The time to send you and the Skygems now."

"What?!" said Cynder.

"But Eon! Sending the Skygems now will consume all your strength!" said Spyro.

Eon just stood there hanging his head. Tears were starting to form in his eyes. "We don't have a choice. Hugo!"

A mole-like creature with a green jacket and glasses came in. He had a backpack full of books on his back. "Yes master Eon?" he said.

Eon took a scroll from his robe and gave it to Hugo. "Go to the Shattered Islands and await the portal masters."

"But master, sending the Skygems will…"

"I know the cost! But we don't have a choice!"

Just then, they all felt a huge blast of power. "It's the Hydragon! It's attacking the Core of Light!" said Cynder.

Eon ran to a nearby dragon-shaped treasure chest and opened it to reveal eight round crystal amulets set in gold rings. He took the gems out of the chest and stood at the center of a seal on the floor with eight emblems around it, a star, a fire, a leaf, a drop, a cloud, a skull, a gear, and a mountain. "Skylanders, stand on the symbols of your elements."

Each Skylander took his or her place on one of the symbols in the seal. Each emblem then held four Skylanders. Eon used his telekinesis to lift the Skygems out of his hands and each of them floated into the middle of the Skylanders. "Find your new masters quickly Skylanders. The fate of all Skylands now rests in your hands." said Eon.

"We won't fail you Eon." said Spyro. Eon raised his hands to the sky and eight huge pillars of light shot up from the emblems, carrying with them, not only the Skygems and Skylanders, but the fate of Skylands as well. When the pillars disappeared, Eon closed his eyes and fell as the Hydragon's last attack caused an explosion that burst through the doors and swept the temple away.

"What's happening to me?" said Spyro as he and three other Skylanders hurtled through the tunnels of space. He could feel something changing in him. He was shrinking and his joints were becoming stiff. He was becoming a small statue. Before his eyes froze shut, he could see seven other shooting stars racing towards their final destination. Their target came into view just as Spyro and the others became completely frozen. If they could still see Skylands, they would have seen that without the Core of Light, the Darkness was spreading across the surface of their world. They only had one mission now, find the last hope for Skylands and defeat Kaos, no matter what.

What did you think? I'm trying to add some more drama to the storyline, while still keeping in the funny stuff. I'm gonna introduce each portal master in his or her own chapter as soon as I decide on their theme songs. Again, please leave suggestions.