"You know, it's because your butt looks good when you do your yoga. It's pretty sexy."

Kayashima Taiki let the words settle before he glanced over at his roommate. He was in the midst of a lazy Sunday afternoon session of yoga, currently in the Plow position, so he understood why the other boy would bring up topic. He didn't respond and focused on his inversion poses as he closed his eyes.

What Kayashima didn't understand was that grin that had planted itself on Nakatsu's face. He had been smiling for nearly three months straight, and Kayashima was ready to believe Nakatsu's mouth would go permanently slack from his facial muscles tensing to a point they would finally give out.

It wasn't Nakatsu's normal I-love-life smile. It was this I-know-something-you-don't-and-it's-amusing-because-you-don't-know-it-and-I-do sort of grin that was laced with simpleminded innocence. It was scary. Everyone was beginning to fret about it, but Kayashima refused to break his mask of calm.

At dinner that night Kayashima wasn't as hungry as he had planned. Not doing much all day left for a not to hungry Taiki. When he gave his unfinished meal to Nakatsu, the boy piped up with that grin tugging at his lips, "It's definitely because you feed me."

Later that week when Nakatsu missed class for a soccer game, Taiki made sure to copy his notes for his roommate. Nakatsu found them on his desk when he arrived late that night and chuckled. "It's because you take such good care of me!" Kayashima sighed quietly and turned over in bed.

"You're just such a good listener. What can I say?" Nakatsu pacified for no apparent reason on his way out to the practice field to meet Sano one afternoon. Kayashima just focused on his reading.

Over the next two weeks he heard them all: you're the perfect height, how many people can protect me from ghosts?, you keep the best snacks handy, you're super organized, you're so punctual, and flexible, you could out bluff Sano, and the list went on and on.

Then one evening, when he was sure Nakatsu was going to burst, Taiki pause on his way to the shower to ask, "Shuichi?"

The boy shivered at the sound of his given name, it was still hard to get used to, as he turned from his homework to stare at his roommate.

Taiki smiled a little and prompted him for another reason. "Why?" A real reason.

Nakatsu smiled in relief and exhaled in a releasing manner. He took a moment to think about it and that was reassuring. "Because I love you."

The Plow position looks like this: you lay down on your back with your arms straight along your sides, then your lift your legs up over your torso so your toes touch the ground above your head. It helps relieve back aches and helps you sleep better, so says Google.

Don't try this if you've never done yoga before; you'll end up getting hurt and I'll feel bad.

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