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Summary: This the story of one woman whose fated encounter with Lelouch will have consequences for the future and the entire world as Lelouch's resolve hardens by the end of this short story and comes to terms that he is the Dark Lord reborn after a indemnity crisis he was suffering from.

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Chapter 1

Divided Mind

(October 15th 2015 A.T.B)

Inside what could be described as a luxurious palace built out of black limestone a large table with a full feast of food consisting of ribs, ham and a roast pig along with an assortment of fruits and cupcakes were spread out for those at the table to consume while burning brightly next to the large table was a grand fireplace with golden dragon statues off to the sides.

Seated at the head of the table was a young fifteen year old boy wearing imitating scale plate armor with short black hair, purple eyes and a pale skin complexion while seated to his right was another who wore the same armor as he, but his armor came complete with a helmet possessing a spike like crown while the rest of it seemed made out of serrated blades.

On his left was a small child wearing a white shirt, red suspenders and gray paints appearing as a child like version of himself.

"So we are here again, but this debate grows pointless…you are me…when will you embrace it?" The full armored man spoke slamming his fist on the table in frustration.

"But he doesn't want to lose what makes him Lelouch?"

"Does it matter…his humanity, you, make him weak."

Lelouch vi Britannia sat at the head of the table quietly watching the debate between what was the embodiment of Dark Lord Sauron within him arguing with the representation of his humanity as he remained neutral. As the argument continued it was interrupted when the driver of the black car he was in alerted the young fifteen year old that they had arrived.

"Forgive me Master Lelouch, but we have arrived."

"Oh…I see…thank you for waking me."

"A long train ride sir?"

"…Quite…a long ride indeed."

Lelouch said lying about the true reason why he was slumbering. Ever since he awoke as the reincarnated Dark Lord of Mordor the young man had something of an identity crisis, he couldn't tell where he began as Lelouch and where he began as Sauron. Thus he began entering such mental dimensions he made within his own mind to settle the debate and regain a completely certain sense of self as he was having difficulties trying to determine who he was exactly.

The car pulled up in front of a large two-story residence surrounded by a wide and serene yard. Given the current situation for most Elevens and Honorary Britannians in Japan which was now Area 11 for a Japanese family to have such a home and wealth still was surprising to say the least, but this was likely due to the international contacts the family had which helped them through the rough transition of Japan becoming Area 11, a dominion of the Holy Empire of Britannia.

When the car came to a stop Lelouch was let out by the driver as waiting outside was a middle aged woman who was quite beautiful given her possible age as standing beside her was obviously her children. The mother was wearing a yellow dress with sunglasses and had mid-length raven black hair and red lipstick.

Manami Katsura stepped forward welcoming the young man.

"Hello young man I am Mrs. Katsura and these are my daughters Kotonoha and Kokoro."

Lelouch glanced at Manami's daughters, the oldest was Kotonoha who had a slender frame and a mature appearance comparable to her mother's which was a bit surprising considering her possible age which was probably around his age. She was dressed in a white kimono with pink flower patterns on it with her hair tied up and held in place by two red-flower-like ordainments. Unlike her mother her hair was longer and had something of a dark purple that seemed black in color instead while she had a fair skin tone.

Kokoro was obviously elementary school age given her height and very youthful appearance wearing a red kimono with a white flower pattern on it while she had black hair and eyes identical to her sister's. In comparison to Kotonoha she seemed more cheerful and energetic.

"It's a pleasure to meet you in person Mrs. Katsura." Lelouch greeted politely.

"Likewise Mr. Lamperouge…I confess I didn't expect the custodian of the Matou Household to be someone so young."

"Give the circumstances among other events in my life I had to grow up very quickly."

"I see, but why don't we continue this discussion inside."

"Of course we have much to discuss."

Heading inside Lelouch remembered when the request came in for a representative to come to the Katsura Household and discuss a business arrangement between them for purchasing old relics and antiques that were currently owned by the Matou Family. Sakura Matou didn't have much use for them so Lelouch being the custodian of the Matou Estate after the death of Zouken Matou and the disappearance ofShinji Matou, Sakura inherited everything, but due to her age at the time she nearly lost the estate to the Britannian government until intervention from the Ashfords and Lelouch subtly manipulating certain figures allowed for him to become custodian of the Matou Estate while Sakura retained legal rights and ownership to everything the Matou family owned.

If the business transaction went well then the Matou Family would make a rake in a lot of money for the deal, but there was a second purpose Lelouch was visiting with the Katsura Family. According to rumors heard among some Japanese resistance groups and weapon suppliers the family was actually using their international contacts and connections to sell and move weapons into Area 11 from the Chinese Federation on behalf of the Six Houses of Kyoto, known to be supporting major resistance movements around Japan.

One of Lelouch's ulterior motives for coming to see the Katsura Family with this business transaction between them and the Matou Family providing a perfect excuse to investigate them and confirm if the rumors were true or not. If so then all Lelouch would need to do is arrange to purchase weapons and supplies through them and with luck could even obtain additional funding and intelligence information from Kyoto which would help his preparations and his plans to destroy Britannia considerably.

Not to mention acquiring weapons and supplies through them would be less risky than going through corrupt Britannian military officers who sold old Knightmare Frames about to be decommissioned and other weapons on the black market. That was also considering the danger should said corrupt officials decide to sell him and his soon to be organization out just to line themselves up for another promotion.

Once inside Lelouch sat at a table while the others took respective seats at the table with the discussion beginning.

"I brought the list of items your husband had asked about as well as photos including certificates of proof of authenticity and the fact that they are in mint condition." Lelouch spoke as he drew a folder filled with documents and folders.

Manami took the folder and began examining it carefully especially eyeing the folders.

"We have a number of off-shore business clients that would buy these at considerable prices, but of course you understand we must examine the items themselves."

"Absolutely…I have made arrangements for them to be transported here to the Tokyo Settlement, but with all of the recent activity in the regions near Fuyuki City it might take some time."

"I understand I have heard about the recent troubles in that area involving the resistance movements."

"But if you wish you can at least review the documents I brought with your husband in the meantime. I will remain in town until business has been concluded and the items in question arrive."

"Thank you Mr. Lamperouge…for someone as young as you I am surprised by your maturity." Manami complimented as she finished reviewing the paper work.

"I get that a lot and it gives me an edge in most business deals, people only see a small child." Lelouch mused with a grin.

"I am not surprised by that, but if you don't mind me asking how did you become involved with the Matou Family?"

"Well to make a long story short my original family in Britannia didn't want me so my sister and I were cast out and sent to Japan. The Matou Family cared for us and I owe them for quite a lot especially to Sakura the current family head for taking me and my sister in so I do my upmost to help her in any way I can."

"Oh then were you here before the war?"

"Yes I was…I saw everything, but we were lucky to survive it." Lelouch replied confirming what Mrs. Katsura suspected from Lelouch's previous commented.

"I see…you are certainly not what I expected."

"I get that quite a lot too. I actually prefer dealing with Japanese business clients they are much friendly and sociable than the Britannian clients I at times deal with." Lelouch admitted while it was only the tip of the iceberg, there was a lot a few people didn't really know about.

After some further discussion the evening began to roll in and Lelouch went to depart, but he noticed Kotonoha and Kokoro were heading out as well. The young man found himself curious as he addressed the two girls.

"Where are you two heading out this late?"

"We're going to the school festival at Sakakino Academy." Kokoro replied.

"I heard of the academy…well I don't I take you two over to the festival and save you both some time." Lelouch offered deciding that a good generous gesture on his part could help move things along with their parents.

"OK, come on Onee-chan." Kokoro suggested nudging her sister to accept Lelouch's offer.

Kotonoha was hesitant at first, but accepted as the two climbed into the car while Lelouch sat in the front next to the driver. After a short drive across town the group arrived outside Sakakino Academy where the festival's second day was in full swing. Kokoro had briefed Lelouch on the festival which was thrown annually for the school around this time of year.

"I see so the festival is so far successful this year?" Lelouch asked as Kokoro answered as Kotonoha remained quiet.

"Yeah I think this is the best one yet."

"So then I take you two will be with friends tonight."

"Yup and Onee-chan will be with her boyfriend?"

"Boyfriend, so who's the lucky man?"

"Makoto he is the same grade as my sister and they have been dating one another."

"I see…well I hope your relationship works out."

"Thank you…"

Kotonoha replied kindly, but yet Lelouch felt uncertainly from the young woman realizing that something was obviously amiss. Peering into her surface thoughts Kotonoha he saw that despite what her little sister was saying things weren't going well between her and Makoto Ito. Although the early stages of their relationship seemed well and normal enough, but recently he had been avoiding her a lot.

Furthermore upon seeing the school the Dark Lord felt leaving Kotonoha by herself this evening would probably not be wise.

"Maybe I'll take part in the festival, its open to the public right?"

"Yes and all money spent at the events go towards school events." Kokoro replied.

"In that case I'll probably see you two around…I hope you both will have fun tonight."

The evening continued on as Lelouch entertained himself by taking part at the various booths and trying some of the food. Despite being a Britannian none of the Japanese students were overly concerned with his presence since there were other Britannians at the festival who were thankfully not causing any trouble and the fact that he was tipping and paying very well furthered enticed the students to be nice to him since it meant more money for their activities.

Lelouch kept an eye on Kotonoha from a distance while careful not to make his presence known, but the feeling of sadness and loneness from her was troubling especially when it was apparent most of the students bully and teases her often.

'I wonder if it's because of her family's ties to the Kyoto Group or something else.'

The Dark Lord incarnate thought as he pondered the matter, but he could easily probe the minds of the bullies to find out despite Lelouch suspecting a few likely causes behind their treatment of the poor woman. From Lelouch noticed as well he didn't think anything wrong with the woman she was kind, quiet and reserved, so he was rather surprised she was disliked by most of the students.

Lelouch was making his way to a storage shed on the far side of the grounds following Kotonoha, but he kept a distance. Surprisingly he bumped into Kokoro who was looking for Kotonoha.

"Hey Lelouch was it right? Have you seen my sister?"

"I don't know, but I think I saw her head this way."

"Oh, but why is she there?"

"Well the bonfire is about to start soon I think, so she might have went to get some firewood?" Lelouch replied which made sense to the young girl.

But suddenly Lelouch felt a spike of alarm in the young woman's thoughts realizing the woman was indeed in trouble. The former Britannian Prince rushed forward and kicked down the door to the shed finding Kotonoha on the ground while another student not obviously the boy Makoto from the panic and alarm in Kotonoha's thoughts was attempting to rape her as the top half of her kimono was forced open.

"GET OFF OF HER!" Lelouch demanded as Kokoro approached from behind horrified to see her sister on the ground. She was old enough to realize what had almost happened had the two not gone looking for her.


"Get lost this girl, she is my girlfriend!" Taisuke Sawanaga snapped as Lelouch wasn't backing down.

"No he's not…" Kotonoha spoke while tears were forming in her eyes.


With a frustrated and angry grow the hopeless romantic leapt to his feet to attack the Britannian in a blind rage as his desperation and loneness has clearly driven him over the edge. Lelouch swiftly floored him to the ground after dodging the first punch, but that didn't stop Taisuke from trying again. Yet just the same Lelouch floored the high school student again.

Hearing the commotion others came to the shed to see Taisuke repeatedly attempt to attack Lelouch, but each time he easily dodged and countered by throwing him over his shoulder onto the ground.

"Give up…I hate sexual pigs like you…how can you do something like that?"

Finally four Britannian Police officers arrived on the scene breaking up the fight.

"Alright what the hell is going on here?"

"That man just tried to rape my sister." Kokoro shouted pointing to Taisuke while she was helping her shell-shocked sister back to her feet.

"And I saw what was happening so I demanded that he stop, but he refused so when I told him again he attacked me."

"Is this true?"

The large obese police officer demanded as Kokoro nodded which was more than enough for the police since assaulting a Britannia alone was crime and attempted rape gave them a good excuse to throw an Eleven dog into a cage.

"Alright you Eleven punk you're under arrest for attempted rape and assaulting a Britannian Citizen."

The officer declared as his two fellow officers grabbed Taisuke handcuffing him before dragging him always. Lelouch lightly ran his finger across the ring of power as he had used his powers of persuasion on the police officers to ensure Taisuke would be arrested, but he knew most officers would happily accept any excuse to arrest a Japanese person regardless if they were Honorary Britannians.

'I guess I was right to hang around…'

Lelouch thought as he turned his attention to Kotonoha who was still badly shaken from the ordeal.

"Maybe we better take her home." Lelouch suggested while Kokoro agreed with a nod.

"Thank you, but…why?" Kotonoha asked.

"Because it was the right thing to do." Lelouch replied calmly while he found the fact that he intervened in attempted rapes of women often with Sakura being the first when she dealt with Shinji.

As they left they noticed Kotonoha look over at the bonfire observing a boy and a girl dancing together as tears began forming in her eyes. Lelouch felt the devastation the scene was having on her and looked over seeing Makoto Ito with another girl enjoying himself. She had short brown hair wearing a kimono of her own.

'I get it…he's cheating on her.'

Lelouch thought mentally while he felt sorry for the poor young woman, first she almost get raped and then she sees the boy she likes dancing with someone else. Despite the commotion he didn't even come over and see if she was alright.

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