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Louis felt a soft hand on his lower back, and he turned his head slightly, his peripherals catching sight of the person behind him.


"Hello," Smiled Harry, who now stood next to him; the hand on his back never moving, "Are you ready for this?"

Louis looked straight ahead at the set of the Xtra Factor, watching as Caroline and Olly talked to the latest contestants on the show.

Louis felt nervous butterflies creep up in his stomach, but he had to shoo them away. He hadto do this. No, he wanted to.

"I think I am." He held out his hand and Harry graciously took it, grinning from ear to ear.

"Do you think it will be awkward?"

"What do you mean?"

"With Caroline." Harry shrugged, "You know, with all of those rumors buzzing about for a while after I got out of the hospital…"

Louis laughed, remembering the Sugarscape articles, not to mention the thousands of others claiming Harry had been romantically involved with Caroline Flack.

What. A. Joke.

"Well, you know me," He flashed Harry a grin, "I'll make it as awkward as possible!" He laughed and Harry smacked the side of his arm,

"I'm serious! This—what we are about to do—is..is…"

"Completely mental?" Louis finished.


"But it's completely worth it, right?"

Harry nodded instantly, not missing a beat, "Absolutely." The two boys exchanged quick glances before Olly gave them their cue.

"And now, what you've all been waiting for—Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles are here in the studio. And…and here they are now!"

The boys squeezed each other's hands and let go as they walked onto the set, taking their respective seats on the couch.

"So boys," Caroline began, crossing her legs and leaning towards the boys, "I'm going to get straight to it, there is a reason you are both here."

"Yes." Harry said and Louis nodded his head.

"So, go on then!" Caroline grinned.

"What is it?" Olly asked, smiling at the camera.

Louis and Harry exchanged knowing glances, and Louis spoke,

"Well, I'd just like to say, that not only am I sitting next to Harry Styles, my best friend and band mate…but also…"

Caroline and Olly gave each other confused glances and turned back to Harry, who had respectively put his hand on Louis' knee,

"…but also," Louis continued, his smile coming easily to him as he looked up at Harry, "I'm sitting next to my fiancée."

Liam pushed past Zayn, walking briskly up to Louis as he fixed his tie in the mirror,

"Here, let me—" Louis grinned in appreciation and let his hands fall, letting Liam finish tying his tie.

"Can you believe it, Liam? That this is all happening?" Liam pulled Louis' tie up to his neck and he brushed off his shoulders,

"To be honest, I absolutely can." Louis shook his head and playfully pushed Liam off of him. Niall then rounded the corner and almost bumped into them, holding a camera in one hand and a pinned flower in the other.

"Come on, Lou, Harry's waiting for you." He smiled and patted Louis' black jacket, pinning the flower to his left breast, "You look good, boy."

"Thanks," Louis paused, "How's Harry doing?"

"How do you think?" Niall gave him a knowing look.

"Nervous as hell?"

"And then some. That's why you need to hurry—so you two can get married already and we can all have a drink!"

The four boys in the room exchanged laughs and Niall grabbed Zayn's arm, "Alright, you need to come with me. We are Harry's best men, you know. We need to make sure he doesn't faint at the altar!"

Zayn nodded, "Right." He looked to Louis and kissed his cheek, "Alright Lou?"

"Alright, Z." Louis smiled and hugged his best friend, who squeezed him.

"Okay. We're off. See you at the end of the aisle. Try not to screw up your vows!"

"Zayn!" Liam exclaimed, "Don't make him edgy!"

Zayn just laughed and followed Niall out of the room, leaving Louis with Liam.

Liam clapped his hands and turned to his friend, placing an eager hand on his shoulder, "You ready to go, Louis?"

"I've never been more ready for anything." Louis said confidently.

"Then let's get to it!" Liam smiled and guided his friend out of the room toward the church, where a small amount of people were sitting, waiting for the ceremony to begin.

"You're not nervous, are you?" Liam whispered as they walked to the side entrance of the church.

"A bit. But I think it's out of excitement. Ya know?" Liam nodded and held out his arms as they reached the door, and Louis walked into his embrace,

"Yeah, I do." Liam said. "Alright mate," He said as he pulled away, giving Louis a stern and serious look, "You're about to enter a lifelong commitment, Louis. This is the real deal; are you sure—"

Louis rolled his eyes and shoved his friend, knowing where his friend was about to take the conversation, "Liam, just shut up and open the door!"

The lighter haired boy shook his head, "I don't even know why I bothered," He muttered to himself, knowing there was no point in asking Louis if he was sure he wanted to get married. But hey, a best man was a best man, and he had to make sure.

Louis stepped into the church, following the short path from the side of the church to the altar. Liam took his place next to Louis, and Louis was finally met face to face with Harry.

Harry, of course, looked stunning. He didn't have the face he had ten years ago when they first met, but his dimples were still there, and everything Louis loves about Harry had remained the same.

Harry held out both of his hands and Louis took them, rubbing his thumb over Harry's knuckles.

"Hi." Harry said breathily.

Louis smiled, feeling a sudden wave of relief wash over him, "Hey."

"I love you."

"I love you, too." Louis whispered, knowing that saying those three words to Harry would never get old.

"Oh my god, I don't know if I can do this, Louis!"

Louis gave Harry an exasperated look, his eyes wide with fear as doctors ran over to the woman laying on the hospital bed, crying out in pain.

"Okay, Cecilia, is it? Right, well, your water just broke—"

"No shit it just broke! I feel like this baby is going to kill me! Just get her out!" The woman named Cecilia cried painfully, reaching out for Louis' hand. Louis took it, shooting a sympathetic glance to Cecilia and turning back to Harry, who was heading for the door,

"Harry, don't you dare leave me alone—!"

"Louis, you know I don't do well with blood, or hospitals—!" Harry defended, looking from Cecilia to the doctor and then back to Louis.

"I don't care about your tolerance for blood right now—you will stay here and take hold of Cecilia's hand until that little girl is out!"


"But nothing! Do you really want to miss this—!"

Cecilia gave out a loud cry, and the doctor pulled on a rubber glove, the material making a snapping sound as it came into contact with his skin,

"We gotta move fast. Okay, Cecilia. I'm gunna need you to push—"

"Oh god—" Harry muttered as he eyed Cecilia up and down.

"Hey!" Louis said, getting Harry's attention, "Don't look…down there. Just look at me, okay? Just look at me." He gave Harry a pleading look and he sighed, gripping onto Cecilia's hand and looked at Louis.

"You okay, Haz?" Louis said, finally giving in and taking his husband's pale face into concern.

"Yes, yes I'm alright," He half smiled at Louis, "You're right, I really don't want to miss this."

Louis held out his hand and Harry took it, watching as Louis kissed his hand and released it, "It will be worth it, babe—"

"Alright Cecilia," The doctor called, interrupting Louis, "When I say push, you have to—"


"But you agreed-!" Harry exclaimed.



"Don't listen to her," Louis whispered, "This is how women get when they go into labor—"


"One more push, Cecilia! She's crowning!" The doctor said.

"Okay, Cece," Louis said, squeezing her hand, "One more push, okay? Ready, One…two…"


And suddenly, with that last push, all of the tension and hatred that filled the room was alleviated. For in the doctor's arms was a beautiful baby girl.

Louis and Harry exchanged teary eyed glances, and they reached for each other's hands again. Harry's once worried face had completely changed to one of pure joy, and grinned from ear to ear as he looked into the baby girl's green eyes that were identical to his,

"Wow." Harry breathed, "That's…that's…"

Louis nodded and kissed his husband softly, "That's our daughter."

Baby clothes were strewn all over the Tomlinson-Styles home, as well as toys and diapers and other things of the like.

Louis and Harry could be seen sitting comfortably on their couch; With Louis reading a magazine with his feet propped up on the coffee table and Harry bouncing their two year old daughter on his lap,

"Ooh, Cecilia," Harry cooed to the little girl, who smiled in return and shaking the toy doll in her hand, "What do you have there?"

Louis shook his head but smiled, his eyes never leaving the page he was reading, "She can hardly say 'Papa', sweetheart," He said, reaching over to grab hold of Harry's knee, "I doubt she'll be able to say, 'My pretty princess Barbie.'"

Harry rolled his eyes and sat Cecilia on his lap, "Louis, she's going to be three soon and she still hasn't said a word!"

Louis put his magazine on his lap and took his reading glasses off to be met with a look of utter concern from Harry. Louis sighed but smiled gratefully at his daughter as he ran his hand lovingly over her head,

"I know, love. But she will. Sometimes it takes longer for one baby to speak than it does for others. At least," he waved the magazine around, "That's what this magazine has been telling me."

Harry frowned, "Well I think a good way to get her to start talking would be to ask her questions!"

"But we shouldn't force it—"

"Well someone's got to! I'm worried about her!"

Louis reached out to touch Harry's face, and Harry leaned into his touch, closing his eyes,

"I know you're worried, but you just have to give it time," He smiled, "She'll be saying Papa or Daddy soon—"


Harry opened his eyes and both him and Louis looked down at Cecilia, who was holding her doll up to Harry,

"Cecilia…did you—"


Louis and Harry shared amazed glances and smiled at one another. Harry kissed Louis quickly on the mouth before standing up along with Louis and twirling his daughter in the air,

"You said my name Cece! You said my name!"


Harry laughed and Louis wrapped his arms around Harry and kissed Cecilia's head,


"Oh my god, she said it again!" Harry grinned and kissed Louis' cheek.




Louis Tomlinson rolled over on his other side, covering his head with the pillow to drown out the irritating screeching that was coming from the other end of the bed.

"Papa! Wake up! It's morning!"

"Cecilia, go back to bed." Louis heard Harry groan as he snuggled closer to him. Louis smiled into the pillow at Harry's touch, and grabbed his hand as his arm snaked around his torso.

"Ugh. Daddy! Wake up!" Cecilia cried, now on Louis' side of the bed, shaking him to get him awake.

Louis sighed and opened one eye, only to be met with the smiling face of his daughter,

"Daddy! You're awake!"

"I'm afraid so." Louis said sleepily, which earned a chuckle from Harry, who was still buried under the covers.

Cecilia laughed and opened her arms, and Louis naturally picked up his 5 year old daughter, propping her on his hip and kissing her hair,

"And why, Cecilia, are you waking us up at such an hour?"

Cecilia giggled again and buried her face in Louis' chest—something she always did when she was excited, "Daddy, did you forget!"

"Forget? Forget what?" Louis asked, sincerely surprised.

"It's Christmas, silly! I wanna open presents!"

At this, Louis' eyes grew wide, and he mentally slapped himself on the forehead. He heard Harry sit up straight as fast as a bullet. He gave Louis a scared look,

"Oh, uh, Cece, sweetheart, why don't you go to your room and get dressed, hmm?" He kept eying Louis warily, and Louis' glances kept shooting from his daughter, to Harry, to the closet, where naturally, all of Cecilia's unwrapped presents were kept.

"But Papa! I want to go open my presents from Santa!"

"And you will, love," Harry said effortlessly, always finding it easier to tell little white lies to his daughter than Louis did, "But you need to get dressed first and shower and what have you."

Cecilia frowned and Louis set her down, shaking his head jokingly as he watched Cecilia trot to her bedroom, shutting the door behind her so she could get dressed. As soon as she was out of sight, Louis turned to the bed, only to find Harry shuffling through their closet on the other side of their room,

"You still got the presents?" Louis asked hastily as he walked over to him.

"Of course I do, I just haven't got around to wrapping them!" Harry said, rubbing his hands over his hair in frustration.

"Neither of us have—our schedules were hectic this year; I didn't even notice the date!"

"No time to guilt trip ourselves now; we have to get these wrapped!" Harry muttered, digging deeper into the closet for wrapping paper and tape. Louis nodded in agreement and began to help Harry with the wrapping.

It wasn't until thirty five minutes later that the presents were wrapped and taped (it would have taken a shorter amount of time if Cecilia hadn't threatened to come out of her room every five minutes) and Harry and Louis stood above the presents, admiring their work.

"We make a good team, don't we?" Harry asked as Louis wrapped his arm around his shoulders.

Louis looked down at Harry; the boy he had been in love with for more than fifteen years, and who would continue to love him the same amount until his dying breath. Harry, the boy who Louis thought was dead for three of the most painful months of his life, was alive. And they were married. And they had a child. And they were together. As a team.

Harry looked up at Louis and smiled knowingly, "What are you thinking about?" He whispered, pulling Louis closer to him.

Louis shook his head and kissed the top of his head, "About everything."

Harry grimaced slightly, knowing exactly what he was talking about, "You mean…"

"Yup." Louis finished with a laugh.

"That was a hard time, wasn't it?"

Louis nodded, "Yes, it was. But, I mean, look on the bright side—"


"If that didn't happen, I wouldn't have Cecilia." He paused, "Or you."

Harry smiled, "I feel the same." The two men shared a kiss; it was natural and quick, but it meant more to them than the eye could see,

"Love you." Louis muttered.

"Love you, too." Harry grinned and pulled away, and suddenly a sharp voice rang out

"PAPA! DADDY! I've been in here for a loooong time! When can I come out!" Harry's eyes grew wide and he started grabbing as many presents as his hands could carry, rushing over to the steps and calling out to Lou,

"You take care of her; I'll only be a few more minutes!"


Louis began to walk to Cecilia's room when he heard a rumble and a loud crash coming from the first floor,


"I'm fine!" Harry called out, and Louis heard his feet rush to the living room, where their Christmas tree was.

Louis chuckled and shook his head as he knocked on his daughter's door. Yes, life with Harry Styles was certainly never boring.

Cecilia opened the door and jumped into her father's arms, and the two of them trotted down the stairs to find Harry with his arms open in front of the presents, with a huge smile on his face.

"Look what Santa brought you, Cecilia!"

The little girl squealed in delight and rushed to the presents, and Harry and Louis gravitated towards each other, and their arms naturally fell over each other. A sense of calm washed over the both of them, and Louis hugged his husband closer to him.

Sometimes, Louis thought his life was like a dream—like everything that happened to him was almost too good to be true.

Louis looked down at Harry, who was smiling as his daughter ripped the newly wrapped presents to shreds.

Yes, sometimes Louis felt he was in a dream. But one look at Harry brought him back to reality.

Because life with Harry was, and always would, be so very real.