Hello fellow readers! Well I just finished my first fanfiction (After Prom which is a Pretty in Pink fanfic), and decided to get started on a new one.

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Claire placed her earring in the palm of John's hand and then closed it. John leaned in to kiss her and she kissed him back. Claire pulled back when she felt the sparks on her lips. John leaned in again, but she moved to get into her father's BMW. They keep eye contact as her father drives away.

"Who's the boy?" Her father asked.

"Oh no oneā€¦" She replied, peeking in the rear view mirror to try and catch one last glance of John.

"Well, how was detention?"

"Fine. Wasn't as bad as I expected. We had to write a report."

"Nice to know you weren't tortured too much." Her father chuckled.

Claire leaned her head on the window and closed her eyes, glad she could still feel John's kiss. She smiled slightly.

It was too bad she probably wouldn't talk to him again.