Teddy's Pov

I stared at Gabe for a while, What he told me just shocked me, he had his first crush Kit and now all of a sudden he's saying he is gay.

"Teddy?" Gabe said.

"When did you start being gay?" I asked sitting down on our blue couch.

"Well I tried asking Stacy out, but when we went out, she treated me like shit. I dated other girls but all I found out was that they wanted sex and to hurt me, so I turned to gay." Gabe said.

"But gay really?" I asked.

"Yes, hoefully boys treat me better." Gabe said sitting down.
I sighed and held the camera tight.

"I dont know little brother, Spencer hurt me." I said.

Gabe stopped and stared at me.

"But you forgive him." Gabe said.

"Then broke up again." I said.

"But now you guys are back together !" Gabe said.

"Yeah, but can I trust him? he hurt me twice and hurt Skylar as well. We kissed and I just couldn't let him go, I dont know if he is gonna hurt me again." I said putting my hand on Gabe's leg.\

"I dont want that." Gabe answered.

"Then dont like a football player." I joked smiling.

"But what if I start liking a guy, will he be the same as Spencer?" Gabe asked.

"I dont know, You'll have to find out." I answered.

Gabe sighed and grabbed the remote turning on the tv.

"We cant tell my parents, they'll freak." Gabe said.

"You have to tell them one day." I said.

"I choose never." Gabe reliped fast.

I sighed and knew I was never gonna get a answer back.

"So any guys you like yet?" I said smiling.

"Umm...Not really." Gabe said looking away.

"Yes you do !" I yelled.

"Will you be quiet? Your so loud!" Gabe said.

"Is he cute? Does he like things you like?" I asked.

"I dont know, I dont talk to him that much..But the teacher told me we might be partners for some project." Gabe answered.

"What's his name?" I asked.

"Mark." Gabe answered fast.

"Cute name.." I said laughing.

"Just dont try to hook us up, mom did that and she brought the wrong Heather! It was like annoying Heather." Gabe answered and got up walking to the kitchen.

"Its so cute that he thinks this is over." I said to my self smiling...