Rose rested her head on Jack's chest and closed her eyes. She had just met him, but she knew him more than any other person. Then, she suddenly remembered home. She remembered the year 2012 and everything she had left: the appalling teen films, the god-awful music, the pathetic media. Rose didn't miss it one bit because she was right where she was supposed to be... with a man named Jack Dawson.

Jack delicately ran his fingers through her hair then slowly ran his hands down her back. He brought one hand up to her soft face and stroked her cheek gently, his hand slightly trembling. As they stared in to one another's eyes, something hit them both. In that moment, both Jack and Rose knew that they were truly, madly, deeply in love with one another. They had just met yet it felt as though they had known each other for eternity. It wasn't lust, it wasn't infatuation, it was love. Jack placed his thumb on her lips and without hurry, he gradually moved in to kiss her. As their lips touched, his stomach twisted in to a knot.

Deepening in to the kiss, Rose caressed Jack's mop of soft hair and opened her mouth slightly, allowing his tongue to enter. She grasped the front of his shirt, letting a small, high-pitched moaning sound escape from her lips. Jack pulled her closer, feeling her breasts against his chest and keeping her locked in a firm, tender embrace.

Rose felt the urge to rip off her silk nightgown right then but she heard something. It was a deep voice... It was Cal. She broke away from the perfect kiss and whispered, "We need to go. Now!"

Jack nodded and helped her out of the window. When they got down, they ran for their dear lives, hands intertwined. They both wanted to run away, far away and never return.

The two of them stopped, giggling like children. Soon, their youthful smiles had faded in to a deep stare between the two of them.

"Rose," Jack began. "I know you may think this is going too fast but—I just don't know how to explain this... This has happened before. I know you. I know everything about you. I know that you hate caviar, I know that you can stand on your tip-toes and that you can chug a beer like an old drunk..." He smiled sheepishly, a little embarrassed that he was so in love.

Rose took the hint that the same thing had happened to him and that they were somehow reunited. The fates had bound them together once again to relive the adventure that was their romance. Jack opened his mouth to speak once more but she placed a finger over his lips to stop him. "Jack, I know..." Rose whispered softly.

A huge smile appeared across Jack's face and he took her hand and brushed her palm with his thumb. He brought it to his lips and kissed it repeatedly. Rose giggled as her face turned crimson. They fell in to a tender embrace, Jack rubbing her back and smelling her hair. In that moment, everything was perfect, they wished it could have stayed that way.