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When Sakuya Kazami woke that morning, she had the feeling it was going to be a lovely day. She kissed her kids as they skipped off to school; she wished her husband a pleasant day at work and spent the rest of her day cleaning and running errands. She even found time to bake a wonderful batch of cookies for her family, the aroma of chocolate lingering for hours. By the time of her first yoga class rolled around that evening, she felt nothing could make a blemish in this flawless day.

It wasn't until a blonde man arrived to class that she learned how wrong she could be.

She found herself currently huddled in a corner with the rest of her classmates, scared for her life. She'd never felt so mortal before.

Shizuo's temper was raging as he threw whatever he could get his hands on. The first thing to become a projectile aimed for Izaya's smug face was the bag in Shizuo's hand. Izaya dodged it with ease, and skipped around the front of the classroom.

"Nice to see you too, Shizu-chan~"

"Izaya!" Shizuo growled as he picked up yoga mats that lay on the floor. They failed to make good weapons, so he moved on to yoga balls. These were a bit harder for Izaya to dodge, so he would merely smack them aside with a snide smirk. Even if they hit him it wasn't like they hurt. They just knocked him back a few feet. While Shizuo searched for more things to throw, Izaya walked gracefully over to Shizuo's bag and picked it up, searching through the things inside. Shizuo looked up too late.

"Ooo~ What's this?" Izaya began to pull the things present in the bag out, examining them with cruelty in his eyes. "Are these actually gym clothes, Shizu-chan? I've never seen you in anything but a bar tender suit since high school," The raven haired man laughed and threw the gym clothes aside. Shizuo wasn't sure if his face was hot with rage or humiliation. Either way, he really wanted to throw Izaya across the room. Or just kick him in the balls.

"Put that down Izaya." Shizuo hissed, his balled up fists becoming even tighter. Izaya pretended not to hear and began to drop the bags contents on to the floor. What his hand touched next made the raven haired man's eyes light up.

"What's this? Shizu-chan, is this your wallet?" He asked, not even trying to hold back his smile. Shizuo's face was like a book. He'd forgotten that's where he put it.

"Izaya," He threatened, stalking towards the other. Izaya glared back just as defiantly as Shizuo stopped mere inches from him. The blonde gripped Izaya by his shirt collar and pulled him up so he was balancing on his tip toes.

"Want it?" Izaya asked, holding it out and shaking it back and forth teasingly. Shizuo's free hand was prepared to punch Izaya's lights out if he didn't give it back.

"Give it now, so I get the hell out of here," He hissed. He really didn't want to beat the stupid flea here in front of all these women. Who knows what they'd do.

"Probably just get in my damn way like all women..." Shizuo thought bitterly to himself.

"I wouldn't space out if I were you, Shizu-chan," Izaya tsked. He used his right leg to kick Shizuo, leaving the blonde off balance. His hand left Izaya's collar, so Izaya finished him off by kicking both his feet out from under him. Shizuo hit the ground quite hard, earning a gasp from the many onlookers. Izaya stood over the blonde menacingly. He considered bringing his knife out, but if this got to intense all his wonderful play things would leave. He glanced over at the ladies. All their eyes were on him. They almost looked afraid. Izaya couldn't have that.

Not yet.

"I heard you say you were going to leave, Shizu-chan? I can't have that. And neither can you. Isn't that like you're saying your afraid of me?" Izaya grinned as he tapped the wallet thoughtfully against his cheek.

"Like hell I'm afraid of you," Shizuo spat angrily as he moved to get up. Izaya was right though. If he walked out now, no way Izaya would let him live it down.

"Nope," Izaya moved over and stepped on Shizuo's arm. "You can't get up until you say you're staying. Unless, you don't want this..." Izaya taunted even further by flipping through the cash that was inside. Shizuo resisted the urge to take Izaya's leg and hold it like he would a sign. Then he could just throw him against a wall. That would be so nice.

"Fine, I'll stay." His teeth were gritted as he spat it out. His pride (and lack of money) wouldn't let him decline. Izaya just beamed.

"Goodie~" He hopped off Shizuo and tossed his wallet back. It smacked the blonde in the face, just pissing him off more. Izaya clasped his hands together as he walked towards his cowering students.

"You can all come out now, we won't bite," He added some fake laughter after saying this; it was quite convincing. Shizuo was in the back ground, dusting himself and going through his wallet, making sure the flea didn't steal anything.

"I hope you all enjoyed our little show,"

Shizuo's head whipped around. He was using the excuse of 'show' to cover that up? The hell?

"You see, he's the prime example," Izaya jutted a thumb towards Shizuo, "as to how we all feel sometimes. Anger. Jealousy. Hate."

Shizuo really wanted to push Izaya out a window. Jealousy? The flea wished.

"During this nine week session, I'll show you how you can all tame your inner demons, and be calm, relaxed, and much more flexible than him." Another jut of the thumb. Shizuo was quite tempted to break it off.

"So, I hope you will all stay with us and watch as you transform."

Izaya forced a smile and gained rather scattered, unsure, applause. He turned on his heels towards Shizuo.

"And now, I think its about time class began. How about we all start by introducing ourselves?"

A few people left to request a new yoga teacher after seeing that minor brawl take place. The ones who stayed all gathered in a circle and introduced themselves. The housewife Sakuya was the first to go. Next was a college girl named Yuka. After her it was Shizuo's turn. He grumbled his name and crossed his arms over his chest. He hadn't bothered with changing, and didn't think he was ever going to, now that Izaya was his teacher. The rest of the small circle (about 12 people all together) said their names and finally class was beginning.

Shizuo took a place in the far back, not wanting to be anywhere near Izaya. It was just a 9 week coarse. He could do it. This would help him relax. His teeth clenched. Who was he kidding? With Izaya as his teacher, there was no way. If anything, it would just make his anger issues worse, or drive him further into insanity.

"Aw, Shizu-chan, why so far away?" Izaya asked from the front of the room. Shizuo just pretended not to hear him. This was going to be a long nine weeks.

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