There was a dead silence.

"Do your stuff kids" Daphne's mom says to Daphne's sisters.

Daphne's sisters grabbed Mayor Jones and threw him out the window then locked the window.

Daphne looked back and saw Mayor Jones running for his life.

"Daphne Blake you are in SERIOUS trouble" Daphne's dad yells.

Each one of her sisters grabbed Daphne and dragged her to the basement.

"It's time for the worst punishment that can ever be made." Daphne's dad yells.

Daphne's mom pushed a secret button in their house and it opened up to a dungeon.

Daphne's sister's pushed Daphne in the dungeon and locks her in it.

"Wait how am I supposed to eat? How do I go potty?" Daphne yells.

"Good luck you slut" Daphne's mom says.

Her mom pushed back the button so the secret door can lock.

"Hello? Anyone here! I'm trapped in a dungeon and I feel like a lonely unloved princess that's about to get eaten by a dragon!" Daphne yells.

She tries to look for a reverse button but couldn't find one.

Luckily, she had her cell phone in her pocket.

She texts Mayor Jones for help.

"Please help me I'm trapped and I can't get out!" Daphne texts to Mayor Jones.

"I can't help you I'm in jail. Your parents called the cops on me and now I'm in prison and there about to confiscate my cell ph" Mayor Jones texts.

"Oh no! No bar connections!" Daphne yells.

Daphne decides to sleep on the hard dusty dirty floor.

Daphne was cold and heartbroken.

The next day Daphne got up and there was a note saying "Dear slut, your breakfast/lunch/dinner is on the floor." Daphne threw the note and found food.

The food was a fiber bar, raisins, carrots, and 2 cups of water.

Daphne knew she was going to starve to death here.

Daphne takes 3 bites of the fiber bar.

She wants to save up for later.

The door bell rings.

Daphne's mom answered the door.

"I'm here to see Daphne." Fred says.

"Get out punk, Daphne is gone forever!" Daphne's mom shouts.

"No she isn't! Daphne lives on!" Fred yells.

Fred shoves Daphne's mom out of his way and runs to Daphne's bedroom.

Daphne wasn't there.

Daphne's sisters began to attack Fred while Fred was leaving Daphne's room.

Daphne's sisters go on top of Fred's back and sits on it.

"Hahaha go girls!" one of the sister's says.

"Please let me go! I need to tell Daphne how I really feel about her! I need Daphne to complete me! I love Daphne Blake!" Fred says about to cry.

Both parents come and say "Good job girls!"

Fred Jones cries thinking about Daphne.

"Aww" all the sisters say.

"You really love Daphne?" one of the sisters asks.

"Yes! I'm nothing without her! I need her! I won't make the same mistake I did before!" Fred explains.

All the sisters get off of Fred and attacks their mom and dad.

One sister yells "Daphne is in the basement! Push the button to free her!"

Fred runs off to the basement and he finds the button quickly.

A secret door opens and he yells "Daphne where are you?"

"Fred is that you?" Daphne yells back.

They both run to each other and hug.

"Let's get out of here!" Daphne shouts.

"You said it" Fred replies.

They grab each other's hands and runs off from Daphne's house.

Fred drives Daphne away.

"Fred you're a life saver!" Daphne says while Fred drives.

"Daphne I wanted to make up for acting the way I was acting a couple nights ago. I found you all by myself! Well this one gothic girl gave me you're address but I did all the research." Fred says emotionally.

Daphne thinks to herself if she should tell Fred the gothic girl was her but she decided not to tell him.

"Daphne will you please be my girlfriend again? I really miss you." Fred says.

"Aww Fred that's so sweet but I'm already dating somebody!" Daphne says.

"Who? I want to know now!" Fred says angrily.

Fred stops the car in the middle of the road.

"What if I tell you it's Mayor Jones?" Daphne says quietly.

"I will be pissed off and I'll track him down and then we all know what would happen next. Fred says.

"Oh ok because it's not him. I'm dating Shaggy!" Daphne says lying.

"Wow Daphne I expected better. No need to get mad." Fred says.

Fred continues driving.

"Sorry. Do you want me to break up with him?" Daphne asks.

"Nope because we are going to Shaggy's house!" Fred says.

"Can I use your cell phone?" Daphne asks.

"Sure" Fred says nicely.

Daphne texts Shaggy saying to pretend to be her boyfriend.

Fred parks his car on Shaggy's house driveway.

Fred opens Shaggy's door with Daphne following him.

They go into Shaggy's room.

Fred wakes up Shaggy.

"Shaggy wake up" Fred says.

"Like I'm trying to nap or like is this a dream?" Shaggy whispers.

"Are you dating Daphne?" Fred asks Shaggy.

"Like sure whatever makes me go back to sleep." Shaggy says.

Fred looks at Shaggy and Daphne couldn't believing what was happening.

Fred leaves without saying a word.

Daphne follows.

"Wait Fred!" Daphne yells.

Fred goes into the Mystery Machine and drives away.

Daphne goes in Shaggy's house and sleeps on the couch.

She feels like she seen this coming and she seen this day before.

She wonders what tomorrow would be.

The next day Shagggy sees Daphne sleeping on the couch.

"Like Daphne! What are you doing here! If like my parents see a girl in here they will like ground me!" Shaggy says to Daphne waking her up.

"Sorry Shaggy!" Daphne says getting up.

"Like today is Monday! I can take you to school but i can't like bring you back home." Shaggy says.

"I understand" Daphne says.

Scooby comes and licks Daphne and says "Rello Raphne!"

Daphne waves to Scooby and then gives him a scooby snack.

"Like i guess we should all like to go school!" Shaggy says.

Daphne and Scooby follow Shaggy.

"Rats Rat Rmell?" (whats that smell) Scooby says.

"Sorry it's me! I haven't showered or changed my outfit in 2 days!" Daphne says sadly.

They all go into Shaggy's car and goes to school.

At school was even worse.

Fred was there with velma.

"Hey Fred! Why did you leave me last night?" Daphne says.

Fred didn't reply and continued talking to Velma.

"Hey Velma!" Daphne says.

Fred and Velma started making out in front of Daphne.

Daphne looks at Fred and Velma very pissed off.

"Well since your dating Shaggy me and Fred,my boyfriend, decided to date." Velma says meanly.

Fred and Velma continued maked out.

Daphne watched for about a minute and couldn't stand her best friend making out with Fred!

Daphne pushes Velma off of Fred and yells "I'm not really dating Shaggy! I'm dating Mayor Jones!"

The whole school looked at Daphne.

Each one of the kids who attended Crystal Cove High looked at Daphne with surprized faces.

Fred looks at Daphne and says "Are you kidding me?"

"No! I really am and I was in the dungeon because my parents saw me kissing Mayor Jones!" Daphne shouts crying.

The whole school made booing noises.

Velma looked at Shaggy and said "I'm so glad it's a lie because we are now offically back dating"

Fred looks disappointed at Fred.

The bell rang for 2 period.

The kids go to their classes except for Velma,Shaggy,Scooby,Fred, and Daphne.

Fred punches Daphne's locker and yells "How could you do this to me? My fake father? I love you! But you know what! I'm through with this! Goodbye Blake!"

Fred leaves the school.

Velma, Shaggy, Scooby, and Daphne run after Fred.

As Fred goes into his car Daphne yells at him saying "You know what your problem is Jones?"

Fred gets out of the car pissed off and screams "What's my problem?"

Velma and Shaggy along with Scooby watch and eat popcorn.

"Your problem is after very stupid fight you always just get up and leave! It's stupid! All you do is just leave! That's your problem!" Daphne screams.

Fred doesn't say a word.

Fred enters his car and drives off, ditching school,ditching his friends, most of all ditching the convosation.

As Fred drives away he hears Daphne yelling "See your doing it right now! Goodbye Jones! I hope you grow up and get a life!"

After Fred was gone, Velma, Shaggy and Scooby look at Daphne.

"Well i'm going back to class the fight was boring" Velma says.

"Rood Ruck Raphne ( Good luck Daphne) Scooby says while Shaggy walks Scooby to class.

Velma,Shaggy, and Scooby enter the school but Daphne doesn't follow.

Daphne walks to the prison Mayor Jones been sent to.

Daphne enters the prison and see's Sheriff Stone drinking coffee.

"Oh look it's the little slut who slept with a 40 yr old!" Sheriff says madly.

"I didn't sleep with him! We just kissed about 3 times for about 8 seconds!" Daphne explains.

"You know! That's illigal! I should arrest you too! But since Mayor Jones is having a court date in a couple days I won't" Sheriff explains.

"What court date? What's going on?" Daphne yells.

"Your parents called about you kissing Mayor Jones and dating him which is illigal for a guy over 18 to do. Your only about 17 or 16. Your not an legal adult to do this. That's why Mayor Jones has been arrested and put for court. He is either going to be in prison for life, electric chair, or since he was the ex mayor we might let him have 20 years." Sheriff explains to Daphne with a law book.

"I can't wait for 20 years! He would be about 60 and I would be 30!" Daphne shouts.

"Who cares it's all your fault anyways!" Sheriff says.

"How is it my fault?" Daphne asks.

"If you would of never bailed out Mayor Jones in the first place you would of never fell in love with him!" Sheriff yells.

Daphne looks down at the ground feeling depressed.

"If it wasn't for Fred running away none of this would of happend! I would of never thought of a trap!" Daphne says.

"What was the "trap" you were going to do?" Sheriff asks suspiously.

"I was going to bail the mayor out so we could date and make Fred jelous." Daphne says without thinking.

"So it is your fault! I knew a purple slut like you should never be trusted! Your under arrest!" Sheriff says handcuffing Daphne.

"Wait no! Nooo!" Daphne shouts.

"Mayor Jones and I could of dated but no your stupid skinny ass has to come and ruin everything!" Sheriff yells.

Daphne looks at Sheriff confused.

"You wanted to date Mayor Jones?" Daphne asks while being put in her cell.

"I never said that!" Sheriff yells.

"Yes you did about 2 sentences ago you said-" Daphne says trying to finish her sentence.

"Welcome to prison! All you were is orange and black!" Sheriff says yelling over Daphne.

"Who's my cell mate?" Daphne asks.

Sheriff Stone drinks his coffee.

Mayor Jones comes in saying "Daphne!Your my cell mate? This is going to be a great day for us!"

"Yay! I missed you" Daphne says.

Sheriff Stone spits out his coffee.

Sheriff Stone didn't know they were going to be cell mates.

Daphne and Mayor Jones both kiss in front of Sheriff Stone.

Sheriff Stone locks the cell and says "I hope your happy being in prison"

They both look and Sheriff Stone and they looked aback at eachother in the eyes.

"I love you Daphne Blake" Mayor Jones says.

"I love you too" Daphne replies.

Sheriff Stone grabs and gun and puts it to his head and says "I will always love you Mayor Jones"

"WHAT!" Mayor Jones yells.

Sheriff Stone shoots himself.

Sheriff Bronson Stone was now dead.

Mayor Jones and Daphne look at eachother.

They were both scared and worried.

"With the sheriff gone who will free us? He was the only one who knew the secret combination to the locks!" Daphne yells.

"Not exactly! I know the combination to the locks but I need the keys! Which is in Sheriff Stone's pocket!" Mayor Jones yells.

Daphne and Mayor lay down next to eachother.

"Were so screwed" Mayor says.

"I know. I heard your court date is coming up" Daphne says.

"Oh no! I forgot about that! Damn! I don't have a lawyer or anything to back me up!" Mayor yells.

"You have me though" Daphne says patting Mayor Jones on the back.

"No I don't! The court won't approve! If you step up for me everyone is going to know about us! You didn't tell anyone right?" Mayor Jones asks.

"Oh about that.." Daphne says quietly.

"Did you tell people we are dating?" Mayor Jones asks Daphne eye to eye.

"Yes but it wasn't my fault!" Daphne says crying.

"Who did you tell?" Mayor Jones asks friendly.

"Well I yelled it at Fred at school and everyone in the whole school heard" Daphne says.

"Why would you yell that to Fred?" Mayor Jones asks.

"He was making out with Velma because I told Fred I was dating Shaggy to keep away from saying I was dating you." Daphne explains.

"So basiclly you got jelous when Fred made out with Velma huh? So you still like Fred?" Mayor jones says sadly.

"No! It's just! Urg!" Daphne says.

Mayor Jones looks at Daphne.

"Well I don't Fred anymore..he just left after I told him about us" Daphne explains.

Mayor Jones looks sad.

"But you know I love you right Mayor?" Daphne asks.

"Good night Daphne" Mayor Jones saying while he sleeps on the top bunk.

"But its evening!" Daphne yells.

Mayor Jones just snores.

Daphne is on the bottom bunk.

Daphne wonders if she really loves Mayor Jones... or does she love Fred?