Finding Their Way Home

Chapter 1: Down the Rabbit Hole

Summary: The Young Justice team gets transported to a strange dimension during a fight against the Light. What will this new dimension hold for them? And just what is Titan Tower? Will they be able to get home? No OC's!

AN: I know, I should be working on JB, but I wanted to start this one too, since this was the story I was originally going to work on while JB was on the side :P oh well. Hope you guys like this one! I'll try to update both soon! ^.^

Disclaimer: Sadly, I own nothing but the plot . DC still isn't responding to my calls T.T



"Robin!" Miss Martian cries as the Boy Wonder skids across the ground from being kicked yet again in the stomach by Ra's al Ghul. Kid Flash quickly looks over to his best friend as the building rocks again from another explosion. They had found the base of the Light, which was in the side of a mountain, just like their own base. It took lots of digging and interrogations from captured members from the League of Shadows, but they had finally located the organization that had been behind most of the disasters they had come across. Robin gets up exhaustedly, but Ra's was already upon him, and grabs the Bird's cape, pulling him up.

"We have use for you, Boy Wonder." The leader of the League states, starting to drag the bird of Gotham off. Robin quickly pulls out a birdarang, and spins around, throwing it at the villain's hand. Ra's drops the cape to avoid being cut and jumps back.

"We should end this before the League shows up." Queen Bee states, dodging the whip made from water that Aqualad sent her way. Robin whips out his bow staff and his eyes widen as Superboy drops to the ground with a green glowing crystal sticking out of his stomach and a very pleased Lex Luthor standing over him. The acrobat tries to rush over to help him, but Ra's steps in front of him, slicing at him with his katana. Robin blocks the blow with his staff, and kicks at the centuries old villain, trying to trip him. Ra's flips backwards, and blocks the bird's path to his teammate yet again.

"Miss M! Help Superboy! You need to get the rock as far away from him as possible!" The Boy Wonder calls out to the martian, all while countering the slices Ra's kept sending his way.

"Got it!" Miss Martian calls back, quickly flying to the aid of her boyfriend. She shoves Lex away from the clone with her telekinesis and was about to pull the shard of kryptonite out of Superboy, but a pink bolt of lightning strikes her, sending her crashing into the wall. Klarion grins summoning another spell to hit her with, when Kid Flash knocks him out of the way. The speedster quickly takes out the kryptonite as Artemis supplies cover fire with her arrows.

"I'm finishing this. Now." Klarion growls before muttering an incantation. Kid Flash glances back to his best friend, making sure he was alright, but gasps, seeing the bird struggling in Ra's al Ghul's choke-hold. The ginger speeds over, and kicks Ra's away, catching his best friend as he coughs, trying to catch his breath. Klarion finishes the incantation and the teen's eyes widen as the ground underneath them starts to shake. A boom tube opens up behind them, and a wind tunnel starts sucking them in. The young heroes desperately grab onto anything they can to hold themselves down, but the force picks up, finally dragging all of them in. Ra's glares over to Klarion irritatedly.

"You fool. We were supposed to keep the bird here." The witch-boy shrugs nonchalantly.

"Oops." Vandal Savage smacks the back of Klarion's head, glaring.

"Go get him back before the Bat finds out he's gone."

"Ugh. Fine. You guys are such party poopers anyway!" Klarion groans before muttering the same incantation, and steps through the boom tube after the young heroes.

The next thing the teens knew, they were dragging themselves up off of the hard concrete of what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse. None of them, however, recognized where they were.

Is everyone alright? Miss Martian's soft and concerned voice comes through the six teens' minds. Before any of them could answer the martian, the ground starts to shake.

"Everyone, brace yourselves." Aqualad calls out, pulling out his water barrers as the rest of the team follows suit. The wall to their left explodes into a pile of rubble. The teens dodge to the right for cover as a large, gray creature emerges through the hole, roaring with rage.

"Something tells me he's not friendly." Kid Flash states, getting in a defensive position.

"Whatever gave you that idea, Kid Obvious." Artemis grumbles, knocking one of her arrows and pointing it at the monster.

"We don't know what it's intentions are, or its weaknesses. Everyone be careful." Aqualad orders.

"Aren't we always?" The speedster grins, looking over to his best friend for support. His smile instantly fades, seeing the bird missing. They hear Robin's signature cackle in the darkness. "I hate it when he does that." Kid Flash mutters, speeding off towards the creature as the rest of the team follows suit. One of Artemis' explosive arrows lodges itself into the creature's chest. The stone monster stumbles back at the impact and roars again when several of Robin's explosive birdarangs get lodged in its back, head and chest as well. Superboy charges into action as the creature stumbles again. The clone jumps into the air, and lands a powerful blow into its chest. Before any of the others could resume attack, a teenaged voice that was unfamiliar to all six teens calls out, causing them all to look in the direction it originated.

"Titans, go!" All of a sudden, several round, green bolts of energy fly out from the opening in the wall, crashing into the creature. A giant green T-Rex runs up, slamming its head into the stone monster, trying to knock it over. Aqualad looks over to his team cautiously, holding his water barrers up defensively.

We do not know if these newcomers are friend or foe. Hold off on any attack until we find out more information. The Atlantian orders. The teens nod in confirmation as another group of teens emerge from the hole in the wall.

"Take Cinderblock down." The unfamiliar voice from earlier commands. A woman with long orange hair and glowing emerald eyes and hands starts throwing green energy bolts at the dubbed 'Cinderblock' as a man who looked as though he were half machine fires what appeared to be some kind of cannon towards it. While Cinderblock cries out, a small teen, wearing red tunic, green tights, black and yellow cape, and an all too familiar domino mask runs at the villain with a bow staff. He jumps into the air gracefully, dealing a devastating blow to the creature's head as the green T-Rex uses its tail to trip the colossal beast. Cinderblock falls to the ground with a echoing crash as the Young Justice team stares on cautiously. Robin drops down from the shadowy rafters, standing up next to Aqualad. Kid Flash jumps from the bird's sudden appearance, and glares over to his best friend.

"Dang it, Rob! Will you stop with the ninja moves?" The other teens instantly focus their attention on them, raising their guard instantly.

"Were you the ones who released Cinderblock?" The smaller teen in the green tights states, taking a step forward, clearly the leader. A woman with short purple hair in a deep blue cloak, wearing a black leotard appears from the shadows as the T-Rex quickly transforms into a small green boy with green skin, hair, and eyes and pointy ears.

"We do not know of whom you speak." Aqualad states calmly, taking a step forward as well. Before the other team leader could speak again, a pink bolt of energy shoots out at him, causing him to jump back. Robin quickly looks to the origin of the bolt, and starts to move, but the other team take it as a sign of aggression. The teen in the green tights throws an object at the bird, strangely similar to a birdarang. Robin easily dodges, glaring over at the other teen.

"It's Klarion! He followed us here, obviously."

"He could be with you, for all we know. You're coming with us for further questioning." The other teen snaps, crossing his arms. He glances back to the woman in the blue cloak. "Raven." She nods, her eyes glowing white as she puts her hands to her temples. A shadow springs towards them, but Robin quickly throws a birdarang at her. Raven uses another shadow to fling it aside, but it explodes, causing her to cry out as she gets flung off to the side. Aqualad glares at Robin as the other teens move to attack.

"Robin! I never gave the order to engage! Stand down!" The Atlantian frowns, seeing the bird wincing as he holds his chest, gasping for air. "Robin?"

"We can't let them take us in…not with Klarion-" The bird suddenly collapses as his team rushes over to him, suddenly forgetting the other teens, who had instantly frozen.

"Robin!" Kid Flash calls out, reaching his best friend first. He places a hand on his unconscious friend's chest and frowns when he holds it up. Instead of dry like it should have been, it was wet and red with blood. "He's bleeding. When did that happen?"

"It must have been Ra's." Artemis states, nodding to Miss Martin, who flies over to him.

"I can try to heal him a little, but I don't know how severe the damage is." Before the other team can move to help, another pink bolt flies from the darkness, and strikes the ceiling above them, causing it to start to collapse.

"You will have to heal him later. We have to get out of here first." Aqualad states, quickly looking for an exit. Superboy picks up their fallen bird effortlessly, sending a death glare to the other team before following the Atlantian who had already found their exit. The rest of the Young Justice team follows, making their way out of the warehouse as it collapses. Once outside, they pause, staring up at the large buildings in the city before them in horror. Just where the heck were they?

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