A/n hello people my first Goosebumps story *shakes head* I love Goosebumps and this is my first…wow

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All of T's friends had a strange past including her Amy had a crazy dummy who tried to rule her but they got rid of him for good she said and Amanda and her family moved into some crazy town where everyone was dead and T well let's just say the boogeyman took an interest in her and she had to banish him away. Where? Who the hell cares he was gone, but they didn't know that they'd meet there nightmares once again.

T: *calls Amanda & Amy*

Amy: Sup

Amanda: hello

T: you won't believe it I got a free pass to HorrorLand and I'm aloud to bring all my friends

Amanda: who are they?

Amy: ya who

T: you two of course, my parents aren't coming but I have a lot of money I have been saving up for this and from my birthday well have money for food and extra treats and such.

Amy: did you get a flyer for it or something

T: ya it says come in at 4:00 and leaves well know one has yet

The girls giggled they love scary things it makes them feel happy.

Ok ill get more into detail each girl is 20 and fresh out of collage Amy if and so is T Amanda is 5.2 Amy has long straight light brown hair while Amanda has curly blond hair and T has dark brown hair which is half wavy/curly her hair has natural highlights which include: blond, red, and gold.

They all keep their hair ether in buns or pony tails (I know this might not be there actual eye colors) Amy has ocean blue eyes Amanda has light brown hair T has the strangest eyes her right eye is brownish red while her left eye is an almost brown gray except when she is really mad or defending what she considers hers (that includes friends and family) her right eye will go blood red and her left grey silver her teeth on her right side will sharpen to a point the ones on her left will grow two times their original size.

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