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T gave a small caugh as she tried not to laugh at the situation she was in, a bone deep cut on her palm, blood all over her mouth and at least 10 low level demons trying to catch her off guard. T gave a snort as she changed into her animal form and limped over to a woman who gave her pat on the head and walked away, T could have laughed but at that moment she was in to much pain. 5 low level deamons tried attacking all at once and she tore into them like a warm knife into butter, the other 5 went for the attack and she slaughtered them with ease

Amy: T there you are what is all that around you

Amanda: ya what is all that

At that moment ray, Slappy and B got there each knowing what it was without a second thought but didn't as T changed into her human form.

T: guys what the hell

Slappy: what do you mean?

T: I mean I didn't know you had an animal form

Slappy: mine was pure magic

Ray: I just learnd that talent last summer

B: I learned that after you banished me to the shadow realm

T: your home?

B: ya

As they all made it to the nearest diner B helped T to heal her palm and block her memory's

Amy: so how did you get that nasty cut?

T told them how she put her hand down on a piece of glass cutting her a little to deep for comfort and how she instinctively ran and how the demon council sent out lower levels for her to hunt but to them they were just bringing her in. Anything past that was blocked

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