A Getty Romance

Disclaimer: All Twilight related characters belong to S. Meyer.

Outtake – The Peter Chronicles

"So, tell me a little about yourself, Peter." I folded my hands over his resume and leaned forward in my chair. The small office was poorly lit and cluttered with canvases and prints against the wall. Ideally, not the greatest place for an interview, considering I worked at the Getty, but we did what we could. The two of us sat at a small desk shoved in the corner while people popped in and out for supplies, coffee and other nonsense.

I smiled kindly from across the desk and waited for him to begin. Peter Marcus was by far the best candidate for this position. He had an extensive resume, had no qualms conversing with others, had a lot of practical experience and knew how to manage himself during an interview. However, if I was learning anything during the course of this interview, it was that Peter liked to talk.

A little conversation would be good for the gallery. It was hauntingly quiet most days.

He ran his fingers through his clipped, curly hair and adjusted the glasses on his nose. "Well, as you know I've been working as a curator at the Guggenheim for the past four years."

My heart did a little flip at the mention of the museum. I must have had a far away look on my face because Peter cocked his eyebrow. "You like the Guggenheim?" he asked.

I bit down on my lip and hid a grin. "For more than one reason, yes." I felt the blush heat my cheeks. "My husband proposed to me there. I have fond memories of that museum."

"Ah," he nodded, pointing at the ring on my left hand. "Newlywed?"

I shrugged. "A year, so yes, I suppose."

He carried on about his love of photography and the varying exhibits he had participated in. He talked about the gallery in New York that he used to set up and the fancy parties he printed floor to ceiling photographs for. It sounded very glamorous, compared to the low key, hum drum of daily life at the Getty.

"And you think this job would be challenging enough for you?" I asked, flipping through his portfolio. The man had acted as a consultant for a Warhol-themed, Christmas window display in Macy's, for God's sake. We didn't even put up a tree.

A small smile pulled at the corner of his mouth and he shrugged. "It's been a whirlwind several years, but I'm ready to settle down a bit. I can't imagine a better place to do that than here in LA, at the Getty."

I smiled warmly. "Yes, the Getty is an amazing place for a lot of reasons. If you think you can keep yourself challenged, I believe that you'd make a great fit here, Peter." He let out a sigh of relief and sat up a little straighter in his chair. "I need to consult with my supervisor," I continued, "but I'm going to do my best to convince her that you're the best person for the job."

He let out another breath and ruffled the curls that had flopped over his forehead. "Thanks Ms. Cullen, I can't tell you how badly I want this position. The Getty won't regret taking me on."

We shook hands and I walked him out of the office and back into the gallery. As I watched his tall confident stride as he departed, I tapped the side of my chin. There was something about Peter Marcus that reminded me of Tanya Denali. Maybe it was the expensive clothes and impish smile, or the way he said fifty words instead of five. Even more, there was something about him that made me think Tanya would like him very much.

Possibly more than like.

I jiggled my foot as I read my book during my lunch break in the outdoor café. Edward was obviously delayed in a meeting and his lunch lay untouched across the table from me. I took a long sip from my iced tea and lifted my eyes to glance at the office across the property. It was a clear, warm day today. There was a slight breeze but it was just enough to keep the heat from settling uncomfortably on my skin. I pulled my long hair over one shoulder and let the wind caress the back of my neck.

At that moment, Edward rounded the corner and strode into the café in all his glory. He was wearing a pale linen suit today, crisp white shirt, pale blue tie. I didn't feel silly for putting Edward on a ridiculous pedestal anymore, since he was my husband. I was entitled to gush over his good looks.

After all, I was Mrs. Cullen now.

As soon as he reached the table, he hurriedly unbuttoned his suit jacket and plopped down in the chair across from me.

"I'm sorry," he said with a sigh, twisting the lid off his water and taking a long swig. "The trustees were in a collective 'mood' today. I'm starving."

I giggled and reached across the table to grab his hand. "It's okay, I just sat down a few minutes ago."

He leaned over to give me a kiss before unwrapping his sandwich. His lips were cold from the water and I pressed mine together after I'd settled back in my chair.

"Did you have that interview today?" he asked through a mouthful of turkey on rye.

I nodded. "Peter Marcus. If I can get Sue to agree, I think we've finally found our candidate."

"That's great!"

"That's not all," I added, closing my book and setting it on the table next to my salad.

"Oh?" Edward arched a brow.

I smiled mischievously. "I have an idea."

Edward pursed his lips together. "I'm confused as to whether I should be worried or not."

"I want to hook him up with Tanya."

Edward's eyes widened and he set his sandwich down on the table. "Oh! Really?" He was excited. We'd been trying to find someone for her since the moment she and Edward were off the hook. He brushed his hands together to rid his fingers of crumbs and leaned forward. "Why Peter?"

I shrugged. "I don't know. Gut feeling. He's from New York City, likes to talk a lot–"

"Sounds perfect already."

I swatted his arm and continued. "I feel like she'd be challenged by him, and that he wouldn't be afraid to give it back to her. She needs someone like that."

Edward snorted. "You're telling me." He lifted his sandwich again and took a bite. "Well, I trust you. What do we do now?"

"He has to get hired first," I reminded him with a smile.

He waved a hand. "Details. I want to meet this guy. Then we can come up with a plan."


He grinned at me. "Deal."

A week and a half later, I was straightening up the front desk before closing when Edward popped his head in the front door. I smiled and waved him over, gesturing behind me with a jerk of my head. "He's cataloging some new shipments in the back if you want to meet him."

Edward snorted and wrapped his arms loosely around my waist. I slipped mine under the pale gray of his suit jacket. His shirt was warm and soft under my palms. "So you're that kind of boss? Pushing off the busy work?" he teased as he ran his nose along my hairline.

I scowled as he bent down to kiss me. "He volunteered! He's still trying to suck up." Edward hummed against my neck and kissed my skin distractingly. I clucked my tongue and pushed him back before he got carried away. "You are incorrigible," I groaned.

He chewed on his bottom lip and waggled his eyebrows. "I can't help it. You know how I react when you're bossy."

My eyes widened and I reached up to clap a hand over his laughing mouth.

"Oh, excuse me," Peter said suddenly from the doorway.

Edward pushed my hand out of the way and took a step towards him. "No, stay. I apologize. I was just teasing your boss."

I rolled my eyes heavily. "Peter Marcus, this is Edward Cullen."

Recognition flashed across Peter's face and he stepped eagerly into the room. "Ah! The Mr. Cullen. Great to meet you! Bella has told me a lot about you."

Edward shot a teasing look my direction before clasping Peter's hand in return. "I can only imagine," he joked.

"I'm actually a huge fan of your work," Peter said, pushing his glasses up higher on his nose.

"My work?"

"Your photos," he clarified, pointing vaguely in the direction of the museum store. "I saw your book in the store today and it reminded me that I'd seen some of your photos in Aperture, months ago."

Edward rubbed his hand on the back of his neck in what I knew was an embarrassed gesture. He had taken my advice and published some of his photos in a couple of photography magazines last year. It wasn't long before the Getty Foundation (primarily Tanya) decided to publish them in his own book for the museum store. His parents were overjoyed, Tanya boosted her lovable ego and I was, of course, eternally proud.

Their voices began echoing in the barren, high-ceilinged room and I smiled to myself as I listened absently to their conversation. My hands worked blindly, organizing piles of pamphlets and handouts as they talked all the while, giving me yet another reason to have a hunch about Tanya. Similarly, Edward and Tanya could talk for hours without taking a breath.


I jumped and looked up to meet Edward's bright, amused eyes. I pressed my hand to my chest and let out a nervous laugh. "Sorry, I spaced out."

He smiled. "I offered to take Peter out for a drink to celebrate his first week. Are you game?"

I glanced over his shoulder to where Peter had disappeared into the office to gather his things. "Laying it on a little thick, aren't you?" I whispered.

Edward shook his head. "He's interesting and I like him. You're right, he would be good for Tanya…" His smile broadened and he leaned on the desk between us. "But we could use a new friend too. Come on, I'll buy you a drink." He waggled his eyebrows again, as though I wouldn't come along away.

I picked up my purse and walked around the desk, straight under his outstretched arm. "Buy me a really expensive vodka tonic."

"Really expensive?"

"Yes. The most expensive."

He squeezed my shoulder. "Anything for you, Isabella."

Turned out, Peter could drink Edward under the table and expensive vodka gets me drunk. Thank goodness for Saturday's off.

"Tanya?" I asked into my phone a few days later. I was curled up on Edward's office sofa while he finished his work for the day.

I heard her gasp in surprise from the other end of the line. "Bella! Hi! Sorry, I didn't even look at caller I.D. How are you?"

I smiled at the muted sounds of New York City behind Tanya's voice. "I'm great, how are things with you?"

"Bah. Same old, same old. You know me. I'm bored actually. What can I do for you?"

I was not in the least bit surprised that Tanya was bored. She was content doing one thing for about fifteen minutes before it became old news. I glanced over at Edward who was seated behind his desk, engrossed in something on his computer. "We were wondering when you were going to come visit again? I have a new exhibit coming up and I think you'd love it."

Peter or not, she would love it. Tanya was addicted to black and white photographs. "Oooh," she trilled. "Is it the photography one Edward was telling me about? Wouldn't miss it for the world. When does it open?"

"Two weeks, on the first of the month," I answered. Edward looked up from his work and smirked at me. If she came on opening weekend it would be all too easy.

I heard pages flipping and assumed she was looking through her calendar. "That's actually a dull week, so a little trip would be perfect. I can't wait to see you!"

"Us too!"

Edward was still watching me, listening carefully. He mimed a thumbs-up and I reciprocated.

"So I'll see you in a couple of weeks then. I'll call you next week for more details, okay? I've got to run into a meeting."

I looked over at the clock on the wall. "Now?"

"Late meeting," she grumbled before adding cheerfully, "Send Eddy my love!"

"I will send Eddy your love," I repeated, holding back a laugh as Edward reacted to his least favorite nickname.

"Bye, doll!"

The line went dead and I grinned cheekily at Edward. "Hey Eddy, Tanya sends you love."

He pulled another face. "I'll be sure to tell Tan that I got the message next time we talk." Edward stood up from his desk, cracked his back and strode over to the sofa to sink down beside me. I leaned over and rested my head on his shoulder. His fingers combed slowly through my hair. "So, we're all set?" he asked.

"We're all set. This is exciting. You think it will work, right?"

Edward laughed through his nose. "I've seen stranger things happen with that girl, but I think Peter is a good fit. If she's in the right mood, I think this could definitely work."

"Do we fill him in, or leave him in the dark?"

"Tricky question." His flexed his fingers on the back of my neck as he thought. "I think he'd come on too strong if he was prepared for it, don't you?"

"You're right. So double blind it is."

We sat in silence for a few moments as Edward continued to massage his fingers into the knotted muscles in my neck. Eventually he leaned close and pressed a kiss to the shell of my ear. I shivered in his arms. "You're done for the day, right?"

I nodded. "Mmmhmmm."

He turned my face towards his and kissed me softly on one corner of my mouth, then the other. I smiled lazily up at him before he pushed both of us back on the well-worn cushions of his sofa.

When the night of the opening finally arrived, Edward described Peter as being 'thoroughly prepared.' I thought that sounded weird, but in reality, it was true. We'd made fast friends with Peter and spent a few nights at dinner or grabbing a drink. He was an intelligent, humorous and slightly geeky young man who, if we knew Tanya like we thought we did, would surely capture her attention.

For at least five minutes.

Chances were good.

"Anyone coming tonight who I should look out for?" Peter asked me quietly, as we walked through the gallery one last time before the opening. He was dressed smartly in a plain, slim-cut, black suit and maroon skinny-tie. Not bad, I had to admit.

"I'm glad you asked, actually," I said offhandedly, adjusting one of the smaller canvases so that it was level. "Tanya Denali is planning on attending tonight."

His eyes widened. "Tanya Denali? You're kidding!"

"You know her?"

He ran his hands through his short, curly hair and shook his head. "No, no but I know who she is. She loves photography, right? I always read her write-ups for the Getty."

I bit back a smile. "She loves photography. I'll hand her off to you when she comes in. She'd love to hear your opinions on the pieces, I'm sure."

He looked around and nodded quickly, fiddling with his suit jacket awkwardly. "Right. Right. I can do that."

I patted his arm before walking to the front of the gallery to open up. Edward was waiting in the foyer when I rounded the corner.

"This feels too good to be true," I whispered when he was in earshot.

He lowered his eyebrows. "Why do you say that?"

"He knows who she is. He wants to show her the exhibit."

Edward leaned close and pressed a calming kiss to my cheek. "That's bad?"

I leaned into him. "It's too easy."

"With Tanya, nothing is easy, but I think we should stand back and watch now. Peter has this under control."

I blew out a sigh. "If you say so."

He rubbed my shoulder. "Well, at least meddling in Tanya's potential love life has distracted you from being stressed over the exhibit."

My eyes rolled and I jabbed him gently in the ribs. "Always with the silver lining."

He grinned and jerked his head towards the gallery. "I'm going to go make sure he's fully prepped." Edward gave an awkward wink and rounded the corner.

Oh, poor Peter.

"I can't tell, can you tell? She looks annoyed. I don't know, I don't know." I framed my face with my hands and shook it slowly back and forth. What were we doing? Matchmaking? Whose idea was that?

Oh, mine. Right.

Edward's arm tightened around my waist. "Will you cut it out? I've known her since I was a kid. She's not annoyed."

As usual, Tanya had shown up on time, dressed to the nines in a fantastic cocktail dress. She looked every bit the wealthy, museum socialite and Peter had his eyes locked on her the moment she walked in the door. She made her rounds swirling a glass of champagne and chatting up trustees and board members, before finally making her way through the exhibit.

Now that Peter and Tanya had finally crossed paths, Edward and I were peering over the crowded room of people, watching our unsuspecting friends with bated breath. I wasn't sure what we were expecting after thirty seconds. For Peter to dip Tanya dramatically for a kiss? For the lights to dim and a spotlight to highlight them in the romantically, lit room?

"We should leave them alone," Edward said quietly, and I could hear the hesitation in his voice. He looked down at me, eyebrows scrunched in confusion. "Right? This is supposed to go according to plan, isn't it?"

I looked up at him blankly. "I guess?"

"We're watching them like creeps."

We were both still staring. "I know, but it's like reality television. I can't look away."

His low, pleasant chuckle hummed beside my ear and I couldn't help but smile at the sound.

"He's charming, intelligent and wearing Armani. I can't imagine she's going to brush him off easily. Right?"

"I don't feel comfortable answering that question."

He laughed openly. "It's okay. I know you only pause for Gucci."

I flipped the lapel to his suit jacket and let him kiss me briefly on the lips. "You know it."

A sudden clattering of heels grabbed our attention and we braced ourselves as Tanya came to a graceful halt before is. "Outside. Now," she demanded, pointing towards the door.

"What?" we said at the same time.

"I need to talk to you both outside. Go. Quickly!"

She shoved us roughly towards the door and outside into the warm, summer evening. People craned their necks to watch our abrupt and awkward exit.

The door had barely shut before she issued her edict, "Peter. Tell me."

We stared blankly back at her. Were we caught?

"Peter Marcus. He's adorable and I want him. Tell me more about him."

Edward snorted into his hand and I bit down on my lip. "You want him? Like a possession? Really, Tanya?"

She balled her fists and stomped her foot. "Shut up! You know what I mean. I want to 'pursue' him. Is he single? Is he smart? Where's he from?"

"New York, he is single and yes, he's smart," I ticked off, counting on my fingers. "He likes to talk, you'd be perfect for each other."

Tanya scowled at me.

"You should go for it," Edward said, encouragingly. "I think he already has a crush on you."

She perked up. "How could he? We've never met before. Oh my God! Have we met before?" She pressed her palm to her forehead. "I'm such a dunce!"

I laughed out loud. "Tanya, you have a public persona. People know who you are."

She looked heavenward and sighed. "Oh, right." After a moment, she waved her hand in her signature move and bounced on the balls of her feet. "Ok, so help me out. Get him to come talk to me again."

"You were just talking to him," Edward pointed out, gesturing to the gallery. "You don't need us for that. Go talk to him again."

"Yes, but we finished talking. I can't ask him to take me through the gallery again. Get him to bring me a drink or something."

Edward and I glanced at each other. What had we done?

"What?" she hissed.

"Bring him a drink. He's a curator, not a caterer," I snapped defensively.

"You're right. Where are my manners? What does he like? Champagne? Beer?"

Edward stepped forward and grabbed both of her wildly, gesturing hands. "Tan," he said with a smirk, arching an eyebrow.

She glowered at him. "Eddy?"

"You need to calm down."

Her eyes narrowed slowly as she looked at Edward. "Wait a second."


Tanya's mouth dropped open and she pulled her hands from his to perch them on her hips. "You both are way too unsurprised about this." I watched her scarlet, manicured nails tap impatiently on her waist. Suddenly her eyes widened and she pointed an accusing finger in our direction. "You guys planned this!"

"How on earth did you reach that conclu–"

"This kind of stuff never happens to me. It was the perfect set up." She sighed and dropped her arm back to her side. "Romantic lighting, black and white photography, flowing champagne. I should have known. You want me to hook up with him, don't you?"

We stood silent, mouths agape.

"I knew it. You two suck at lying."

"But we didn't lie–"

"Too late. I'm onto you. For your information, I am perfectly capable of snagging a man on my own, in case you haven't noticed."

I rolled my eyes. "Tanya when was the last time you went on a date."

She pursed her pink lips. "I don't tell you everything."

"He's perfect for you," Edward reiterated. "You would have fun together."

Her face was red now, and I knew we'd lost our chance. She crossed her arms stiffly over her chest and lifted her chin. "Too late. I don't take handouts." With that, she flipped her hair over her shoulder and marched back inside the gallery.

Edward and I stood quietly on the patio for another moment, staring at the closed, gray surface of the door. The courtyard of the museum was quiet, aside from the gentle bubbling of the fountain down below. The leaves in the trees rustled.

"Well," Edward sighed, dropping his hands into his pockets, "I guess that means we failed."

"Tanya sabotaged our plan," I mused, stepping to his side.

Edward chuckled softly. "She really did ruin it. Something must be up with her."

"What do you mean?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Her reaction. She's overly sensitive. Either she really likes him, or we embarrassed her."

Tanya? Embarrassed? I couldn't picture it.

"Anyway, the night will be winding down soon. Let's go back inside. We might need to console Peter."

I patted Edward gently on the chest. "Aw, you're such a good friend."

"The poor guy just got denied by Tanya Denali because of us. Cut me some slack."

His voice was defensive and I loved him for it. I took his hand and pulled him back inside.

The next morning, we were riding up the elevator to Tanya's hotel room with the intention of taking her out to brunch. It was an apologetic gesture after the previous evening. I drummed my fingers anxiously on my handbag as we stood in relative silence. Last night, she had disappeared soon after we made our way back inside. Either she was really good at hiding, or she had actually left.

She had been eerily pleasant in her text messages this morning. I thought we'd at least have to beg for her to accompany us to brunch.

Edward's brows were furrowed in thought as the floors chimed one by one. "This doesn't make sense," he said. His voice sounded tinny in the small space of the elevator.

"What do you mean?"

"She was really angry last night. Now she's not? I don't get it."

I smiled. "The female psyche. A mystery to us all."

He rolled his eyes at me and slipped his arm around my waist. "You don't elude me," he said proudly. He puffed out his chest slightly.

"I haven't been really mad at you yet. Wait for it. It'll happen some day."

The doors opened and we stepped out into the hallway on Tanya's floor. "Let's not speculate on that, shall we?"

We laughed as we rounded the corner out of the elevator well. Someone was exiting a room down the hall.

Edward hissed and yanked me back through the doorway towards the elevators. "Shit," he cursed, shoving us into a corner.

My shoulder jammed painfully into the wall and I groaned in protest. "What?"

"Did you see?" he asked, eyes wide.

"See who? Who was that?" Suddenly I made the connection and my eyes went wide. "Was that Tanya's room?" My mind began ticking through scenarios. Did she decide to rebound after her non-date?

"It was Peter!"

I gasped loudly and Edward clamped his hand over my mouth. "Coming out of her room?" I asked, after I shoved his hand out of the way.

He nodded.

"Is he walking this way?"

Edward tried to peer discreetly around the doorway and quickly pulled his head back. "Yes."

I giggled into his chest. "This is too funny."

"What do we do?"

I rolled my eyes. "Let him escape with his dignity? Please. He's coming to brunch with us."

Edward's mouth dropped open but it quickly turned into a wide smile. "Evil woman."

I shrugged. "He can wear his suit to brunch, don't you think?"

Edward's shoulders shook in silent laughter.

We pulled ourselves out of our hiding spot and situated ourselves next to the elevators just as Peter walked into the room. He froze in the doorway.

"Oh," he sighed awkwardly, fiddling with his jacket and tie that were draped over his arm. "Hi guys."

"Hi Peter," Edward said, just as awkwardly.

I smiled wide. "Want to come to brunch with us?"

I had ever seen anyone chew bacon as resentfully as Tanya Denali. It was like she was chewing glass - without a grimace. Thankfully her eyes were fixed determinately on Edward and not on me. I poked my fork idly into my breakfast potatoes.

"I don't know why you're so upset," Edward said with a smirk, sipping his mimosa. "It seems to me like you had a pretty good night."

Peter turned beet red and put his face in his hands. "Oh Jesus," he mumbled from behind his fingers. I kicked Edward under the table.

"You guys plotted," she said in a pouty voice, eyes narrowed. "I hate when people plot against me."

Edward huffed and sat back in his chair, muttering, "Typical," under his breath.

"Not against you," I corrected, trying to sound as innocent as possible. "How is trying to set you up with a great guy 'against' you?"

Her face lost some of its intensity when she looked at me.

"And besides," I said with a grin. "It worked, right?" I felt Edward's hand slide into mine under the table and he squeezed my fingers gently.

Tanya's mouth eased out of its determined grimace, but instead of addressing us, she turned to Peter. "Are you okay?" she asked quietly. Edward and I made a show of focusing on our eggs benedict and side of crispy bacon.

"Yeah," he answered quietly, lowering his hands and turning to face Tanya. She lifted a hand and pushed his glasses further up his nose. I tried my best to watch through my peripheral vision.

She moved her hand around his face and slid her fingers into his matted, curly hair. "Really?" Edward squeezed my hand even tighter under the table.

Peter smiled sheepishly. "Well, I'm a little embarrassed."

She snorted. "Of these guys? Please. I could tell you some stories about Edward's office and what I found on the flo –"

"Tanya!" I shouted, completely horrified.

Edward choked on his drink in a fit of laughter. "She totally got you there, babe," he said, after wiping his mouth on a napkin.

I scowled at him and decided that he was about to see what happened when I got really mad. "Listen, it was your condom!" The moment the words left my mouth, I clapped my hand over my mouth and Edward started laughing with renewed enthusiasm.

Tanya and Peter stared blankly at the pair of us.

I shook my head and continued. "Anyway, I'm going to say that I was the victim in that scenario."

Edward's laughter faded and he wrapped an arm tightly around my shoulder. He pulled me to his side and pressed a determined kiss to my cheek. "I know," he murmured against my skin. "My sweet Isabella."

I settled into his embrace and looked back across the table at Tanya and Peter. Her fingers were moving in his hair and he had settled comfortably in his chair.

"You're right," he said abruptly, continuing their conversation as if we weren't there.

Edward and I blinked indignantly. "What?" we asked in unison.

"I shouldn't be embarrassed." They turned to face us, grinning and Tanya left her hand in his hair, arm draped casually over his shoulder. Peter's face was still red but he wore a lazy smile.

"I want to know why?" she said, taking a long sip of her coffee. "In fact, I think we deserve to know why you felt so strongly about getting us to meet."

I chewed on my lip at the question. This was my spiel, wasn't it?

Edward looked down at me and gestured with his hand, as if to say, 'Go on.'

I scowled at him before turning back to the new couple. "It's hard to explain," I started.

Tanya arched a brow and I let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine! If you want to know, it's because he talks as much as you. He's stylish and quirky in his own way. You both love black and white photography. He'd gladly listen to your ridiculous museum management stories and you could share memories about New York City. He's as quick witted as you and unwilling to back down. You guys seemed like a match in more ways than one."

When I had finished, the table was quiet and both Peter and Tanya were staring at me with wide eyes.

"Wow," Peter spoke first, running a hand through his hair. "That's…thorough."

Tanya, on the other hand, was smiling hugely at me, eyes a little mistier than they were a few minutes earlier. "Isabella Marie Swan–"

"Cullen," Edward cut in.

She waved him off. "You are the smartest, most amazing friend in the entire world." She sucked in a quick breath to compose herself. "Well, what do you say, Peter?" Tanya asked, turning back to her companion.

"About what?"

"Do we thank them or tell them to fuck off?" She clarified, narrowing her eyes teasingly at Edward.

Edward chuckled and handed me the last piece of bacon. "Well, personally, I feel like a 'thank you' would fit the bill."

Tanya and Edward made a series of faces at each other but it was Peter who finally answered. "We could thank them," he said in a calm, quiet voice. "Actually, that depends."

She turned her head quickly to look at him. "On what?"

Peter leaned down and pressed a soft, lingering kiss on Tanya's cheek. She flushed. "On whether or not you're going to go out with me again."

She smiled. "Oh honey, you should know something about me. Once I get a hold of something I like, I don't let it go easily." She reached over and grabbed the unbuttoned collar of his shirt before pulling him in for a kiss.

Peter complied all too easily and Edward and I fussed awkwardly with our empty plates. When they made no sign of resuming any semblance of manners, Edward rolled his eyes at me and lifted his hand.

"Check please!" he called out.

A/N: :)) I couldn't help it. I just had to give Tan a happy ending. And I had to do it in a funny way. For the record, a) it was really fun writing B/E as a married couple b) I love making Tanya bitchy because we know she's not really a bitch c) Peter is CUUUUUTE.

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