Photos for his Angel

Fang sighed, leaning over to clean the lens of his camera. He was just about to head out to get some snapshots of this amazing landscape he's passed earlier today-


Fang grumbled nonsense and turned around coming face to face with Max. "Yes, Maximum?" he muttered. Max frowned at him. "I told you not to call me that. Anyways, where are you going?"

Fang sighed again and shifted his hold on his precious camera. "I'm going to a landscape, for a photo shoot." he said shortly. Max scowled at him. "All you ever do is take stupid photos, what about me?" she demanded.

Fang glared at her. "My photos are not stupid. And I'll only be gone for a few hours, Maximum."

Max hissed,"I told you to stop calling me that! All you do is sit in that stupid study and work! And the few hours you're not, you're out somewhere taking photos!" she yelled, her voice rising with each word. Fang winced. "Maximum-"

"Don't call me that!"

Fang rolled his eyes. Ever since the flock had spilt up and they'd gotten together, she'd been annoyingly high-strung. "Max," he groaned, "You know that's not true . I've been busy, We've got bills to pay, and these photos help, believe it or not."he exhaled.

Max bared her teeth at him, "I work too! I know about this stuff! So stop with the high and mighty act already!" she snatched the camera from Fang's unsuspecting hands. "You need to get out from behind this camera for once! I can't remember the last time we had a decent conversation!"she screeched.

Fang narrowed his eyes. "Maximum. Give. Back. My. Camera." he growled. Max shrieked with rage and threw it at his chest.

"Take it! I never want to see you or your stupid camera ever again!" she yelled, tears beginning their descent down her reddened face. Fang ran a hand over his tired face. Really, the last few months had been so tiring for him. If it wasn't for Iggy's weekly phone calls, he'd probably gone and left California.


That one thought lingered in Fang's mind longer than the rest. His flawless pale skin and his irresistibly thick strawberry blonde hair. His pale speckled wings, his seductive voice, his pale blue eyes that seemed to stare right through you even though he was blind. He was beautiful, Fang's own version of an angel. Perfectly fitted to Fang's own tastes and expectations. Lately,he'd been so concerned for Fang and his well-being, it was touching. He only wished he could hold Iggy though, instead of having to settle for hearing his alluring voice through the phone, calling, beckoning Fang to him...

"DIDN'T YOU HEAR ME, GET OUT!" Max cried shrilly.

Fang was rudely snapped out of his thoughts by an enraged and crying Max. Fang nodded slowly. Shuffling, he exited the room and grabbed their largest suitcase, his camera bag, and a backpack. He packed his clothing and other personal belongings in his suitcase before stuffing his photos and other paperwork in his backpack with his laptop,carefully, stowing his camera in it's bag. Dazed, he dragged his suitcase back to the front door of the apartment. Max stood by the door, glaring through the tears that silently streaked down her face. "Out." she whispered.

Fang heaved his backpack up and over his shoulder and looped his camera bag over his neck. With one hand he grabbed his suitcase. "Goodbye, Maximum." he whispered. Max only glared in reply. Slowly, he exited the apartment, listening to the door slam close and lock with a firm 'click' behind him. He pulled out his cellphone. His first instinct was to call Iggy, so he did. A few rings later, his angel picked up.


"Ig, she kicked me out."

"...I'm already buying your plane ticket. You can pick it up in ten."

"Thanks, Ig."

"Anything for you Fang."

For the first time in months, Fang truly smiled. He exited the apartment building and hailed a taxi. He was going to see his angel again.

He was going to see Iggy again.

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