Hello its been a long time hows every one doing? I decided to rewrite my fanfic to get back the feeling I had back when I initially wrote it.
Since I had figured out some more of the plot lines this version would be more sounded story wise
so any how without further ado lets start

key:by themselves mean
name: dialog
just general words is just me narrating the story

The cure Born From Courage

(we begin the story with Natsuki's mom at the bottom step of the stairs leading into the 2nd floor)
Natsuki's mom: Natsuki, Natsuki you'll be late if you sleep anymore than that!
While Natsuki's mom shouting at her daughter to wake up, her daughter Natsuki is sleeping on her bed with her reddish hair (whom she inherited from her equally redheaded mother) disheveled , messy and generally all over the place like a lions mane, and below her left eye is a faint scar and finally
Natsuki : (eyes closed ) just 5 more min (opens one eye to revel her eye golden in color and sees the clock pointing at 7:45) uggg, MOOOOOOM!
(at the bottom of the stairs)
Natsuki's mom closing her eyes and putting her hand on her head
Natsuki's mom: oh boy, that girl
(on the second floor in the bathroom)
Natsuki trying to simultaneously brush her hair and teeth and washing her face at the same time
Natsuki:(thinking to her self) shoot I missed morning practice captain is going to be mad
Natsuki's mom: (from downstairs) Natsuki I made you toast hurry up
(and back to downstairs in the kitchen )
Natsuki' mom:she's going to be late again
and she said while sighing
and she raises her head at the sound of bang bang bang and grabs the toast and hands it to Natuski
Natuski: well Im off
she places the toast into her mouth and rushes to the door

(inside the classroom of 1st year class A)
ding dong dang dong chimed the bell and the sound of doors being sledded open and Natsuki rushed in
Natsuki:(out of breath) safe
and opens her hands in a manner most anime fans should know
teacher: nope
an she hits Natsuki on the head with a notebook
in the class room a green haired girl is sighing , a blue haired girl is smiling at the very manga and anime like scene, and last but not least a yellow hared girl who I trying to calm all the laughing children down but with no luck
teacher: daihou-san go stand outside please
Natsuki: ok

and the bell rings for lunch all the students gather their chairs and desk into groups with they're cliques and our protagonist sits with a green haired girl who's name is Aiyuu
Natsuki: Aiyuu- sama please lend me some of your lunch
clasping both of her hand together
Aiyuu: well that cant be helped seeing you well late to class once again
chuckles a bit
Aiyuu: how many times is it now
begins to place some of the rice and topping on to a top of her bento box to give to Natsuki
Aiyuu: there there eat now
gives to Natsuki while patting her on the head
Natsuki: Im not a dog!
They later asked for someone to give them a pair of chopsticks for natsuki's use
Natsuki: ne Ai~ I cant walk home with you today
Aiyuu: oh is it because you weren't there today for morning practice and your captain is going to give you an earful
Natsuki: oh how you know
Aiyuu: well I know all about you
Natsuki: darn it

(after school its around 5)
Natsuki: even if she yells at me it wont change the fact that im still going to be late
she says while running home and looking down
?:Kyoko hurry I sensed something this way
a blond short haired boy around as tall as Natsuki is running while staring back at another blond person while his face but with longer hair
and suddenly both run into each other with both of them falling down and the guy slowly gets up and reaches his hand out
?:can you get up ?
Natsuki: thanx
Natsuki grabs his hand and looks up and they make eye contact, and for that moment the background turns white and time almost stood still
and Natsuki gets up
Kari: uno onii-chan the feeling is gone now
?: ah you're right , sorry for bumping into you
Natsuki: no its alright
both of them turn at the corner and natsuki instinctively followed them only to find the corner where they turned empty (save for 2 yellow colored cats with weird marks on they're foreheads )
Natsuki: Ok thats weird what ever I dont get paid enough to worry about people disappearing actually I dont get paid at all,
as she was walking she steps on something
Natsuki: huh (she bends down to find a 100 yen coin) ok

(the next morning in Natsuki bathroom)
Natsuki is brushing hair
Natsuki : well I dont have morning practice today so for once I might be early today

(outside on the street)
Natsuki is walking to school while munching on some bread and as she is walking she hears a crash in the opposite direction of the school
Natsuki: oh did something happen? Oh well I dont get paid enough to worry about sudden explosions in the morning actually I dont get paid at all (she then finds 100 yen coin and a 10 yen coin) oh (sweat drops) fine (starts running)

(place of explosion many people (mostly students and people who are out for a early walk/jog) are running away and in the center of all the commotion a women with dark red hair spiky where her head is making it look like a flame the person also has golden eyes)
?women: haha silly humans (holds out a shiny red gem, it starts glowing a dark red glow) you silly people of Land of Gates, your only use is for our queen. (the red gem is now taking energy from the people who are running away and the people faint)
Natsuki: what are you doing?
?Women: how are you still up (the red gem glows a bit) oh I see very well I will tell you 3 peaces of information you better remember it, 1 (holds out one finger) my name is Ruby, 2 (holds out 2 fingers) this gem here is a ruby 1 half of the legendary Land of Jewels treasure, 3 (3 fingers) now that you know this I cant let you out alive.
Natsuki: HAA! Then why tell me (snaps wrist back in a manzai style)
Ruby: Go Dark Ruby (holds out the ruby and a flash of dark red light lands on a tree)
the tree is then consumed by darkness and turns into a tree monster
Natsuki: I dont get paid enough for this (starts running)
Natsuiki runs but the tree uses razor leaf (by the way you cant run from a trainer battle )
?: watch out (bloks the razor leaf and its super effective)
being hit by the razor leaf ? loses 48 hp and a white puff of air pops out and when it fades away only a cat is left behind
Natsuki: cat!? (holds the cat up) you're a cat
?: Im not a CAT! (jumps) Im a tiger Kyo (points to a mark on his back) name's Kyon by the way, (bows) nice to meet you Kyo
Kyoko: it not the time for that (snaps wrist in a manzai style and grabs Kyon and Natsuki's hand and starts running) name's Kyoko
Dark tree: arrrrrr (uses vine whip)
Natsuki: watch out ! (runs a blocks Kyoko and Kyon)
A flash of red light appears
Natsuki:(slowly opens eyes) huh (holds out hands to check them) huh Im not hurt
?voice: you are one of the legendary warriors of Jewels. Here take this (gives a jewel phone to Natsuki)
Natsuki: a smart phone?
?Voice: just say Precure elemental up in a very loud voice
Natsuki: Oh well I dont get paid enough to worry about a monster attacking me and a person turning into a cat, wait no a tiger and a monster attacking me and then a light suddenly appearing out of nowhere and a voice telling me about Precures and what not and asking me to shout something weird actually I dont get paid at all
?voice: thank you for summing up the past few minutes
Natsuki: no its my job , Any how Precure elemental up!
Transformation scene please imagin that your self I dont get paid (more like I don't get paid) the describe underage girls clothing being changed by sparkling lights
Cure Flare: The fire of courage Cure Flare
why dont monster just attack when people are transforming is beyond me
Cure Flare: hey that would ruin the story
powers included with being a precure is breaking the fourth wall huh
Cure Flare: what forth wall?
Kyoko: uno who are you talking to?
Kyon: you're a legendary warrior precure
Dark Ruby: you idiot attack (points at the tree monster who is sad because his razor leaf was blocked by a protect)
cure flare jumps and kicks the tree the three falls down and uses razor leaf, cure flare doges and uses ember the tree roots sets on fire
Kyon : now Cure Flare Finnish it!
Cure flare: ok , The power of courage, (the gem on her uniform glows red) ruby fire (hlods out hands and a flamethrower is produced) hey do you have to use pokemon terminology to describe the fights ( no but, shut up im the writer)
the tree is returned to normal and Cure Flare detranforms
Natuski: (looks at the time ) oh no Im going to be late
Natsuki starts running and thats what you get for dissing the writer -.- then as she is running panels show that Kyon and Kyoko are sweatdroping

and now for your chibi styled preview (H) means human form
Kyoko(H): if a precure is like you im worried about our future
Kyon(H): well she seemed nice
Natsuki : I got yelled at again (sigh)
Aiyuu: Ki~
Natsuki: oh no its Ai

Natsuki: next time The Second Precure is Born from friendship