Severus had always know that he was more likely to respond to verbal attacks with physical violence, but two things changed how little he remembered. One was the birth of his godson. The fact that he felt that Draco should be his son was part of it, but Draco's ability to play with the shadows brought back the memories of the life they had lived. Two was the day Lily died and he met Harry. He knew that Lily had thought that Harry was a metamorpagus, but the minute he saw Harry, he knew the truth. But he also knew that he couldn't fight Dumbledore, so he just wished harry luck and hoped that Petunia got what was coming to her.


Fred and George were much more that twins, because they were the same being in two bodies. They always knew that they had once been two different Greeds, but this time they decided to channel their greed into something different – getting everyone to laugh and by their products.

They personally didn't care if the others were alive because all that mattered to them was their joke products.


Draco never saw Lucius as his father. No, his father was Wrath, and Father was the creator. Severus understood, of course, and tried to make sure that Draco got away as often as he could manage.

The only one of the seven sins that Draco missed was Envy – the rest were so terribly boring and Wrath was the one who had dealt with them anyway.


Neville ignored his relatives squawking that he was a squib. He really didn't care, they weren't his family and he had no reason to work for them. He was just fine sitting and watching clouds, waiting until he met his family once again.


Hermione never wanted to be like she had been last time – useless and fat. While she still wanted to be with Lust-sama, she decided to turn her insatiable desire to devour to books – reading everything she could get her hands on. So she too waited until she could be reunited with her family.


Luna was exacting with her appearance. She, best out of all of them, knew the power of beauty. Unfortunately, her knowledge of her past life and the fact that she humored her parents with their insane ideas meant that most people thought she was crazy as well. But she knew that revenge was a dish best served cold – freezing at best – and her family – Envy and Gluttony in particular – would be more than willing to help her exact it.


Harry received all of his memories on that cold Halloween night. Luckily for Harry, Dumbledore never checked up on him. Because Harry suffered his "family's" actions for all of two weeks before he decided to leaving – after giving his "loving" "family" exactly what they deserved. So, thirteen days after being dumped in the Dursley's doorstep, Harry stretched himself into something more appropriate and left to travel the new world he inhabited, and destroyed the Dursley's precious normality as he went.


Fred and George weren't going to use an inherited wand that wouldn't even work for them. So they sneaked off the to the wand shop in Knockturn Alley (where the others would eventually go). Their wands were almost perfect twins, sharing as they did the same wood and core. Both were made of strangler fig and the core was the powdered claws of a dragon with a hoard as large as Gringotts Bank – the right for Fred and the left for George.

Draco, of course, got the standard Ollivander's wand – which only barely worked – but Wrath almost immediately took him to the shop where he had gotten his true wand – that of bloodwood and Mackled Malaclaw vemon. Draco's wand, on the other hand, was maple and one of Argus's eyes.

Neville snuck off to the shop because, even if it was more work, he knew better that to work with a wand that didn't fit. His wand ended up being made from a branch of the Whomping Willow and Re'em blood.

Hermione, in a fit of pique, skived off of summer camp to get her second wand – because, really, there was no need for her to go anymore. Her wand was made of papyrus and sphinx hair.

Luna – who had managed to convince Dumbledore to let her come a year early – simply walked down Knockturn Alley. After all, if no one was going to ask her where she was going, why bother hiding? Her wand was made of apple and siren hair.

Harry strode down the dark alley without a care. That stupid wandmaker had forced him to take a horribly unacceptable wand of holly and phoenix feather, and there was no way Harry was going to use a wand that didn't work and was a sibling Voldemort's. Besides, the wand shop in Knockturn Alley was much better. He left with a properly attuned wand of elder and selkie fur.

Come Together

They, naturally, all meet on the Hogwarts Express.

The Greeds meet Envy when helping Envy board the train. They ask in fake awe if he is Harry Potter, so he changes his appearance in annoyance and angrily retorts, "Of course you'd be interested in the famous person, Greeds-chan." The identical looks of shock on their faces made Envy smirk, an action which the Greeds then matched and replied, "Well then, we'll find you later, Envy-kun." Which, of course, they did.

The next meeting was between Lust and Envy, as Lust waltzed into his compartment and refused to budge. She then looks at Envy and informs him that he should have sent her letters. Envy's response is to mutter under his breath about forgetting how annoying Lust could be when she wanted something.

This meant that when the Greeds returned to talk to Envy – after ensuring that their annoying "little brother" didn't bother them – they also got to meet Lust. However, at the same moment Sloth and Gluttony were meeting. Sloth had "lost" his toad – not like he wanted it in the first place – and was "trying" to find it. gluttony was looking for her Lust-sama and ran, literally, into Sloth. After that, it was easy enough for Gluttony to convince Sloth-baka to help her find Lust. Whom they found, along with everyone else.

Pride was angrily wandering the train with his two annoying bookends looking for Harry Potter on his father's orders, when he came across the compartment with the other Sins. So not only did he find Potter, he found his family. Waving the bookends to go retrieve any missing belongings, Pride sandwiched himself next to Envy and imparted to his family the information that Wrath was back at the castle as the Potion's Professor – a revelation that shocked the Greeds.


The Greeds were already in Gryffindor, of course, but only because they had threatened the hat three years ago and told it that they weren't sneaky enough for Slytherin.

Lust and Gluttony both go to Ravenclaw – Lust had already been planning to, and even without Gluttony's love of learning she would've followed her Lust-sama.

Sloth went to Hufflepuff – partly because no other house fit him, but also because he was completely loyal to those he considered family.

Pride and Envy both went to Slytherin. To the Sins it was obvious that they would both go to a house that was known for its cunning and deception, but everyone else seemed incredibly shocked that Envy – or Harry potter, as they preferred – would go to the snake pit.

AN: This is based off of the manga, not either of the shows. I've read all of the manga, but only seen a little bit of the show. This is also becoming its own story in response to the poll, so I hope eveyone likes it! The song is Come Together by the Beatles.

Wands: Wrath – The wood comes from an Australian Eucalyptus tree which has sap the color of blood (also, the heartwood of the tree is blood red) and I choose the core of Mackled Malaclaw venom because it makes one incredibly unlucky once it enters the bloodstream. (thank you My Ashland!)

Sloth – His wand just closely matched how he looks in the manga – Whomping Willow because in the manga he was like a troll and acted a lot like the Willow as he attacked only when provoked and his core is Re'em's blood which increases ones strength when drunk.

Pride – I chose maple because it symbolizes balance and practicality, and Pride was very practical in the manga, and the Argus is from Greek myth and had one hundred eyes – which reminded me of Pride's shadows.

Lust – Apple is the wood of fertility and love, while sirens are another set of beings from Greek myth that lured sailors to death with their hauntingly beautiful songs.

Greeds – Strangler fig trees grow on other trees and survive by leeching nutrients from them, and the dragon claw should be obvious.

Gluttony – Her wand is a mix of her old and new life. Papyrus reeds were used in Egypt to make paper and sphinx have two aspects. In Egypt, they were guardians, while in Greece they were savage beasts who told riddles and devoured those who couldn't answer them. .

Envy – Elder has the meaning of death and transformation, while selkies are Irish mythological creatures who can shed their skin and transform from seal to human.

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