Adventure Time!

Come on grab your friends!

We'll go to very… distant lands!

Cake the Cat

And Fionna the Human!

The fun will never ends!

Adventure Time!

Slumber Party Panic

Fionna stood with Prince Gumball in the Candy Cemetery while Cake and Lord Monochromocorn ran around playfully. "Three more drops of explosive diarrhea," Gumball thought aloud as he dropped said ingredient in a beaker. A skull-shaped cloud puffed out of the beaker. "Ooo," Fionna hummed, watching the cloud disappear. "Hey Prince Gumball, when we bring the dead back to life will it be filled with worms?" Fionna asked excitedly. "No. If my decorpseinator serum works, all of the dead Candy People will look as young and healthy as you do," Gumball told her. Fionna cheered and did a flip, proving her young energy.

"Pick up that platter, tough girl," Gumball laughed. Fionna picked up a silver plate covered by a dish. She opened the lid, revealing the corpse of a dead Candy Person. "Old Miss Creampuff?" she asked as she realized who it was. Gumball laughed and explained, "We used to date."

Gumball applied the serum to the lifeless corpse, causing it to glow. "Something's happening!" Fionna exclaimed. "Come on, come on, work!" she cheered the serum on, crossing her fingers. The corpse of Miss Creampuff rose and moaned. "Algebraic!" Fionna cheered. "Wait, Fi. Something's wrong," Gumball noted.

"SUGAR!" a newly zombie-fied Miss Creampuff groaned. Serum shot out of her mouth and eyes. "EW!" Fionna and Gumball exclaimed at the same time. The zombie Miss Creampuff jumped off of the table and into a giant beaker containing the decorpseinator serum. The serum inside started to glow, and the whole beaker cracked and fell over, the contents spilling out and all over the cemetery. "Look! The decorpseinator serum is working!" Fionna said happily. "No, this is wrong! They're not coming back to life, they're still dead! The decorpseinator serum-it's incomplete!" Gumball cried worriedly.

"SUGAR!" the screams of the zombies filled the cemetery. "Oh, this is really bad!" Gumball cried, starting to pace the small area. "They're going to be attracted to the Candy Kingdom!" he shrieked. "Why?" Fionna asked, confused. "Because, the Candy People are made of Sugar you ding-dong!" Gumball answered.

Miss Creampuff attached herself to Gumball's arm. "Gimme some sugar baby," she growled. "Chew on this!" Fionna screamed, kicking her off of the Prince. "Good one, Fi!" Gumball said, slapping her a high-five. "Quickly, to the Kingdom!" he said, getting serious again.

The two raced out of the cemetery, Fionna stopping briefly to kick a few zombies away. They reached the Candy Castle and Gumball ran up to the bell tower. He rang it repeatedly, calling out, "All citizens of the Candy Kingdom, report to the castle immediately!"

The people in the Candy village below mumbled in confusion before following their Prince's commands. "Hurry, sweet citizens," Gumball whispered, seeing the zombies slowly approaching in the distance.

Fionna stood at the large doors, helping the new arrivals. "Alright, you heard da Prince," she said, waving the Candy People in. "No shoving!" she scolded. "Girl, what's up?" Cake asked as she arrived at the door. "The Prince will explain everything," Fionna reassured her, shepherding her in with the others. "Tree Trunks, get those hot buns in here, dude!" she called out. A small green elephant with a mustache, carrying a basket full of steaming sticky buns sauntered in. "Oh, I hope it's not bad news," he said in his old-fashioned southern accent.

Prince Gumball joined Fionna by the doors. Everyone turned to face them. "Did we get everyone?" Fionna questioned. "All present and accounted for," Maya, the talking Piñata said. "Thanks Maya," Fionna said, happily. "You're welcome," Maya answered.

Fionna turned to Gumball, ready for him to explain the zombie situation. "Citizens! We are assembled here for a momentous announcement. Tonight we will be having…a slumber party!" he announced, causing the Candy People to cheer, and Fionna's mouth to drop open in shock. "What?" she shrieked. "What about the zom-" Gumball effectively cut her off by placing his hand over her mouth. "GO ahead and start partying!" Gumball called, dragging Fionna away.

"But Prince, the undead!" Fionna said around Gumball's hand. "We'll be right back everyone," Gumball said, pulling Fionna to the lab. "Whoo, you get 'em girl!" Cake called at the two.

AS soon as they were out of ear shot, Gumball turned to Fionna. "Fi, the Candy people can't know about the zombies," he said seriously. "Wha?" the young adventuress was confused. "If they knew, they would flip out," Gumball explained. "What do you mean 'flip out'?" Fionna asked. "I mean, they would flip out!"

In the Cemetery:

Starchy the gravedigger arrived at the cemetery with a large shovel. "Prince? It's me, Starchy the gravedigger. I brought you a larger corpse shovel!" she was greeted by silence. "Prince?" she called out again. "Well, I'll just wait for you here then. By the mausoleum. With my back turned. And my de-fenses lowered."

A zombie jumped out from behind a grave and stood in front of Starchy. "AHHH!" she screamed. She started to hyperventilate, then exploded in a bright flash.

Back at the Castle:

"Candy People explode when they get scared?" Fionna squeaked.

"Not telling the Candy People about the zombies is so important, that you need to promise-Royal Promise-not to let anyone find out about the zombies; ever." Fionna nodded. "Okay, sure," she agreed. "No, Fi. You have to Royal Promise!" Gumball said, trying to make Fionna see just how important it was. "Yes, I Royal Promise," Fionna said, holding her hand over her heart.

Gumball smiled and said, "Now I must cloister myself in the lab and finish the equation for my decorpseinator serum. You keep the Candy folk distracted and ignorant. Can you do that?" "Yes, your highness," Fionna answered. "Good. Don't tell anyone about the zombies. Never ever!" he warned one more time before disappearing into the lab.

"No, wait! Can I at least tell Cake?" she called after the Prince. "Tell me what?" Cake appeared next to her sister, eating a doughnut. "Oh you know, about the outbreak of zom-" Fionna cut herself off by covering her mouth with her hand.

Cake giggled. "Alright, what's going on?" she asked accusingly. "Uh, nothing at all, buddy!" Fionna said. She laughed awkwardly and ran into the foyer. "Hey, dude. I think you and Gumball are up to something," Cake accused. "Heh, what? No way," Fionna said, trying not to be too obvious. "Whoa, you guys are up to something! Is it a prank? Can I get in on it?" Cake asked excitedly.

"Who wants to play 'Truth or Dare'?" Fionna asked, changing the subject. A few of the Candy People gathered around in a small circle. "Chocoberry! You may ask someone to tell a deep truth, or give them a saucy dare," Fionna said, grinning. "Hm," Chocoberry hummed in his strange accent. "Miss Cupcake. Truth, or dare?" he challenged. "Dare!" Miss Cupcake immediately answered. "I dare you to take off your wrapper!"

Everyone in the circle "Ooh"'d. Cake shouldered Fionna. "Hey, seriously dude. I'm your sis. Sis's are supposed to tell sis's everything all the time!" she whispered. "What are you and Gumball up to? Is everything alright?" Fionna laughed nervously. "Yep, fine! Everything's great, hehe." A crinkling sound drifted over to the girls. "Except for that-whoa," Fionna said, looking at a now wrapper-less Miss Cupcake.

"I didn't know she was chocolate!" Peppermint Maid exclaimed as Miss Cupcake sat back down.

"Cake, truth or dare?"


"Do you prefer chocolate, or fudge?"

Cake thought for a moment. "I can't eat chocolate or fudge, 'coz I'm a cat and it'd probably kill me. But probably… neither! Haha!" Everyone laughed at Cake's response. "Fio! Truth or dare!" she challenged. "Dare!" Fionna said eagerly, ignoring the pet name "Fio". She knew that if she picked truth, Cake would probably make her tell about the zombies, and if she picked dare, Cake would probably think of something incredibly dangerous or embarrassing to do.

"I dare you…to tell me the truth about what's going on in your mind. What were you and Gumball talking about when you were alone together?"

This brought on another round of "Ooh!"'s from the crowd. "Umm…ahh… the truth is…" she trailed off as she imagined Prince Gumball. "You promised you wouldn't freaking tell anyone!" he scolded. "Awh, you're so cute, Fi!" he added, his voice much softer and kinder.

"The truth is…that I'd rather play Doge Socks!" she exclaimed. She threw her sock at her sister's face. "Dude, I'm not playing dodge socks until you stop dodging my question!" Cake said, annoyed. She sniffed the sock on her face. "Old Miss Creampuff?" she asked, kind of scared. "Isn't she…dead?" the last word was barely a whisper.

Fionna panicked. "Hey, gimmie my sock back! Dodge Socks was a bad idea!" she exclaimed, trying to snatch her sock back from her feline sister.

"Whoa. Look dude, just tell what's up 'cause you are crazier than a cannonball, tonight!"

Fionna glanced out of the window behind her sister. You could easily see the zombies now.

Oh my goodness! Prince hasn't finished the equation yet and the zombies are here! She thought.

"I, uh, just want this slumber party to be super fun. And if I did have something to tell you, I would. In a second. It would make my life easier, unless there was something stopping me, like a promise. But there isn't. So I won't. So it's cool," she rambled on to Cake.

A zombie arose in the window behind Cake. "SUGAR!" it moaned. Fionna quickly shut the shutters. "You lost me," Cake said, confused. Fionna was desperate for something to change the subject.

"Hey, you know what time it is?" she asked nervously. "Adventure time?" Cake guessed. "No, time for Seven Minutes on Mars!" Fionna answered. "You're first!" she cheered. "Lord Monochromocorn! In the closet with Cake!" Fionna exclaimed. LM tapped something out in Morris code and joined Cake in the small closet.

"Heh, okay, okay, alright," Cake laughed as Fionna closed the door. "But in seven minutes, I'm gonna come out and make you spill your beans, Fi!" Fionna ran to the window, where the horde of zombies was growing ever closer. "I can't hear you all the way on Mars!" she called behind her.

"Does anyone else hear that?"

Fionna turned around to see Cher looking around, scared. The other Candy People began to notice the thumping on the walls that the zombies were causing. "Hear what? I don't hear anything," the young girl tried to reassure the people. "I hear something that I don't understand…and it makes me…scared!" Cher said, starting to shake violently.

Fionna had a sudden idea.

"What, no. What noise? You mean…" she ran over to a radio by the door and switched it on, "This noise?" The thumping from the zombies and the worried murmurs of the Candy People was drowned out by the loud music. "Oh," Cher said, starting to laugh.

The Candy People all started laughing and dancing. "Whoo! Yeah, bust it up!" Fionna cheered over the music. She noticed the door starting to creak open. A zombie materialized from behind it. "Ah!" Fionna grabbed the nearest thing-a table- and ran to the door.

"What is this game you are playing right now, Fi?" Chocoberry asked. Fionna barricaded the door with the table and said, "Uhh, it's… Block…ado; the game of barricades!" she lied. "Heh, come on! Let's block all the entrances and windows!" she yelled, trying not to let the fear show in her voice. The Candy People cheered and immediately started boarding the doors and windows, effectively keeping the zombies out, at least until Fionna could think of another plan.

She leaned against the door. "Alright, this is not a permanent solution. Think, Fionna! How can you keep everyone from finding out?" she thought aloud to herself.

"Find out about what, Fi?"

Fionna looked up and saw Maya, the talking Piñata. "Maya, the talking piñata! Your convenient appearance gives me a great idea!" she said, a thought striking her.

"Alright everyone, grab a stick! New game!" she called out, causing the Candy People to stop barricading. "We're gonna smash some pinatas!" "WHAT?" Maya cried, shaking on her string. "Except for you, Maya!" Fionna added. "Oh thank goodness!" Maya sighed.

"Now everyone don these blindfolds," she said, tearing some strips off of Taffy Guy. "Thanks, Taffy guy," she whispered to him. She ran through the crowd of Candy people, already swinging their sticks. "Alright everybody, get together!" she called as she reached the doors. "I'm hanging the piñatas!" she said in a sing-song voice as the zombies busted through the barricades. "They're all around you!" she announced as they started closing in on the Candy peeps. "SMASH SOME PINATAS!" Fionna cheered.

There were sticks flying everywhere. Zombies were smashed, and glittering candy fell out of them as Fionna shouted words of encouragement. The Candy People laughed as the ate the sparkling candy, exclaiming things such as, "It is so tasty!"

Soon, all the Candy Zombies were smashed and the Candy People stood happily eating their rewards. "Yes, my improbable plan worked!" Fionna cheered to herself. The closet opened and Cake and LM filed out. "Whew! Seven minutes up yet?" she asked, not noticing the carnage." She picked up a jelly doughnut and stuffed the whole thing in her mouth. Only then did she notice all of the Candy corpse's.

"What the nuts happened here?" she exclaimed, running over to Fionna. "Oh, we killed all the zombies that Prince Gumball and I raised from the dead," Fionna said casually. "Really?" Cake exclaimed. Then she froze.

Everything froze.

"Cake?" Fionna asked, scared. "What's going on?" silence answered her. Gumball entered the room through one of his many secret entrances. "Fi! Did you break your Royal Promise?" he exclaimed. "Yeah, but, I mean, all the zombies are dead. The Candy People won't freak out anymore. What's the big deal?" Fionna asked, shocked. "This is really, really bad Fi. You can't break Royal Promises; Never, ever, never, no matter what, forever!" he scolded her. The room started shaking. "The Guardians of the Royal Promise are coming for us!"

A giant hand busted through the ceiling and grabbed Fionna and Gumball. It pulled them outside into the sky. "Whoa!" Fionna and Gumball cried.

"Fionna the Human, you have broken a Royal Promise for which the penalty is trial by fire," one of two giant gumball machines exclaimed. The other one started breathing fire. "That's stupid," Fionna complained, not at all bothered by the fire.

"Wait, she's my friend! Isn't there another option?" Gumball pleaded. "Yes," one of the guardians answered. "Because you care for the promise-breaker, we will give her a less hot trial," he said as the other guardian stopped breathing fire. "You must now answer…"

"MATH QUESTIONS!" both of the guardians said in-synch.

"Mathematical!" Fionna cheered. "Fi, you're terrible at math," Gumball sighed. "Awh," Fionna complained. "Now, solve…this!" one of the guardians instructed. The other displayed a complicated math problem with many numbers, symbols, moving charts, and pictures that Fionna didn't understand.

"Uhh…" Fionna trailed off, trying to make at least some since of the strange numbers. "Wait, I thought of a better one," the guardian holding the problem said, switching the display to say "2+2" in large numbers. "Yes! Two plus two! Solve it or die!" the other guardian exclaimed. "Uh, four, right?" Fionna asked, unsure why they changed the question to such an easy one. The guardians laughed. "Oh correct," one of them said when they realized that Fionna got it right.

Both of the guardians' heads exploded simultaneously. Everything started happening in reverse. "What's happening, Prince?" Fionna asked over all of the noise. "You've defeated the broken Royal Promise! The guardians are resetting!" As he said this, he and Fionna were magically transported back to his lab.

"Slamacow! That was tops!" Fionna cheered, "Who's not good at math? I was all, 'FOUR'!" "Four," Gumball repeated, looking at his equation. "Four? Four! That's it! The answer was so simple! I was too smart to see it!" he exclaimed, rushing over to the board. "You're welcome," Fionna said smugly. "Four is the last figure I needed to perfect my decorpseinator serum!"

The serum was complete, and Fionna and Gumball started applying it to people. "Whoo!" Fionna cheered as she revived zombie after zombie. "This is messed up," Cake said, watching her sister run around, bringing people back to life. "But sweet," she added.

"Uncle Chewy!"


"All my dead relatives!"

The Candy Castle was filled with cheers of happiness from everyone as they reunited with their dead friends. "Starchy!" Cake yelled, noticing the small girl. "Mornin'!" Starchy cheered back.

Cake walked over to her sister. "Whoa, you broke a Royal Promise?" she exclaimed, slapping Fionna on the arm. "You're nuts. All you had to do is say it was a Royal Secret. I know what's up," she informed her. "I hope you grasped the full consequences of breaking promises," Prince Gumball scolded the young girl.

"Heck yeah!" Fionna cheered. "If I break a Royal Promise, I get to fight zombies, throw slumber parties, awaken giant guardians, and…and…" she could barely speak from all of her excitement. "Alright, alright," Gumball cut her off, laughing. "And reverse death itself!" Fionna finished anyway.

"Oh you are adorable," Gumball sighed, throwing one arm around Fionna. "But keep your promises, okay?" "Okay, Prince," Fionna answered him. She felt a strange gnawing on her leg, and looked down. She saw Starchy biting on it. "Starchy, you're not a zombie," Fionna laughed, picking the small candy girl up. "I can't help it, flesh is delicious!" she explained. "You're delicious!" Fionna smiled, squeezing Starchy. "Hehehehe don't squeeze me, I'll fart!"

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