Hello, everyone! Surprised to see a chapter ten? Don't be too excited, this isn't part of the Vampire Monkey story, it's a message.

Antauri: See, we've gotten reviews that state that the ending of Vampire Monkey was…

Gibson: Unsatisfactory.

SPRX: Oh, nice word, Brainstain… I was gonna go more with… crap. The ending sucked.

It didn't suck!

SPRX: You! I don't like you right now. Forcing me to lie to Antauri when he has never told me anything but the truth.

Antauri: -awkward cough- right…

Nove: WELL! This is not to tell the world about our problems with the ending, it's about something new.


Antauri: Yes, Reza, for the first time in her life, is continuing a story line… and actually posting it!

SPRX: The name of the new fic will be… Confessions of an Undead Simian…

Otto: XD That sounds funny!

Mandarin: Please look out for it and review! Thanks to everyone who followed this story!

I LOVES YOU ALL! –Reza hug time-