Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow


The wind howled, crying out its fury as it raced across the gray sand of a dead world. Through the Door, Sailor Pluto could see the fallen columns of the Moon Castle, the brilliant white marble now faded to look as dull and lifeless as the rest of that forlorn world. She was born in that castle, the only child of the last Plutonian. How could a city built by gods be destroyed by mere mortals?

"It doesn't matter. It's all transient. At this moment the Moon Kingdom has been destroyed, but in another, different moment, the young Queen Serenity has just been crowned, ushering in its Golden Age. That is the nature of time."

Sailor Pluto didn't bother to acknowledge her father, instead berating herself for letting the past sneak up on her. She could hear the quiet laughter and muffled voices floating through Charon Castle's grand ballroom as all the beautiful courtiers enjoyed their last moments of life together. It was on this night that the great monstrous creature, the Fury, came from the depths of space and destroyed the House of Pluto. Only her mother Ananke will survive and flee to seek refuge in the Moon Castle. There Queen Serenity will use the Silver Crystal to destroy the Fury, but it would be far too late for the Plutonians. With her dying breath her mother will give birth to the future Sailor Pluto, the last princess of an empty planet.

Her father, Chronos, stepped up beside her and looked out the door. Together, father and daughter watched the slaughter of the Earth Prince and the young Princess Serenity by the bloodthirsty Beryl. "She should not have died like that," Sailor Pluto muttered bitterly.

"'Should' has nothing to do with it," Chronos scolded. "It happened and it is happening and it will happen. You cannot change time."

"How do you know?" Sailor Pluto demanded and with the crack of her staff a silent hush fell over the ballroom. Sailor Pluto blushed as her long-dead subjects turned their eyes toward her. She was creating a scene. Well, what did it matter if she embarrassed herself? This was the past. Every single person in this room was dead.

Sailor Pluto watched as her mother gave out a high, fake laugh in an attempt to cover her daughter's bad manners. "Shall we adjourn to the dining hall?" Queen Ananke inquired, her stomach heavy with the unborn princess that was standing in front of them. She led the fawning courtiers away to eat their last meal. Chronos stayed put, however, and merely regarded his daughter with solemn eyes.

"You never even tried to change the future, not once!" Sailor Pluto accused, quieter now than before. "You know so much! You know – you all know – what's going to happen, don't you? In a few hours you're all going to be destroyed! And yet, you do nothing!"

Chronos shook his head. "You think like a Moon girl, not a Plutonian. Of course we know what's going to happen. We've always known. Because it has happened. Time is not some linear progression, where one thing happens and then another and then another. All of time is happening right now at this very moment, all of it. All of the past and all of the present and all of the future is happening simultaneously." Chronos crossed his arms and looked back out through the Door. Sailor Pluto followed his gaze and saw herself, an older version of herself at least, with Sailor Neptune and Sailor Uranus. Their talismans start – starting, started – to react and then…

Sailor Pluto pulled the Door shut swiftly, leaving her alone once more in the mist of a lost dimension. Her father was gone again, dead with the rest of the Plutonians. Sailor Pluto leaned against her staff and sighed. She remembered Princess Serenity; she had met her once a long time ago yesterday when the Princess accidentally stumbled onto the Space-Time Door. She had been nice and kind and Sailor Pluto had been so lonely. She had opened the Door and showed the princess the birth of her own beautiful moon. In the blink of an eye the two of them watched as a large meteor the size of Mars crash into the young Earth, tearing away the fragments that would one day come together to form the Moon.

Sailor Pluto gripped her staff tightly. It wasn't fair. Everything died except for her. She wanted something that would last just as long, something that she could call her own. Was it so wrong for her to have friends?

With a choked back sob, Sailor Pluto flung open the Door. She watched as Queen Serenity took the souls of her daughter and her friends and sent them to Earth to be reborn. There they would be trapped in the cycle of reincarnation until they reached their ascension and remembered their past lives. Only then could they restore the Moon Kingdom to its past glory.

Sailor Pluto wasn't going to wait that long. She was the God of Time and if she so chose she could control it as easily as she could control her breathing. It was the Plutonian way to leave these matters to itself, to passively sit by and let the future slip into the past. Sailor Pluto refused to accept that. If she wanted to she could change the past and the present and the future. Time would be dictated by her will and her will alone. Everything would fall under her command and everyone would be happy and no one would die ever again.

Sailor Pluto stepped through the Space-Time Door…

And felt the grass underneath her boots as she walked alongside the banks of the Wei River in ancient China.