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Liam worked in a building that was almost always empty. He didn't know why it was empty for eleven months of the year. He didn't particularly care. He was responsible for any deliveries, cleaning and security. It was relatively easy work that paid well. There were a lot of nice leather chairs and Macintosh computers that thugs could try to steal if Liam wasn't there.

Every morning Liam came in with his black coffee and took a deep breath. Empty. That's how he liked it. No one else around to dictate how he should feel. It was a blessing when he got this job. He had to go through several newspapers and online searches before he found a job where he could work alone or with just a few other people. The few times that he had to do in person interviews for his solo jobs, the employers were always shocked that a young guy was interested in such a lonesome job.

Liam pushed the cleaning cart through the quiet hallway. He figured he'd clean first then he could sort any deliveries before having lunch. He opened a wooden door. Behind it was a long oval shaped table with dozens of empty leather chairs sitting at it. He'd polish the leather chairs first since they were coming tomorrow.

They only came once a year, a horde of young, international ambassadors. He heard from the last employee that they descended onto the building with all the chaos of an upturned hornet's nest. When they were here he was also responsible for any paper work, incoming calls and human resources. He hated human resources. He hadn't been here the last time they were in the building. He'd started this job right after their last conference. The previous attendant had left Liam the keys and information to the building while repeatedly thanking him.

He sat in one leather chair while polishing another. The leather went from a dusty, dull mud color to a gleaming dark chocolate. He rubbed his rag along the back of the chair. Sometimes he'd play music when he cleaned. Today he just listened to the silence.

The real reason why he wanted to work alone was because he could feel everything. Every person who walked past him, who spoke with him, who he saw, he could feel them. No other job he'd applied to offered him such independence. He figured the one month trade off of having to babysit some foreign dignitaries would be worth it. He moved on to the next chair, then the next.

When he was a teen he'd struggled because he always wanted to help people. One time he'd recommend to a guy to admit to his feelings to his crush. Liam knew she liked him back. After they guy did, Liam had the guy coming back every day to ask him for more advice. That guy told his friends and his friends told their friends and eventually Liam couldn't get a moment to himself. It'd led to him having a colossal break down. No one should have to feel all that pressure all the time. It was bad enough he could never turn off everyone else's feelings. The hours moseyed on by. After he'd made it half way around the table he took a break for lunch. The polishing was taking him longer than he'd expected.

He had a cucumber and mayo sandwich for lunch. It was what his mother had always packed for him in school. Even though he knew he couldn't do it anymore, Liam still always wanted to say something to the really poor souls he ran into. He never let himself though. If he started giving counseling advice again, he'd wouldn't be able to stop up and in the end he wind up advising every Joe-smoe he felt sorry for. Then he'd really never get a moment to himself.

Liam licked his fingers and crumpled up his trash. Spinning on the leather chair he shot the tin foil into the garbage.

"Score!" The word broke the silence like an explosion.

Liam smiled before getting back to his cleaning. They were coming tomorrow.