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The room was silent for a moment before the other Italian, Lovino, broke ranks and approached Liam. He appeared puzzled but inside Liam could feel a growing desire to know. The boy from high school had a desire like this after he'd learned Liam's advice was sound. The empath wasn't sure how he was going to get out of this.

"Go ahead bastardo, read me now," Lovino demanded.

Liam could feel his own hurt for a moment before the Italian's false anger replaced his emotions. Liam snarled, "You and I know what you show on your face, it's not how you really feel about him," Liam nodded his face in the Spaniard's direction, "and don't call me a bastard."

The other ambassadors were bewildered by him, he could feel it, but Liam was heading for the door. He was so out of here. His job was not to pander to the foreigners, it was to maintain the building. That was it.

As he was striding away from the room, he could hear the British, Norwegian and Romanian delegates calling after him. He knew this wouldn't be the last time he heard from those three. It was definitely past time for him to go on his lunch break.

The following days the building had never felt so crowded. Everywhere Liam went someone was there. If he was going into the restroom, someone was walking out of it. If he was making himself a mid-morning cup of coffee, someone was there adding sugar to theirs. If he was emptying the garbage bins in unused conference rooms, someone had escaped into that exact room to do last minute paper work. Liam felt like a pregnant woman with all the mood swings he had to deal with! And to top it off Liam constantly had to be on guard for the magic trio. Why was Liam calling them the magic trio? Because they frequently appeared out of nowhere, making a childish part of Liam blame their successful sneak attacks on him on magic.

This particular morning he had to attend to the computer lab which meant a busy morning. He'd have to run virus tests, update the software, download the latest patches, replace the printer's ink and paper… the list felt endless. The good thing was it kept him away from the others.

Liam settled into a brisk dusting, aiming to get the physical task out of the way quickly. The room was split in half, half Macintoshes, half PCs. Soft padded, rolling chairs sat before each computer, thankfully not leather so they didn't need to be polished. Soft light filtered in from the large bay windows. It was a pleasant morning. Quiet. If he let himself get into the routine of his dusting he could almost pretend that he was alone in the building again.

A soft creak and the tread footsteps broke the silence. Liam didn't have to turn around, he knew who that person was. The German. Liam glanced up and yes, the blonde German was sitting down at a PC. The two caught each other's eyes. The German nodded to Liam. Liam stared at his stoic face. None of the guilt, remorse or fury broke through the other man's mask. With a moment's hesitation Liam nodded back.

The German proceeded to go about his business and Liam tried to get back to his. Only now he couldn't concentrate on what he was suppose to do. The despair clung to the blonde like an old friend. Liam felt like his lungs were being crushed by it. Dazed, he began running software updates on the Macs. A flame of humiliation rose up from nowhere and Liam's cheeks darkened. He shifted and looked over his shoulder. The German was taping away at the key board, occasionally stopping to read something. He was so embarrassed, no, mortified. But he hadn't even done anything to be so embarrassed. A feeling this intense normally was felt in extreme situations… it wasn't something paperwork should trigger. Guilt was next. It was heavy, smothering. Liam's dark eyes glazed over as he spaced out. He couldn't think around the guilt.

Liam stood. He had to get out of there. It would take a while for the Macs to update anyway. He just had to go. He started to make his way towards the door. Before he could get away though another emotion crashed down around him. It was as if every shade of sorrow was blooming inside of him: anguish, remorse, grief, regret, distress, heart ache, misery. Liam nearly caved in on himself. His heart couldn't take this. Tears sprang into his eyes. It felt like what he'd felt after his mother had passed away. Only six million times worse.

The empath crashed into the bathroom. Great, gasping sobs ripped their way out of him. He let himself sink down onto the floor, pressing his face against the cool tiles. Tears rained from his eyes. He couldn't even pull himself into a stall. He just laid against the wall unable to move any further, so desperate for the heart ache to stop.