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This is my take on the obvious and cliche Capture Story. I hope you enjoy "The Blooming Lotus"

Chapter 1

Katara was shoved into a cell and the bars shut with significant CLANG, but the beautiful, tan, blue-eyed teenager just crossed her arms and smirked, her speech indicating an almost playful banter. "You can't keep me in here forever, you like me too much, why else would you tie me to a tree? I know you enjoy having someone who is just as stubborn and sarcastic as you are, around. Someone who isn't afraid to challenge you! And I'm not afraid-"

"Well you should be you filthy little water peasant!"

"My name is Katara, you horrid, spoiled, disrespectful little brat! And for your information, PRINCE Zuko, by YOUR customs, I'm the equivalent of a princess." He snorted in an unbecoming sort of way. "It's true! My father is Chief Hakoda, the quote unquote ruler of our tribe."

"Please, your home is nothing more than a frigid refugee camp."

"And whose fault is that? Certainly not mine, nor does the blame shift to any one from any nation of blue or green! But thanks to YOUR nation many villages are destroyed! And even more prominent are the millions of families broken apart! My father, out with the men of our tribe fighting for our protection, for our freedom! My brother, with Aang, the world's last hope for peace, searching for a waterbender fit to teach the Avatar! Myself, stuck on your awful ship!" At this our young exiled Prince Zuko begins to stomp away from her cell. "My mother, dead because one of your GLORIOUS SOLDIERS!" He paused by the door, but Katara didn't notice the pale, golden-eyed boy freeze. "If my home seems deficient, the fault belongs to your people! You know NOTHING of the pain that the separation of this war has caused! You know nothing of the pain I'VE been put through!"

He was back her cell before she could take another breath to continue her rant. In a low growl he informed her of her mistake "You know nothing about ME, MY past or MY family. MY mother has been absent from my life for a long time, my sister has always been my father's favorite, the prodigy, the one BORN lucky. I keep many secrets; my family is one of them. You would be wise NOT to bring them up. Now go to sleep, Peasant." And then he was gone.

She couldn't sort her thoughts fast enough to bite back. So instead she sat down on the cot in the corner with her back to the wall and thought about how she got into this particular position.