Hello Readers:

I've decided to make a Gumi/Gumo Fanfic...

Only three storied of them,(I've seen) I personally like Gumi, because I find her to be very interesting. But it seems as if everyone forgets about her. D: We can't have that happening.

So this will be my first Vocaloid Fanfic...

I hope I do well, since I've always written about Naruto and Hinata or yaoi.


Well here it goes.

Must warn: May have some grammatical errors, maybe spelling! - I warned you :O


The sun was covered by the dullness of the clouds and the tress began to blow back and forth. Green eyes stared up at the sky and there was a silent sigh. Her eyes searched the school campus vaguely as if she was look for something, but just didn't know what she was looking for. Gumi, the green eye girl, jumped from the tree and started to run.


"So you're new!" a teal hair girl squealed. "I like meeting new people" she said smiling.

The yellow eye boy stared at her as if she was crazy. Everyone in the group started to laugh, except for Miku, who didn't know what was going on.

"So what's your name buddy?" Len asked him.

"My name is Gumiya, but you can call me Gumo for short" the deep voice said.

Kagamine Rin stared in awe. "We have a friend name Gumi"

"Speaking of the carrot top, where is she?" Len said.

"She bound to come" Kaito, a blue hair teen said licking ice cream.

Miku stared at him for a while and punched him in the gut. "And that was for eating ice-cream early in the morning!" she yelled at the boy.

Kaito held his stomach. "So…sorry" he said tears running down his face.

"Hmph! OMG! We are so sorry, we didn't introduce ourselves" Miku said. "That is Kaito" she said pointing at the boy crying. "That is Rin and Len, they look alike… but they're not related. "As you know I'm Miku and…" she stopped.

"GUMI!" a green hair teen girl said glomping her Miku.

"And yes… This is Gumi" Miku said pushing her off of her.

Gumi smiled goofy and gave the boy a energetic hand shake. He stared at her with disgust, but Gumi just kept on smiling. She stared at the boy happily.

"I hate you" was all he said.

Gumi stared at him. O-o

Miku and Kaito were too busy fighting, and Rin and Len were talking about the stars.

Gumi glared at the boy. "That was mean" she said laughing.

The boy just stared at her, through his glasses. "I meant it"

Well my first Vocaloid story..

Please tell me what you think of it.