Scene Background

-This is the scene(s) taking place when Tyler reveals to Carol that he's a vampire.

-Obviously this is a cut scene, as there are other things that happen in between in the episode, but I wanted to show these in particular. Hopefully the line breaks are still there, but if not I've left in the lines of gibberish that seperate the scenes.

-In this set of scenes, we finally meet Ria, if only briefly. She triggered the family curse shortly before she arrived in town, so both she and Tyler chain themselves up in the ruins.

-She dislikes Carol, but the woman is letting her live in her home so Ria is civil towards her, if not warm.

-Caroline and Ria are absolute best friends in the way that Bonnie and Elena are best friends. It always seemed to me that in the show, Bonnie and Elena are the closer of the three, often leaving Caroline out of the loop on some things even when she wasn't a vampire.

-Tyler bites Ria in his anger at Carol. This plays a significant part in Ria and Tyler's relationship with one another somehow (I haven't figured that out quite yet).

Tyler watched his mother work in the study for a moment before speaking to her.

"You put vervain in the coffee this morning." he asked, crossing his arms as her head snapped up in surprise. "Why?"

"Vervain?" she asked, furrowing her brow in mock confusion. "What do you mean?"

"Let's skip the part where we pretend we don't know about the vampires in this town." he said and her lips grew tight in response, giving her away. "You were testing me to see if I was a vampire. If Ria was a vampire. I want to know why."

Carol sighed and stood behind the desk, walking around as she spoke, reaching out to her son and putting her hands on his arms.

"You've been spending so much time with Caroline. And Ria-she spends every other night over at Caroline's place. I had to know for sure." she murmured, looking Tyler in the face with a determined look.

"What does Caroline have to do with it?"

"Let's skip the part where we pretend she's not one of them!" Carol spat, dropping her son's wrists angrily and turning away.

"Did you do something to her?" Tyler asked, his voice rising in anger and worry.

"Tyler, I don't want you to be with her-" Carol began.

"Where is she, mom?" he interrupted, walking towards her.

"I can't let you be together." Carol said with an air of finality before heading back behind the desk.

"What did you do to her?" Tyler asked, following her to the desk. "Where is she?"

"You can't be with her." Carol snapped, looking up at him with mild annoyance. "She's a monster."

The look that crossed Tyler's face confused Carol as he took a step back in disbelief. It was for the best, she told herself. She was not expecting Tyler's next question.

"You don't know about me, do you? About Ria?" Tyler asked, the look of confusion changed to disbelief.

"Know what?" she asked, standing again. "Know what, Tyler?"


"Tyler, what is it? Just-" she was cut off as he yanked her roughly before she continued. "-just tell me!"

"You need to see for yourself." he snapped, dragging his mother down the stairs angrily, gripping her bicep with a little more force than necessary as he dragged her across the room.

"Took you long eno-why is she here?" Ria's voice rose in pitch as she noticed Tyler's hostage, cowering away from her own son.

"She needs to see, Ria. She needs to understand!" Tyler hollered at Carol, grabbing the chains Ria hadn't wrapped herself in before turning to his mother.

"Tyler, what the he-" Ria cut herself off by folding herself over, clutching her stomach in agony as she dropped to the floor and let out a yell of pain, drawing Carol's attention.

"You think Caroline's a monster, mom?" he growled out, snapping the chains around his wrists. "I'm the monster. Ria's the monster."

"What?" Carol asked, confused as she watched her son chain himself to the walls as her step-daughter convulsed with pain on her hands and knees.

"Tyler, what's going on?" Carol asked, truly scared at this point and Tyler turned back to her with a sick grin that terrified her before he spoke, shoving her into the cell and locking the door shut with a clang.

"Me, Uncle Mason, Ria, it's in our blood." he explained, anger rising before continuing. "It's our family curse."

"Tyler, why-"

"She's got Caroline!" Tyler growled angrily, turning on Ria and burying his teeth in her shoulder so fast she couldn't have moved out of the way if she'd tried. He let go to let loose another cry of agony, smashing himself to the floor as Carol tried to understand what was going on.

"Tyler, what's happening?" Carol shrieked, wrapping her frail hands around the bars as Tyler rolled on the ground in pain.

But Ria was still back on what Tyler had said.

She's got Caroline! She's got Caroline! She's got Caroline!

With a howl, Ria jumped at the bars of the cage that kept Carol Lockwood safe from them, trying desperately to reach the foul woman through the metal bars as she shrieked in fear.

Nothing mattered anymore to Ria. This woman had taken Caroline.

Caroline. Sweet, loving, kind Caroline.

This woman deserved nothing but death.


Tyler groaned in pain as he awoke, lifting his head to glance around. His eyes landed blearily on his mother, who sat at the back of the cell with her knees pulled to her chest. She was quiet and tears had dried on her cheeks.

"I'll take care of it." Carol whispered, looking somewhere over Tyler's shoulder. "I'll make sure nothing happens to her."

"Thank you." he breathed as Carol's eyes met his momentarily. Groaning again, he rolled onto his back, turning his head to find Ria sitting awkwardly, her position mirroring his mother's. "You okay?" he asked, voice breaking as he met her eyes.

"No." she deadpanned and not moving even as he pushed himself up and crawled towards her, reaching out a hand to touch her shoulder.

"Will you be okay?" he asked dreading the answer. She looked away and that was when he noticed the bloody bite on her shoulder where he'd bitten her the night before.

It hadn't healed.

"I don't know." she said, turning her body away from him as if his touch burned her skin.