Zekrom. Its name didn't easily roll off the tongue, but it was interesting to say. It was one of the most exotic words in Iris's vocabulary.

"Zekrom…" Iris whispered.

"Ax!" The green dragon popped out of her hair. She rubbed his head.

"That's right. We're looking for Zekrom," Iris replied happily. A bolt of lightning flashed above them. Startled, she decided to climb down the tree that she was perched in, weaving her way down carefully, so she wouldn't fall.

More lightning flashed above while the thunder boomed ominously. She had made it out of the tree. Looking up, she saw a black shadow in the clouds. "Zekrom!" she exclaimed, startling her little dragon friend. The black dragon only roared, quickly floating away from view.

The thunder and lightning ceased, but something new for Iris appeared…

A place she had never been to – Striaton City.