's Son Ch. 2

At ThrillTown•

"Alright kids, you all stay in a group to ride and meet us here at 3. The younger kids will be with us. You guys have your cellphones, so call us around 2. Go have fun!" Mr. Feder said. "K." What do you guys wanna ride?" Charlotte asked. "Let's ride the Champion." Donna suggested. We all agreed to ride and we got in line. It was like the Titan at Six Flags.

This time we were all screaming. We sat in this order: Me, Charlotte. Andre, Greg, and Keith. Donna and Samantha.

"That was awesome!" Samantha screamed. "Really. Because my face hurts." I commented after getting off the ride. We then rode the Rapid Rush, a river raft ride. When the raft was swirling toward the waterfall, I was the one who got soaked under the waterfall. "Nice! You got soaked!" They laughed. It was really fun, despite the waterfall. "Hey look!" Sam pointed to the bridge. "Hi, mom!" me and Sam screamed. "Having fun, girls ?" She asked. "Yep." "See you in a few." she said and left. After we got off the ride , me, Charlotte, Greg, and Andre rode a tower type of ride.

Me and Charlotte were screaming as we shot straight up, while Andre and Greg were laughing at us.

I was so relieved of my fear of roller-coasters, I let Charlotte talk me into doing a free fall tower where they hook you with the climbing clip and then they release the hook so you fall 100 feet with no parachute into a massive net at the bottom. We decided to plummet down together. So we looked like this really scared group of girls.

It was soo fun and I gave Sam and Greg my camera and iPod to video tape it. We then decided to do go karts. Charlotte rode with me, Donna rode with Sam, and the boys took the three-seater. "Good luck, little Sis you'll need it." I told Sam as we buckled up. "You guys are soo going to lose." Greg said as we started the engines. I was ready to burn rubber. Charlotte screamed as I pressed on the gas with all my power. I zoomed past Greg and Sam. "You are going down, Manson." Greg said catching up to me. "We'll see about that, Feder." I said, waving bye to him before speeding ahead. Sam then caught up with us. I suddenly felt a bump at the back of the go kart. "Hey! No foul play!" I yelled. "Sorry. Can't hear you over the sound of my victory." Sam said. I immediately saw a way to get ahead in the race. I drove up a ramp and got massive air. I landed in between Greg and Sam. "Miss me?" I said, jokingly. The race came into a tie between all of us. I then got a text from my mom. 'Hey meet us at the main entrance for lunch.' We all got similar texts from our parents, and headed off to the main part of the park. "Let's eat at 'Big Daddy's Burgers'" We decided. We showed our parents the video of me and Charlotte sky diving. "Charlotte, how on earth did you get Sara to go up there?" My mom asked. "I told her to suck it up and rock it." Charlotte replied .

After lunch•

Greg's POV

After lunch, I pulled Charlotte aside to ask her a question. "Hey Charlotte, can I ask you something? It's about Sara." I told her. "Let me guess. You wanna ask her out, don't you?" Charlotte answered, crossing her arms across her chest. "Yea. How do I tell her?" I asked.

"Tell her while we ride Looped. Sit next to her then make your move." Charlotte told me. Hopefully she says yes.

Sara's POV

I tiptoed quietly over to where Greg and Charlotte were talking so they couldn't hear me listening to their conversation. After they finished talking, my back remained flat against the wall in shock. I can't believe he's going to ask me out. I can't believe he feels the same way I do. I quickly returned to the table before anyone could notice what I had just done.

On Looped •

The wind rushed through my hair on the ride as I nervously awaited for Greg to make his move. Then the moment came. Right in between the largest vertical loop and the biggest drop. "Sara will you go out with me!" He asked - slash- yelled. " I would love to!" I yelled as we were dropping down the large hill. We got off the ride hand in hand, almost like a movie. I suddenly had a daydream moment. It was our first date. I was wearing a purple dress in my daydream

I was suddenly snapped out of my weird daydream when I almost walked into a post. "Are you okay?" Greg asked me after avoiding the post. "Yeah. Yeah. I'm fine." I replied shrugging off my weird thought. We all had about $85 each, so here's what we all bought:

Me: medium fries, 2 T-shirts, a Universal ThrillTown bracelet/ necklace, 2 hats( one for me and one for Charlotte), a purse,a dark blue leather shark tooth necklace(for Greg), a drawstring bag(for Samantha), turkey leg(for her dad), 3 really cute rings and a backpack

Greg: Blue cotton candy, a tshirt, pajama pants, a really cool necklace( that I happened to see Sara admiring), a messenger bag, and other souvenirs

Donna: Pretzel(extra spicy mustard), a snow-globe, a stuffed animal( for bean), a really cool hat( for Keith)

Charlotte: A stuffed bear with the ThrillTown logo on it, a grey beanie(for Sara), a mini stuffed panda(for Nathan), and a Cherry Popsicle.

Andre: a super sized corndog, a tie dye shirt, a dog tag necklace, turkey leg(for his dad), like 12 keychains(for friends)

When Greg got cotton candy, I convinced him to feed me some. I'm just that persistent.

After buying stuff•

"Aw guys you bought turkey legs!"

Night Time •

I smiled as I took the cup from Greg. "I honestly don't see the difference in regular water and Voss." I said, preparing to drink the water. "Just drink it." He said, looking at me. I tilted the cup toward my lips and took a sip. When I was done, I looked at Greg and Keith's faces. "Sooo." They urged. "I.." I started with a disapproving face. "Love it!" I said, smiling. "Yes! She's a believer!" They yelled, punching the air. I laughed and said, "Oh shut up you two." I walked back into the kids room to see Greg holding a giant clear glass test tube/bottle. "Whatcha doing." I asked, sitting on the bed next to him. "Signing your first bottle of Voss." He said with fake embarrassment. "Aww. I will put in my suitcase with padding so, it can't break." I said in admiration. He handed me the bottle. "Aww. You even wrote the date on it." I gushed. "I know it's really sappy." He said, putting his hands up in defense. "Yes. But it's a cute sappy and I love it." I said, kissing his cheek.

The Lake•

We were playing chicken in the lake. The teams were: me and Greg versus Charlotte and Andre. "And go!" Donna and Keith yelled. Me and Charlotte started batting at each other. I managed to pull Charlotte down. I slid off of Greg's shoulders and we fist bumped in victory. In the middle of the 3rd game, and my mom came outside to see what all the ruckus was about. "What on earth are you girls doing on the boy's shoulders?" They asked, tapping their feet. Me and Charlotte exchanged a quick glance and looked at our mothers. "Um. Playing a friendly game of Chicken." We said slowly. "Show us how to play Chicken." They told us. Me and Charlotte looked at each other with a 'wow' look on our faces and demonstrated how to play. We then went to bed.