Summary: Just a look into what the people around Cal and Gillian think of their relationship. I guess I would place it around the series end.

A/N: I sort of thought, if I were to go to each one of these characters, and ask "What are your thoughts on Cal and Gillian's relationship?" what would they say? I'm sure this has been done before, but I felt like going for it anyway So, it'll probably be like 3 or 4 chapters. Anyway, hope you enjoy.

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Chapter 1: Loker and Torres


Ah, Lightman and Foster. The eternal question, huh? Can't say you're the first to ask ... Torres asked me about them, too, when she started here. The thing with them is that it's hard to tell. I mean, the way they look at each other? With love? That's always been there, even when they were both married. Even when they were both happily married. So, how to notice a shift? I don't know. I guess you'd have to look for the additional stuff. Like longing. Jealousy. Arousal.

Problem with that is you'd be very lucky to spot those. Lightman, of course, gets the arousal thing. But he doesn't even bother to hide that, and he does it with any hot woman. I guess he is almost pointedly obvious with her, but that could mean anything. That's Lightman. Longing? I don't know. I know he needs her in his life, and he is obsessive about her. But he's just like that with the people he loves. Obsessively overprotective. Jealous? I've been told it's been there, but I struggle to spot it. Or at least that kind of jealousy. He's certainly possessive. He's almost impossible to figure out - except by her, of course.

As for Foster ... For someone with such an apparently open face and personality, she's surprisingly hard to read. But that might be more control over her thoughts than her micro expressions. Probably. I do know how much she loves him, though. With all her heart. Whether she allows herself to feel romantic emotions for him or not, I don't know.

And I say this, because although I have no conclusive proof, I'm pretty sure there's something there. But even if there wasn't, I can tell you they're dedicated to each other. They function as a team. We're almost always out of the loop. Like they're in their own bubble, and we kind of float about in ignorance unless they decide we can get some info. And even then, it's usually only a fragment. They communicate in ways that only come with knowing each other so well, and, in Lightman's case, trust.

That's the biggest thing with him. She's the only person in the world that he trusts completely. Sometimes I wonder if she realizes just how profound that is. She probably does. She should.

Either way, they're a unit, and they protect each other. They are what best friends should be. Lightman and Foster. They have their own little world. And sometimes I really hate being left out of it. But it's not a world anyone will be able to permeate, so we just have to learn to put up with it.


I had that moment, right after I started working for them. Where I thought, "Oh, are they ... ?" And then I realized not when I saw she had a ring and he didn't. But I've seen it, how he feels about her.

He's pretty good at hiding it when he knows you're watching. But he's just as obvious when he thinks you're not. Loker thinks it's a toss-up, but he hasn't seen it. I saw it when her husband was lying to her. I saw it when she was hurt. And I saw the jealousy of Rader.

That was actually kinda fun, because it was the first (and only) time he actually let his guard down in front of me, and flashed the jealousy. And it was a really obvious flash for Lightman. I guess he was distracted. I enjoyed teasing him, though.

And Foster. Her love for him is about as pure as you could imagine. It's completely unconditional. I don't think she knows, though, how he feels about her. She indulges his outrageous flirting - sometimes playing along, sometimes telling him to knock it off if she's not in the mood, but I've never seen her take it seriously. She should. He's being serious, hiding it right out in the open, where no-one would think to look.

The guy is a bit of an ass to her quite a lot of the time, but she usually takes it from whence it comes. Which is just him being him. But when he's doing it deliberately to provoke her, she knows it too, and it hurts her then. But rarely. And when she's hurting, he resolves it. Because, like some six year old boy, he only enjoys pushing her to get a reaction. To get her attention. Dumbass.

When I first started working here, I didn't understand why she put up with him. But you begin to realize there's more to both of them than meets the eye ... I've grown to enjoy their private conversations that we don't follow, because it's almost comforting to know there's more than we see. It proves he's human. It proves she has reasons. And it's none of our business. Even when it's annoying, I love it, but I guess that's just the romantic girl in me. Loker hates it, and that just makes the whole thing kinda funny.

They fit though. Yin and yang, and all that. They're best friends, and dedicated. They defend each other from any outsiders, and they protect each other all the time. Loyalty is extremely important to them, and it extends to the rest of us. Most people think of him as the over protective one, but no-one is more loyal than Foster. No matter what he does, and no matter how frustrated she gets, no-one else is allowed to say so much as a word against him. She is fiercely protective. She's at her scariest when she's standing up for him.

If he were to want to pursue something with her, I know she would agree. Maybe with some persuasion. But she's good at hiding her emotions - from herself, that is. At this point, I'm almost sure she doesn't consciously think of him that way. Or at least not often. Which is excellent self-preservation on her part, because he would know. He would know because he's looking for it.

One thing I can tell you is that even though they're not involved now, they will be. They won't be able to fight it forever, especially now they're both single. It's inevitable. It's too late. And I'll know when it happens, and I'm going to tease them like you wouldn't believe. Something to look forward to.


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