Author's Note

Hello, everyone! This is where I'll be dumping all of my work for my self-imposed Viva Piñata Crack Pairing Challenge!

What is that, you may ask?

Basically I have people give me crack pairings for Viva Piñata, and I try to make them work in 1000 words or less! Not gonna lie, I just might go over the limit sometimes, but who cares? More for you to read, yes?

I'm NOT going to take most of these seriously at all. They'll all probably be doodly and unrevised, but I'll make sure they're fun. I'll work on them when I want to write, but not feeling up to working on my big ol' fancy fics.

If you have any pairings you'd like to see, let me know along with your review! I don't care how far-fetched and WEIRD they are, I'll take a crack at them! Both het and same-sex are TOTALLY okay, but I won't do incest!

Oh, and you might occasionally run into a story that includes one of my OCs, my beta reader's OC, or a genderbended character. If you want to read those, a quick visit to my profile will explain about the OCs and a read of Pester's Portal will take care of the genderbend issue. But if you want to pick around those, be my guest! I'll label each chapter with the pairing within!

Enjoy, and please review if you can? It would make my slow descent into insanity more bearable!