PPGZ' songs:On The Floor by Jennifer Lopez feat. Pitbull(Dawn feat. Mason),If You Had My Love by Jennifer Lopez(the PPGZ),Turn Me On by Nicki Minaj (the PPGZ),Rabiosa By Shakira feat. Pitbull (Dawn,Martha((My other OC))Mason,),I Wanna Go by Britney Spears(Kaoru),Fireball by Nicki Minaj feat. Willow(Dawn & Kaoru),Calling All The Monsters by China Anne McClain(Dawn)My Dilemma by Selena Gomez & The Scene(Dawn & The PPGZ)

PPNKGZ's song:Baby One More Time by Britney Spears(PPNKGZ),Animal by Ke$ha(Berserk),Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me(PPNKGZ),Whip my Hair(Brat),Bad Romance by Lady GaGa(Brute)

RRBZ's Songs:DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love by Usher feat. Pitbull (Butch feat. Bat),Sexy And I Know It by LMFAO (RRBZ),T.H.E(The Hardest Ever)by Will. feat. Jennifer Lopez & Mick Jagger(Bat (RRBZ's sister)and Brick),Lighters by Bruno Mars feat. Eminem (Boomer feat. Brick),Down by Jay Sean feat. Lil' Wayne (Bat feat. RRBZ),Beautiful Monster(Bat)

RRNTBZ's Songs:Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz(Brownie),Dynamite by Taio Cruz(Buddy),Not Afraid by Eminem(Bard),All Day by Cody Simpson(Brade)

Power Puff Girls Z: The Sing Off

Chapter 1:The Rivalry

Around 9:45

Free Period...

There was a group of friends,13 Year old teens,Who were best friends forever,were in middle school,until one day,they discovered a power in them,that they can use for people to dance, they didn't know it at first,but as soon as that day,they were known in the school very well, they were known in the city as one identity,but at school,they're another.7 girls,and 3 boys,who were in detention one day,were cleaning,and then,the power came out of them,one that was named sing. they began to sing in detention,and ever since that day,they've been making songs in their head.

"Miyako-san!"13 year old Momoko Akatsutumi said,running to her best friend. Miyako smiled,"Hi Momoko-san."

Momoko began to look around,"where are the rest?"she asked,very eager.

Miyako shrugged."i haven't seen them today,"she said softly.

Momoko kept on looking around until she finally stopped.2 girls about the same age came toward them,3 girls from another direction,and 3 boys from another.

The kids exchanged looks and nodded.

they ran off to a direction,somewhere where no one popular knew. the basement of course,a place for kids in clubs,where they can be in peace,without being made fun of up in the school. up in the school were only Cheerleaders,Football players,Basketball players,and popular kids,but if you weren't any of those,you were basically an invisible,a no one up there. 10 kids will soon prove them wrong,they hope. The principal only cared about sports,not talent in other stuff besides sports. he ignored all those stuff,but sports.

Momoko walked down the stairs,followed by her best friends,or her soon to be group. Momoko then opened the door to a room,which was empty with desks,it was basically an old classroom. No one has ever used this classroom anymore. the kids then sat down,with Momoko in front of them,standing by the chalkboard.

"So anyone got ideas of any songs?" she asked,looking at them.

The 2 girls shrugged,along with Miyako. Momoko sighed,"Come on,Dawn,i know you have an idea,"she said, crossing her arms.

13 Year old Natsuki "Dawn" Shinkinka MatsuMoko shrugged,"Sorry Momoko, but i don't."

Momoko groaned."Come on,guys,don't you guys want to prove to the principal that Sports isn't the only thing that matters in this school?"

The kids nodded. Momoko then said,"You guys need to think."

A girl stood up," we should do a spanish-english song,not that many kids listen to spanish songs."

Momoko nodded,"Thank you Melanie."

13 year old Melanie Venezula nodded,"It should be called Rabiosa,and Dawn,Martha,and Mason should sing it."

13 year olds Mason Johnson and Martha Garcia stood up."NO!"

Martha crossed her arms."I'm not singing a spanish song!"

Dawn sighed,"What's wrong with Rabiosa?"

Martha looked at her,"You have to act sexy and wear sexy clothes,and Mas has to be close to you."

Dawn's eyes widen."N-no way..."

Martha nodded in shock.

At Lunch!

Around 12:30

The lunch area was filled with teenagers, it was lunch period for the 8th graders. The kids were busy making lyrics for their song,"Rabiosa."

so far,the kids have nothing. When they were still making lyrics, 4 girls came up to them. One girl with two blonde long ponytails like Miyako's came up and said,"Hey losers,making up lame songs?"

Kaoru stood up,"You shut up Minako."

Another girl with about the same hair as Kaoru said,"Back off Kaoru."

"Who's talking to you Kasumi!"Retorted Kaoru.

Another girl with orange hair like Momoko's said,"Momoko,still with your loser team eh?"

Momoko stood up too,"Shut up Moriko."

Dawn stood up along with the rest,standing behind Momoko.

The four girls got behind Moriko."Millie!come on and stand up to Dawn." each girl looked at their equivalent. And every kids was looking at them. There was a fight. "You really wanna go there, Momoko?" asked Moriko,"Bring it on."

A boy in red came and held back Momoko,while another held back Moriko.

Momoko blushed."K-Kaito..."

Kaito looked at Momoko and nodded. Moriko looked at Momoko with anger."Kaito-kun defend me and not her!"

Dawn looked at Millie."Millie." she stated.

"Dawn." Millie also stated looking away.

Dawn heard Moriko say,"Ok on Friday night,there's a Spring bash,Your group,My group,Kaito's group,and Katashi's group perform,whichever Boy AND Girl group win,get to date eachother,and the other losers have to date by force."

Kaito nodded."You're on!"

Moriko said."And Kaito,Your group must stay away from Momoko's."

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