PPGZ vs PPNKGZ: The Sing Off

Chapter 2:The Prize and Nexa's Return!

"HELL NO!"Kaito screamed at Moriko."I'm not staying away from Momoko-chan's group!"

Momoko blushed. "K-Kaito.."

"Ugh! I hate it when you always defend Momoko!" Moriko said.

She tried to punch Kaito but he dodged.

"Leave them alone!" said a voice.

Then, Nexa came out and kicked Moriko in the stomach.

"leave them alone,you bitch."Nexa said looking at Moriko who collasped to the floor.

"Nexa!your back!"Dawn said happily.

"Hell ya i'm back,and i'm not leaving."Nexa said staring at Moriko.


"Oh shut it and feel your pain."

Moriko tried to speak,but instead she kept silent.

After School

Nexa and the PPGZ were on their way home,when...


The kids transformed,Hyper Blossom! Rolling Bubbles! Powered Buttercup! Mega Bumblebee! Booming Belanie! Tough Brake! Inner Beautiful! Windy Breeze! Super Base! Zapp Blake! Keyblade Nexa!

PowerRuff Kids Z!

They flew into the city. To find the PPNKGZ.

"You guys will not stop will you?"asked Blossom attacking Berserk.

Berserk blocked her yoyo with her yoyo."The RowdyRuff Boys Z will be ours Momoko."

Blossom gasped,and her eyes widen. Berserk attacked her,then Blossom began To fall to the ground. The rest catched her, and Nexa,Buttercup,and Bumblebee gave a death glare.

"YOU'RE DEAD FOR SURE!" they said.

Bumblebee's wand turned into a light saber,and Nexa used her keyblade to beat Berserk.

"Keyblade attack!"Nexa screamed,attacking Berserk.

"Electric slash attack!" Bumblebee screamed,also attacking Berserk.

But Berserk dodged them all. "Aha,see you at the competition,losers." Berserk said.

At Miyako's House

so far,the kids came up with their songs, Rabiosa,If You Had My Love, and I Wanna Go.


I I I Wanna Go o o, All The Way ay ay
Takin' Out My Freak Tonight
I I I Wanna Show ow ow
All The Dirt ir irt
I Got Running Through My Mind

"That was nice guys."Kaoru said smiling.

"You sing great Kaoru,we're sure to win!" Nexa said.

"Hell ya,we'll prove them wrong!" Kaoru shouted.

"Ok. Let's rehearse If You Had My Love."


The kids got to school,very tired. They were rehearsing all night.

"It's okay least we got our homework..." Nexa said softly.

"Woah,you guys ok?" asked a boy.

Nexa looked at the boy and blushed."Naman..."

Naman smiled."Hi Nexa-chan..."

Nexa looked down,but then she began to faint. Naman catched her."Nexa! Are you ok?"asked Naman,worried.

"Yes...i'm just sleepy..."Nexa said softly.

"Come on,i'll take you to class,"Naman says.

"Oh,boo hoo,the losers are tired." Said Moriko laughing.

"Shut up Moriko,"Momoko said weakly.

"You shut up."Moriko said smirking. she pushed Momoko down. Momoko was too weak to get up. then Kaito came and blocked Momoko."Leave Momoko-chan alone!"

"Get out of my way Kaito-kun!" Moriko said pushing Kaito aside. Moriko was about to punch Momoko,when Dawn ran in front of Momoko and blocked Moriko's punch with her arm.

"Damn! Stupid Dawn!"Moriko shouted.

"Shut up,i may be tired but i'm not weak."Dawn said death glaring at the Girls. Kaoru looked at Dawn.

"Sometimes she scares me..."Miyako whispered to the team.

"Oh yeah? then let's fight right now,you and me!" Moriko said.

"Fine with me,I can beat your ass in my sleep!" Dawn said with a smirk.

"Fine let's go!"

Kaoru got in front of Dawn while Kasumi went in front of Moriko.

Moriko calmed down,and sighed."Fine,see you at the competition,losers."

The PPNKGZ walked away leaving the girls alone,then Kaito looked at Momoko."You ok?"he asked.

Momoko nodded,but then she began to faint,but Kaito catched her before she hit the ground."Come on we need to take you to the nurse."said Kaito.

The RRBZ walked away with the PPGZ to the nurse,leaving The PPNKGZ glaring at them as they left.

"We cannot let them losers steal our boys!"said Moriko.

"I want Riku-kun!"whined Minako. "Don't worry we'll win for sure!"

At the Nurse!

Kaito and his friends were carrying the girls bridely style,and they set them on the beds in the nurse's office. "Oh,what's wrong with them?"asked the nurse.

Kaito nodded,"They keep fainting because they're sleepy."

With the RRBZ...

"Come on boys,there is only one winner for the boys side,and that'll be us!" Kaito said.

"But Kaito,what if the PPNKGZ win and we have to date them by force?"asked Riku.

"I have faith in the PPGZ,they'll win for sure."

"Ok,lets rehearse."

"Hey guys!"said Britney,their lil sister."Sorry im late!"

"Its ok sis,what took so long?"

"Boys again,asking me why i can't date them!"

"Hey!if you date any without my permission-"Riku tried to say.

"Oh Shut up Riku."said Britney crossing her arms.

Riku sweat dropped.