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It was a typical Friday night in November, Angie and I were having the greatest time of our lives. We were having a sleep over, and well she came over to my house around eleven that morning (we had a three day weekend) so we were talking, playing with plushies, and other stuff. Well around 3 o' clock I suggested we have a FMAB marathon (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) things were going just fine.

…or so we thought.

By the way my name is Sam short for Samantha; I really hate it when people call me short. But what's worse is that my best friend is taller than me! My best friend is Angie, she has long brown hair and eyes her bangs stay out of her face but the rest is just a mess. She wears a red jacket, black jeans, and black combat boots. I on the other hand have a black shirt and hoodie, black jeans, brown hair and eyes. I also have one black hair tie on my left wrist, two silver hair ties on my right wrist, my hair is always in a pony tail, and I have a Sand Ninja headband tied around my neck. Any way back on topic, we were in my family room watching the anime.

"Hey Ang you want any popcorn?" I asked sitting on the couch in my family room.

"Yea sure."

I went into the kitchen to get the microwaveable popcorn, as that was heating up in the microwave I couldn't help but notice that she was eating my Halloween candy. I know what you're thinking "what the hell is a 15 year old doin trick or treating?" yea well let me tell you I just happen to loves Halloween. It is my favorite time of year thank you very much. Well any way back to the Halloween candy stealing friend.

"OY Angie! Whatcha' doin eating my candy?" I asked but I couldn't keep a straight face.

Angie's face was covered with chocolate I didn't even mind that it was my chocolate bar she was eating. I just busted out laughing.

She reminded me of Gluttony, I laughed for 20 minutes straight; my sides were hurting so much, and I couldn't breathe. Eventually I calmed down, Angie looking irritated, but that was short lived as she asked

"Hey Sam you know what would be awesome?" asked Angie

"I dunno what?"

"If we could be in FMAB."

You know she had a point, I mean I had often fantasized what would happen if we could be there. As soon as we started that conversation an electric blue portal appeared on the wall behind me.

"What the hell is that?" we both asked at the same time, moments later it sucked us in.

We were hurled through a black void, all of a sudden I found myself in a white void. I turned to look behind me. Behind me I saw a white door; it had this complicated thing that looked like a food chain. I looked at it in wonder this… this looks like the doors of truth. I marveled to myself,

"Well, well look who dropped by." The creepy voice startled me; I whipped around to find a white being with no face, only a mouth. And it had my form.

"Are you Truth?" I asked tentatively

"Why yes young alchemist." Truth said

"But if I'm here then are you going to take something of equal value?" I asked with a hint of ice in my voice.

Truth just flat out laughed that creepy laugh of his. "No, no you did not perform the forbidden alchemy. But you will be sent to where you truly belong."

I was confused "W-what do you-"I was cut off when I found myself lying on something. When I heard a groan from underneath me I heard this muffled voice that sounded like

"Sam get off me." but what I heard was

"Fam geft off me." I looked down and saw that I had fallen on to Angie.

"Ehehehe… sorry Angie." I said as I started to get up.

"Yea well…" she trailed off. When we both had recovered from our fall we checked to see is we had all our limbs. Two legs, check, two arms, check, two feet, check, two hands check, all fingers. I went through a checklist of stuff through my head.

When I was satisfied that everything was there including my boobadge I looked to Angie who seemed to be a bit shaken.

"Oy Ang, ya all right?" I asked

"Yea, yea I'm fine but all these scientific meanings and equations keep going through my head. It's kind of… overwhelming." Angie answered that's when it hit me with a huge force. All the scientific meanings, the elements, equations. You name it about science and sure enough it's in my head. When we both finally recovered from the shock, we took our first real look around.

We were in an alley way, it was hot as hell. When we walked out of the alley way I recognized the place immediately. We had been dropped off in Lior. We checked our pockets we had about 615 cenz put together. We had to be careful with our money. We started walking when we heard someone yelling. "I'M NOT LITTLE! DON'T CALL ME MIDGET! OR SHORTY! OR SHRIMP!" we looked at each other thinking the same thing. The person we had just heard was the Fullmetal Alchemist Edward Elric.

We walked toward the noise and the apologizing citizens' of Lior. I smirked a little at the scene, but my smirk was quickly erased as the Elric brothers walked towards us. Ed was the first to spot us,

"Hey you two what are you looking at?" he asked rather rudely, and then again it wouldn't be Ed if he wasn't a little rude.

"Nothing, just passing through, hey you wouldn't happen to be the Fullmetal Alchemist right?" Angie answered. Ed looked a little taken aback then nodded, but his next comment took us completely off guard

"You guys aren't Amestrians are you?"

"Well, no," I began slowly "you wouldn't believe us, the story is to, to… how should I put this? Farfetched."

Ed just looked at me incuriously "Whatever we got time." I turned to Angie

"What do you think? Should we tell'im?" I asked she answered

"Yea, why not? I mean it's not like we can go anywhere." That was true; we don't have anywhere to go. I thought to myself. The four of us found a bench to sit on and we began to tell the brothers of what happened.

"So we were having a normal sleep over you know playing, talking, laughing the works right? Well when we were in the middle of a conversation this electric blue portal opened up, and sucked both of us in. we came through the Gate and ended up in a white void. Truth said we didn't have to pay equivalent exchange because Truth said we were to the place where we truly belonged." I explained "When we came to we ended up in an alley way. Then we met you two, and that's our story." I concluded. The look on Ed's face was of shock and disbelief. But then he just nodded his head in understanding.

"Well if you two don't have anywhere else to go why you don't just come with me an' Al?" asked Ed standing up.

"That would be great." We both said together. After that mess was cleared up we headed to the church of Leto. When we arrived at the entrance I took one glance at it and this is what I thought, Oh dear Lord. Do these people actually this looks humble? Pft humble my ass. I thought as I looked at the intricacy of the front of the church. But when we stepped inside it was worse than the outside.

When we entered the room where the priest gave mass, right behind the altar was a giant statue of the Sun god Leto. Ah great, I thought to myself, this looks as humble as a rich person buying gold. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Ed start telling Rose a story of someone making wax wings then came crashing down to earth when he got too close to the sun. After that we left the "church" and headed to the town square. As Father Cornello was performing "miracles". I wasn't interested in his nonsense so I took an interest in my hands.

That's when I noticed that I had tattoos on my palms. But they weren't just any tattoo's that made up a transmutation circle. I put the equation together and determined that this specific equation had to do with ice. I turned to Angie who had taken out some gloves. On her gloves was another alchemy circle.

"Hey Ang what's your circle do?" I whispered.

"Hmmm... judging by the equation it looks as if mine has to do with steel.

Before we knew it the so called miracles were over with. Ed turned to Rose and said

"Hey lady I'm starting to get interested in this religion! I'd love to his Holiness. Do you think you could take me to him?"

Roses eyes lit up "Oh my you're finally starting to believe!" then we all followed her into the church.

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