In a child's mind, anything can be done.

They have never experienced. They have yet to learn from their mistakes. Normally this entails touching a hot pan, or provoking a loud dog, or going out in a rainstorm. A child's mistakes are small ones, easy ones to fix.

That basin in the middle of the stone floor was his mistake. His mistake was drawing those magic lines. Those intricate runes, drawn as perfect as his childlike mind was capable of formulating. All clean and perfect and white. Meant to return love and happiness to him. All in good intentions, of course.

His mistake was letting his brother take the fall for his decision.

Such a rash decision. Why had he not seen it? Had he no common sense? Things are forbidden for a reason. Things are cursed for a reason.

But now he was suffering for a reason.

And now his brother was suffering even more than he. All because of him. The fault was his.

He hated calling it a mistake. Mistakes are made by the ignorant. He knew what he was getting himself into. He had read and researched tirelessly. He knew the theories, he had read the warnings. He knew exactly what he was doing when he immersed himself in the 'taboo.'

What he hadn't known was that he would be putting his brother in danger.

And now his brother... The only person who was left in his life... Surely hated him.

Just a boy, torn to shreds by some force unknown at the time. Equivalent Exchange. Never before had

the concept been so strongly enforced in his mind.

Then... To have his soul shoved into a suit of armor. Yes, he was connected to this world. But only barely. His brother was unable to sleep, unable to eat, unable to feel the wind or the rain. Just an empty shell, containing the precious soul of his brother.

Yes... surely he must hate him for doing that to him.

It was completely his fault. Al had not had any intention to try to bring Mom back. It had been Edward's idea. He had presented the glorious thought. He had driven them into it. To have Mom back! Alive and well!

But he had been wrong. Blood had stained the floor that night. It had dyed the white dust of runes red, angrily scrawled and forever etched into his mind. The creature that had been created from those materials in that basin had been horrifying. Grotesque. Inhuman.

It had died within seconds, after gasping out in pain, reaching out a disfigured arm in his direction.

That was yet another thing that haunted him. Had he pulled Mom out of the afterlife only to kill her again? With his carelessness, had he killed his own mother in his attempt to resurrect her?

To a child, the thought of causing their beloved parent pain was devastating.

And he thought back to his decision now, now as he sat in this wheeled chair contraption in the sunlight. He had been so driven to bring Mom back. It had been the single thing on his mind. All he could think was of the arrays and runes, the materials and necessities. All he wanted was to read and research, often pushing sleep aside to do just that.

That single-minded drive was what had gotten him through life. Without a goal, he was useless. And the Colonel knew that. So he had given him a new goal.

He would get his brother's body back. He would fix his mistake. He would make it right.

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